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Dr B R Ambedkar’s journey
Sat, Nov 28, 2015

His politics, conditioned by his reflexive anger at what he experienced as the only “untouchable” in the course of his schooling, and life in his village, put upliftment of his community at the centre of his concerns.

The Urdu press: Terror in Paris
Fri, Nov 27, 2015

Jamaat-e-Islami’s biweekly, Daawat, in its editorial on November 22, has strongly criticised US President Barack Obama.

Constitution Day: The many reasons why the BJP decided to celebrate it
Thu, Nov 26, 2015

The marking of November 26 as 'Constitution Day' is significant: It presents the BJP with an opportunity to try and use a powerful symbol to establish control over parts of the narrative of the creation of a modern and independent India.

The Urdu Press: The Bihar way
Fri, Nov 13, 2015

The daily Inquilab, in its editorial, writes: “We have full confidence that the movement of secularism that has started in Bihar will spread all over the country."

Opposition to Parliament, how Bihar results will echo outside state
Mon, Nov 09, 2015

With anti-BJPism a defining marker of opposition politics now, the Bihar results are being seen as the “mainstreaming” of the idea of the Third Front.

The Big Takeaways from the grand victory of the Mahagathbandhan in Bihar
Sun, Nov 08, 2015

The results are in. But what do the numbers mean? What indications do they give? Here are the biggest takeaways:

BJP: Casting reservation in a different light
Fri, Oct 30, 2015

The Finance-I&B Minister Arun Jaitley lent more weight to this by saying, “the idea of reservation for religions is fraught with danger” and accused the Mahagatbandhan of trying to do this.

Two months on, not a call from Sahitya Akademi: Kalburgi son Shreevijay
Sat, Oct 24, 2015

Says family kept in the dark about investigations, slowly losing patience.

V K Singh’s Dalit killings remark highlights a government dogged by ‘small’ things
Thu, Oct 22, 2015

V K Singh has offered a clarification but his central argument that 'small' is somehow insignificant or too small a matter to involve the central government is what has been damning in the government’s response to many issues.

President Mukherjee is clearly trying to say something beyond cliches about ‘brotherhood’
Wed, Oct 21, 2015

The President is clearly trying to say something beyond the cliches about “brotherhood”. He has asked a rather provocative question: “Is tolerance and acceptance for dissent on the wane?”

Negating discussion negates the Indian philosophical tradition: Romila Thapar
Sun, Oct 18, 2015

Historian Romila Thapar, 83, whose essays feature in the recently released anthology, The Public Intellectual in India, speaks about the growing intolerance in India, the need to dissent and what defines a public intellectual.

Writers protest: government should respect The Word
Thu, Oct 15, 2015

Why should unarmed writers, singers and dancers worry a government that has been voted to power through a popular mandate of proportions not seen in 30 years? History tells us they need to worry.

PM Narendra Modi’s Doosra
Tue, Oct 13, 2015

The PM is no district magistrate and cannot be expected to personally look after a family in Dadri. But he ought to do what leaders must.

How President Pranab Mukherjee hit the right notes on India’s core values of ‘diversity’, ‘plurality’ and ‘tolerance’
Wed, Oct 07, 2015

Today, during a book launch function at the Rashtrapati Bhawan, Pranab Mukherjee spoke extempore on the importance of preserving the 'diversity’ and 'plurality' in the country and the need for the spirit of `tolerance’.

Error 404: File on national language cannot be found
Tue, Sep 22, 2015

India does not have a ‘national’ language; it has 22 ‘official’ languages.

Reserved or wait-listed? Why RSS wants ‘review’ of quota policy
Mon, Sep 21, 2015

Caste-based reservations have been resisted bitterly by the RSS in the past, as they acknowledge social discrimination as coded into the Indian social system and it allows for more than one identity to flower.

M M Kalburgi murder: Kannada poet, Hindi writer to return awards
Fri, Sep 11, 2015

Kannada writer Professor M M Kalburgi, was gunned down by unidentified persons in Dharwad last month.

