Saturday, Mar 28, 2015

Inder Malhotra

The writer is a Delhi-based political commentator.

Mandal vs Mandir
Mon, Mar 23, 2015

The V.P. Singh government was the biggest casualty of this confrontation.

Rear View: A bad start for V.P. Singh
Mon, Mar 09, 2015

Two days before Lal’s scheduled rally, Singh fired what was his ultimate political weapon to upstage his former deputy. He announced that he had accepted the report of the Mandal Commission with immediate effect.

Border in the middle
Fri, Mar 06, 2015

Beijing’s reaction to Modi’s Arunachal Pradesh visit was unusually strong.

Rear view: The rise of V.P. Singh
Mon, Feb 16, 2015

Intrigue and confusion characterised the tenure of the National Front government.

Rear view: Rajiv’s resounding defeat in 1989
Mon, Feb 02, 2015

His attempts, at home and abroad, to mitigate the opposition’s challenge came to nought.

Rear view: Lost in Lanka
Mon, Jan 19, 2015

Rajiv Gandhi’s Colombo policy was flawed. It turned both Tamils and Sinhalese against New Delhi and dented the image of the Indian army.

Hasina vs Zia
Mon, Jan 12, 2015

The warring leaders should end their feud for Bangladesh’s sake.

Rear View: How Rajiv had a great fall
Mon, Jan 05, 2015

He didn’t learn from past mistakes. Instead, he opened new battlefronts, made new enemies.

With Godse at the centre
Wed, Dec 31, 2014

The unseemly clamour is a portent.

How ‘Mr Clean’ lost his shine
Mon, Dec 22, 2014

The spat with V.P. Singh and the Bofors scandal dented Rajiv Gandhi’s image. After that, he could do nothing right.

Rear view: The era of the politics of appeasement
Mon, Dec 08, 2014

Rajiv Gandhi’s attempt to please conservatives among Muslims and Hindus cost him the support of both

The rise of ‘Mr Clean’
Mon, Nov 24, 2014

Rajiv Gandhi was very popular in his initial years in office. But he could not deliver on his promises.

The day he left us
Fri, Nov 14, 2014

In death, as in life, Nehru’s popularity had to be seen to be believed.

The great charmer
Thu, Nov 13, 2014

Nehru won over everyone he met, including and especially women.

A teacher for the House
Thu, Nov 13, 2014

Nehru respected Parliament and earned the respect of parliamentarians.

The great communicator
Thu, Nov 13, 2014

Nehru always arrived on the dot and asked what subjects we wanted to discuss.

A most wanted man
Thu, Nov 13, 2014

By the time the Constitution came into force in 1950, Nehru had totally disproved his self-analysis in Modern Review.

A dynasty is born
Mon, Oct 27, 2014

By the time Indira Gandhi was hit by tragedy, it was already clear that her family would inherit control of the party and the country.

Rear View: A missing government, an international crisis
Mon, Oct 13, 2014

As the Red Army crossed into the land of the Afghans, for the US Pakistan turned almost overnight from a pariah country into a ‘frontline state’ in the war on ‘godless Russians’.

Failure to take off
Thu, Oct 09, 2014

Air chief has pointed to worrying absences in air defence.

The return of Indira
Mon, Sep 29, 2014

Janata’s collapse paved the way for her comeback.

Once upon a plan
Fri, Sep 26, 2014

Looking back at the early years of the Planning Commission.

The disintegration of Janata
Mon, Sep 15, 2014

The party imploded in spectacular fashion, giving Indira Gandhi the chance to rise again.

The Janata’s collapse
Tue, Sep 02, 2014

In its determination to politically destroy Indira Gandhi, the party succeeded in hastening her return to power.

The human factor
Mon, Sep 01, 2014

Indian scholarship is doubly bereaved, for it has lost a fine teacher and a good man.

Indira Gandhi’s nadir
Mon, Aug 18, 2014

After the 1977 election, she seemed to have reached the road’s end.

The Ides of August
Fri, Aug 15, 2014

PM of the first majority government since 1984 must put some fears to rest

The abrupt end of Emergency
Mon, Aug 04, 2014

It was a decision Indira Gandhi made only because she was forced to.

Allies and liability
Sat, Jul 26, 2014

Coalition politics has not meant more democratic politics.

Rear view: The beginning of resistance
Mon, Jul 21, 2014

Opposition to the Emergency was growing, even though the authoritarian regime seemed able to suppress it.

Rear view: Emergency and capitulation
Mon, Jul 07, 2014

Initially, Indira Gandhi’s monstrous act was met by a lack of resistance.

Once upon an Emergency
Wed, Jun 25, 2014

Thirty-nine years ago, on this day, began India’s tryst with despotism

After the victory, the unravelling
Mon, Jun 23, 2014

The afterglow from the Bangladesh war soon faded, and Indira Gandhi found herself besieged.

Camera rolls for Telugu remake of ‘OMG: Oh My God!’
Mon, Jun 09, 2014

"The film was officially launched today. A few scenes are also expected to be shot today featuring the lead actors," a member from the film's unit told IANS.

The collapse of the Shimla Accord
Mon, Jun 09, 2014

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto reneged on his commitment to Indira Gandhi much earlier than some had anticipated.

If Nehru did not exist
Tue, May 27, 2014

India would have had to invent him. Remembering India’s first PM on his 50th death anniversary