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Summer Sojourns: Offbeat destinations for a week-long trip
Sun, Apr 29, 2018

Wondering where to head this summer? Here are five destinations, both touristy and offbeat.

Ranbir and Deepika weren’t the only stars who dazzled at Manish Malhotra’s show
Fri, Apr 20, 2018

While there is no denying the absolute stunners that Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor were as they sashayed down the ramp, other actors like Sonakshi Sinha, Huma Qureshi, Yami Gautam and Nushrat Bharucha too attended the show.

PTron VIKI Bluetooth Sunglasses review: Embrace the sun, ditch the glasses
Fri, Mar 30, 2018

PTron Viki Bluetooth sunglasses claim to offer a lot of tech combined with the cool quotient of sunglasses. But how do they deliver? Here's what we thought after the review.

Follow the Bloom: Flower destinations around the world
Sun, Mar 18, 2018

A trail of pretty flowers across the world.

Oscars 2018 red carpet fashion: #MeToo, Time’s Up and now the Orange Pin
Sun, Mar 04, 2018

It has been a blackout this awards season with celebrities wearing black and the Time's Up pins to show solidarity with the Time's Up and Me Too movements. During the Grammy Awards, it was the white rose. And now, many could be sporting an orange pin against gun violence.

(Gogh)ne With The Wind
Sun, Mar 04, 2018

Nandy's attempt to create a thrilling cross-continent chase for one of the world's most sought-after paintings is admirable, but the execution is lacking.

The Secret Gem of Junagadh: Mahabat Maqbara
Wed, Feb 21, 2018

In Gujarat, the 19th century Mahabat Maqbara still stands tall.

This fest is lit: Get set to go to these literary festivals around the world in 2018
Tue, Feb 13, 2018

Around the world with lit fests. The year has just begun and there is a whole list of literature festivals that beckon the true bibliophile, and we've short-listed five of our favourites for you.

2018 long weekends: Where to vacation this year and when (without taking too many leaves)
Wed, Jan 24, 2018

This year has 13 long weekends, and two of which could be 12-day and 9-day vacations in August and November, if only you take a couple of strategic leaves. We've taken notes from our own travels and with inputs from experts, we suggest destinations in India and abroad.

Is Rajinikanth’s party symbol the same as Apana Mudra for ‘detoxification and purification’?
Thu, Jan 04, 2018

Political party symbols say a lot about the ideology, and Rajinikanth's 'Baba symbol' seems well-aligned with his claim of purging Tamil Nadu politics of corruption and his promise of a spiritual political government.

Curating experiences is the biggest trend in the travel industry
Sun, Dec 17, 2017

There's an ongoing shift in the travel space - from destination-driven travel to experience-driven travel, as a conversation with Ramesh Ramanathan, MD, Sterling Holiday Resorts (India) Ltd, reveals.

Shadow Lines: Journeys in Northeast India
Sun, Dec 10, 2017

The BBC Hindi journalist undertook the journey in 2000, soon after a spate of Hindi speakers from the northern part of the country were massacred ahead of the 2001 elections.

Of Warm Winter Lights: 5 Christmas markets that should be on your bucket list
Sun, Dec 03, 2017

A trawl through Europe’s best Christmas markets.

Javed Akhtar gets trolled for typo in Girija Devi tribute even after apology; when will this inane trolling stop?
Thu, Oct 26, 2017

Javed Akhtar tweeted out a tribute on the demise of Thumri singer Girija Devi, with an 'autocorrect' typo, but the poet-lyricist was incessantly trolled even after he apologised. When will this culture of 'trolling just for the heck of it' really end?

Cherry Blossom Festival to be held in Shillong in November
Sun, Oct 22, 2017

The India International Cherry Blossom is being touted as the world's only Autumn Cherry Blossom Festival, and will be held next to Shillong's famous Ward Lake during November 8-11.

Goa through an insider’s lens: Airbnb launches Goan travel guide on how to live like a local
Fri, Oct 06, 2017

The new Airbnb Goa Insider’s Guide encourages travellers to ‘Live There’ and has interesting suggestions for everyone – from a gourmand or merrymaker to art connoisseurs and art mavens.

Here’s what a modern take on the ‘Independence night’ dinner served on August 14, 1947 looks like
Tue, Aug 15, 2017

Taj chefs recreate the three-course dinner menu that was served at the Taj Palace Mumbai on the night of August 14, 1947, to celebrate India's 71st Independence Day and serve history on a plate. The food was primarily classical French with Indian influences.

Aravind Adiga, KR Meera, Stephen Alter in 2017 longlist of DSC Prize for South Asian literature
Thu, Aug 10, 2017

The 2017 DSC Prize for South Asian literature longlist has 13 authors, which includes seven Indian, three Pakistani, two Sri Lankan and one American writer based in India. Last year, the winner was Anuradha Roy for her book Sleeping on Jupiter.

His Story: The Boy from Pataliputra is one to watch out for
Sun, Jul 30, 2017

The narrative is detailed and descriptions are so vivid that it feels like an eye-witness account. Equally commendable is the characterisation. This is a story that will transport you to a different era, keep you hooked and leave you wanting more.

How the Human Library’s first event in Delhi got people talking
Mon, Jun 19, 2017

The first event of the Human Library's Delhi chapter saw around 700 people turn up to meet and speak to 11 books over just 5 hours and 30 minutes.