Such a long journey
Sat, Sep 05, 2015

Economist, philosopher, thinker, Sanskrit scholar and activist, the tireless Sen wears many hats.

Modi must respond to VP Ansari’s concerns
Tue, Sep 01, 2015

Hamid Ansari asked Muslims to candidly introspect why ‘modernity’ was given a bad name and how it was bad that the “instrumentality’’ of adaptation to change – Ijtihad – is "frowned upon or glossed over."

After MM Kalburgi, tweet names next target: K S Bhagwan
Tue, Sep 01, 2015

In July, Bhagwan had said that all old texts must be debated and insisted that the Gita must be questioned.

A short history of quota: Story that predates Mandal
Tue, Sep 01, 2015

Princely states, even the Raj, had recognised the need to correct social disadvantage.

MM Kalburgi killing: The Silencing of Reason?
Mon, Aug 31, 2015

Kalburgi had backed Karnataka eminent litterature UR Ananthamurthy, and in a seminar last year on the anti-superstition bill in Bengaluru, he had spoken out against idolatory.

Census 2011 religious data: Why it is tough to use these numbers for identity politics
Wed, Aug 26, 2015

The politics of what these figures could mean or what they could be 'spun' to mean is something to ponder.

Palmyra: Why history must be pulled down
Mon, Aug 24, 2015

West Asia, the crucible of three important faiths, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, has witnessed centuries of competing claims to buildings, land and people.

From where it began in Muzaffarnagar, a march to end lingering unease
Mon, Aug 17, 2015

Mehraj, 40, who lost her husband Nazar Mohammed that day and now does manual work to provide for her son and two daughters, is quiet when asked about the meeting.

The Politics of Inequality
Sat, Aug 08, 2015

A look at the chasms created by urbanisation in modern India and what that means to a developing nation

Pranab Mukherjee’s role in deciding Yakub’s petition raises fresh questions on powers of President’s office
Sun, Aug 02, 2015

If former president Kalam’s death revived the idea of a ‘People’s President’, Mukherjee’s role in deciding the mercy petition of the Yakub Memon raised fresh questions on the powers of the office.

‘Yakub hanging is justice, wish same zeal shown in 1993 riots cases’: Judge who probed Mumbai riots
Sat, Aug 01, 2015

Justice Srikrishna said, “It is distressing that instead of being looked at as incidents of crimes, the two sets of acts got dealt with disparately depending on the communal inclinations of the state apparatus.”

Can you make a river come alive? The long, dry quest to find the Saraswati
Sun, Jul 12, 2015

The quest to find the Saraswati is up against historical evidence, but the government has pitched in with a lot of enthusiasm.

New proactive group within unsettles Muslim law board
Mon, Jun 29, 2015

The last time a committee was tasked with protecting the constitutional rights of Muslims was in 2010.

In inoculation and irony, the Emergency’s lasting lessons
Fri, Jun 26, 2015

One lesson of that time turned out subsequently to be a blueprint for Opposition success. It learnt that the adage about Strength in Unity was not just a cliché.

Study shows NCR homeowners turn away Dalits and Muslims
Tue, Jun 16, 2015

In both the methodologies, the home-seekers had the same credentials but for their names that indicated their caste and religion.

It is a myth that you are more efficient under an emperor: Coomi Kapoor
Sat, Jun 13, 2015

Coomi Kapoor, contributing editor, The Indian Express, and author of The Emergency: A Personal History, on the turbulent 21 months, the courage of the press at the time and the similarities between Narendra Modi and Indira Gandhi.

The Urdu Press: Two incidents
Fri, Jun 05, 2015

A muslim boy denied job, a muslim girl denied flat - what is the Urdu Press take on this?

Inch for an inch: Govt works out a metre-to-paise rate
Mon, Jun 01, 2015

Manufacturers protest as fees to certify measuring tapes raised five times to 50 paise for 5 metres.

‘Shariah’ MF scheme deferral: Is govt prejudiced with the word, ask MPs
Thu, May 28, 2015

SBI Mutual Fund, after detailed studies, internal reports and due procedure, was set to launch the Shariah-compliant scheme on December 1, 2014.