Nandagopal Rajan is Editor New Media. He writes on technology, gadgets and everything related. He has worked with the India Today Group and Hindustan Times and is an alumnus of Calicut University and Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Dhenkanal.

iBall Splendo PC-on-stick Express Review: Change your TV into a PC
Sat, Oct 03, 2015

iBall Splendo PC-on-stick won't be able to replace a desktop, but it can sure make your TV smart.

We also believe strongly in Net Neutrality, says Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on debate in India
Fri, Oct 02, 2015

Here is what Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has to say about Internet access, Net Neutrality and its ambitious

At SAP Center: Protests, pakodas and a technical glitch
Tue, Sep 29, 2015

For this event, IACWC has partnered with 500 diverse organizations from across the United States.

Need to get Net Neutrality debate right in India: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
Wed, Sep 30, 2015

Mark Zuckerberg says there is a need to add perspective to the net neutrality debate in India and added that they don't want to create a parallel to the web

UN must define terrorism: PM Modi in San Jose
Tue, Sep 29, 2015

Narendra Modi, recalling his last visit to California, said much has changed in the state. "I am coming here after almost 25 years and I am seeing a lot of changes including new faces."

Brain drain is actually brain gain, PM Modi tells Silicon Valley
Mon, Sep 28, 2015

Prime Minister Modi said Aadhar cards had helped weed out 5 crore fake gas connections and now subsidy was being given only for 13 crore units.

Facebook Townhall: ‘Salute all mothers’, says an emotional PM Modi
Mon, Sep 28, 2015

“There are thousands of mothers throughout India who made great sacrifices for children, family. I thank them all,” an emotional prime minister said.

PM Modi to Silicon Valley: Digital India ‘unmatched in history’
Mon, Sep 28, 2015

The PM touched on everything from green energy to the Internet of Things during his dinner meeting with the top Silicon Valley CEO from Google's Sundar Pichai to Microsoft's Satya Nadella

Facebook Townhall: PM Modi breaks down as he talks about his mother
Mon, Sep 28, 2015

PM Narendra Modi is the first head of government to be hosted at the Facebook campus.

PM Modi meets Tesla’s Elon Musk, shows interest in company’s battery tech
Mon, Sep 28, 2015

Prime Minister Modi and Tesla founder Elon Musk also discussed the possibility of a more affordable car from the company.

At Silicon Valley, Modi says scale of Digital India transformation will be unmatched in history
Sun, Sep 27, 2015

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed a gathering of CEOs from Silicon Valley, in his push for innovation through the Digital India and Make in India initiative.

Tracking PM in America: Why Silicon Valley CEOs are making an exception
Sun, Sep 27, 2015

For Modi, getting a stamp of approval for his Digital India efforts from CEOs of the largest tech firms in the world will be much more than just brownie points.

MPK20 – The Facebook headquarters everyone wants to work in
Wed, Sep 30, 2015

Facebook's new Menlo Park headquarters is where Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended a townhall session with CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Here's a closer look at the Menlo Park headquarters

Narendra Modi’s Silicon Valley swing: Who is wooing who?
Sat, Sep 26, 2015

It is hard to overlook India’s contribution to the success of Silicon Valley companies. Two of the giants here, Google and Microsoft, have Indians at the helm. All others have Indian-born executives in top positions.

Easy for me to stay politically correct, says man hosting Modi’s San Jose show
Sat, Sep 26, 2015

Standup comedian Rajiv Satyal says it will be tough for him not to be politically correct, especially since a script has been submitted and cleared.

Narendra Modi will be first head of government at Facebook Headquarters
Sat, Sep 26, 2015

The Facebook event will be in a town hall format and people have been asked to send in questions they want to ask Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Facebook renames as ‘Free Basics’, offers open platform for developers
Sun, Sep 27, 2015

Facebook Free Basic app and web platform, providing access to over 250 services, is now live in 19 countries including India and will be part of the larger objectives of

Fiio X3 Express Review: Great option for audiophiles
Thu, Sep 24, 2015

Fiio X3 is a great buy for people who take their music seriously and are never happy with the audio quality of smartphones.

Pocket computing is here; Should you opt for PC-on-a-stick?
Wed, Sep 23, 2015

Computers no larger than a USB dongle can now take productivity wherever there is an HDMI port.

Jawbone UP3 Express Review: Is this the best smartband for women?
Wed, Sep 23, 2015

Jawbone UP3 is easy to use and lets users share the data with other fitness apps like Runkeeper

No WhatsApp in national encryption policy draft, but still it is a tough one to digest
Tue, Sep 22, 2015

The draft National Encryption Policy was almost a what-were-you-thinking moment for most Internet users who struggled to comprehend what these rules meant for them and their virtual lives.

Encryption Policy: WhatsApp, web services out of draft encryption policy after outcry
Tue, Sep 22, 2015

Draft National Encryption Policy: Government says all mass use encryption products now exempted after experts call policy draconian

Meet Dr Chennakeshu, the man working on BlackBerry’s next big bet
Tue, Sep 22, 2015

The rugged, weather-proof BlackBerry box has an IP67 rating and a built-in battery that can easily last five years.

Meizu MX5 Express Review: Ideal for geeks, but a bit too geeky for others
Thu, Sep 17, 2015

Meizu MX5 is among the better phones available for under Rs 20,000 with a great camera and a super-fast performance

Tata Sky+ Transfer review: If only we had some good television
Wed, Sep 16, 2015

Tata Sky+ Transfer is for those who would like to carry the daily dose of soaps with them

Why PM Modi and Mark Zuckerberg ‘Like’ each other
Wed, Sep 16, 2015

For Facebook, India is the second largest market in every sense and pivotal to its growth.

OnePlus 2 one month review: Performance, battery issues appear
Thu, Sep 17, 2015

OnePlus 2 was launched in August in India and here's our review after one month of using the phone

Killer deal? Moto X Play selling on Flipkart for Rs 18,499
Wed, Sep 16, 2015

Motorola's Moto X Play smartphone has been launched in India for a price of Rs 18,499, which makes it one of the cheapest phones with a 21 megapixel camera

The Teewe 2 upgrade review: Almost there, but not quite there yet
Sun, Sep 13, 2015

The new Teewe 2 UI is very clean, very Android and works wonderfully well for those who have a lot of downloaded content

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus launch: Is that all, Apple?
Sun, Sep 13, 2015

Is Apple also falling into the all too familiar rut that tech companies end up in once in a while?

iPhone 6s has 3D Touch Display: Here is everything you need to know
Thu, Sep 10, 2015

iPhone 6s comes with 3D Touch on the iPhones which has Peek and Pop functions to which let users dip in and out of content without losing their place.

Apple event: The biggest news could have been who came on stage
Fri, Sep 11, 2015

Apple CEO Tim Cook called it the "biggest news in iPad since the iPad… the most capable and powerful iPad ever”.

Video: Jawbone UP comes to Amazon India, prices start Rs 4,999
Thu, Sep 10, 2015

Jawbone UP Move at Rs 4,999, UP2 at Rs 9,999 and UP3 at Rs 14,999 will sell exclusively on

Philips Hue wireless lighting review: An IoT set-up that’s easy to use
Wed, Sep 09, 2015

Philips Hue is an intelligent LED lighting system that comes with bulbs, a bridge that helps you controls the lights and a smartphone app

Vivo X5Pro Express Review: Decent performance and camera, but a bit pricey
Fri, Sep 04, 2015

The Vivo X5Pro is surely a very stylish phone and performs well.

Airtel Wynk Movies app review: An aggregator that needs a good subscription plan
Wed, Sep 02, 2015

The Airtel Wynk Video app is in beta, so, every feature is half-baked and is set to change.