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With Yogi Adityanath at helm, India’s largest meat processing state could lose Rs 11,350 crore a year
Thu, Mar 23, 2017

Uttar Pradesh saw an incremental rise in the number of government approved abattoirs and also buffalo meat exports.

In connecting people with the 3310, Nokia is not really connecting the dots
Tue, Feb 28, 2017

The new Nokia 3310 is a glossy eyesore, peddled in the name of nostalgia.

PM Modi’s ‘graveyard’ remark was not divisive, media got it wrong     
Mon, Feb 20, 2017

PM Modi's tirade against the current dispensation in Uttar Pradesh was woefully misinterpreted.

With Pankaj Singh, Noida’s Aghapur wants to once again become village within city
Sat, Feb 18, 2017

As campaigning draws to a close for phase one in Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday, Rajnath Singh's son and BJP candidate from Noida, Pankaj Singh chose Aghapur to begin his day.

Want to know how India’s richest 1 per cent are wealthier than the bottom 70 per cent? Read on
Mon, Jan 16, 2017

Studying micro economies such as Bastar gives us the tools to highlight the rising inequality between the bourgeoise and proletariat.

Before New Year 2017, here is the A to Z to what 2016 was like
Sat, Dec 31, 2016

Here are the top 26 news that made headlines in India and worldwide in 2016.

Here is everything that the Rs 2000 note has but doesn’t
Wed, Dec 14, 2016

Please take note: The fake stories around the real Rs 2,000 note.

Bring reel life patriotism into real life, but don’t stand up in dissent
Wed, Nov 30, 2016

The Supreme Court order could infringe upon at least one of the six fundamental rights recognised by the Constitution.

Andhra Pradesh MP’s unique protest against demonetisation catches opposition eye
Tue, Nov 29, 2016

TDP MP Dr Sivaprasad from Andhra Pradesh shows up at Parliament in half-black and half-white trousers and shirt.

US Presidential election results 2016: Yes US media, you missed (messed) this one pretty bad
Wed, Nov 09, 2016

Most media houses today will find it hard to come to terms with the result as newsrooms across the US would watch Trump's victory speech in stunned silence.

What Delhi can learn from Beijing: A system to check pollution levels
Wed, Nov 02, 2016

Air pollution is one thing that the Delhi government cannot shift the blame to the Centre.

HTC Desire 630 4G LTE review: Stylish, but short
Tue, Aug 23, 2016

HTC Desire 630 4G LTE dual sim is not just another pretty face in the market, there is more to it than the eye candy on offer.

Behind Kiran Bedi’s threat to quit, a strong resolve to cleanup Puducherry
Tue, Aug 23, 2016

Kiran Bedi had taken a keen interest in local civic issues, particularly grievances involving garbage removal

Kashmir, Balochistan rhetoric reaches crescendo post Modi’s Independence Day speech
Tue, Aug 16, 2016

The first domino fell during an all-party meeting on Kashmir, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi adopted the same confrontational stance as his counterpart in Pakistan.

ifrogz Free Rein Reflect Bluetooth headphones: Don’t become a roadkill, use these
Fri, Aug 12, 2016

ifrogz Free Rein Reflect Bluetooth headphones are perfect for those running out on the roads.

Addicted to Pokémon Go? God save all you Charmander-loving, Meowth-hating fans!
Wed, Jul 20, 2016

Pokemon Go hasn't even officially released in India and many have already started reliving Ash Ketchum's dream of 'catching them all'.

Itel it1511 review
Tue, Jul 19, 2016

itel's first big offering is a selfie phone, the it1511. Is this entry-level smartphone pretending to be a polished mid-segment piece? We find out.

Who is Theresa May?
Wed, Jul 13, 2016

Theresa May, who backed the Remain campaign, will be tasked with negotiating Britain’s exit from the European Union

Portugal vs France: Can Portugal be proud of this Euro 2016 win?
Mon, Jul 11, 2016

Portugal might have won the Euro 2016 but is this something they can be proud of given the style of their play in the tournament?

Telangana to unfurl India’s largest Tricolour
Thu, Jun 02, 2016

The proposed height of the flagpole is 303 feet -- 10 feet more than the current tallest flagpole pole in Ranchi.

Railways to start trial runs of solar train in sunny Jodhpur
Fri, May 13, 2016

Annually, the Railways are hoping to reduce 239 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions by saving approximately 90,800 litres of diesel per rake.

In under surveillance China, a technology that gives cameras some brains
Sun, May 08, 2016

These cameras can track abnormal behaviour -- running away from a cash machine or lingering for too long -- and alert the authorities by sounding an alarm.

The Indian Iris, a unique startup that keeps an eye on govt schemes
Thu, May 05, 2016

The idea to build a comprehensive platform of this scale first took root in 2014 when Sindhu, a IIIT Bangalore graduate, read about Narayan Singh Rao's work for the BJP during the Lok Sabha elections.

How a Chinese cab service uses AI to purge the surge
Sun, May 01, 2016

In China, cab aggregator Didi Chuxing is betting big on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to make their algorithms predict demand and adjust the number of drivers in a locality for maximum efficiency.

BookMyShow to offer movie tickets on credit
Sat, Apr 30, 2016

Ashish Hemrajani, co founder of BookMyShow, said users will be allowed to book tickets and payback the amount within 30 days.

InFocus Bingo 50 #ExpressReview: Good enough for its Rs 7,499 price
Wed, Mar 16, 2016

InFocus Bingo 50 comes with 3GB RAM, a quad-core processor and Android M OS. Here's our review of this new budget smartphone.

As India goes south in FIFA ranking, it needs to look beyond northeast for solutions
Thu, May 05, 2016

The state of Indian football is in shambles. Its domestic league is on its last legs. Can India once again punch above its weight like the legends in the 50s?

North Korea nuclear test: A cancer that spread from Pakistan
Thu, May 05, 2016

In the summer of 1996, Korea had reached an agreement with Pakistan to trade their long-range missile technology in exchange for its the highly enriched uranium (HEU) program.

Can Star Wars ‘Force’ Shah Rukh Khan’s Dilwale and Deepika Padukone’s Bajirao Mastani into corner?
Sun, Dec 27, 2015

Sean Mclain in the Wall Street Journal reported that the studio wanted to avoid clashing dates with blockbuster Bollywood releases — Shah Rukh Khan’s Dilwale and Ranveer Singh’s Bajirao Mastani.

Bernie Sanders: Hillary Clinton’s first hurdle in 2016 presidential race
Thu, May 05, 2016

Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed democratic socialist, has emerged as an alternative choice for Democrat voters in the presidential race.

Why Delhi must import ideas to tackle diesel emissions
Sun, Dec 20, 2015

The Supreme Court has shown the way, now it is time for Delhi residents to act.

Huawei reveals super-quick charging batteries: Provide 68% charge in two minutes
Wed, Nov 18, 2015

Huawei shared the astonishing results in a video presentation at a Battery Symposium in Japan.

Modi image on Westminster: British MP raises issue in House, NGO says it got idea from 3D hologram campaign
Fri, Nov 13, 2015

An image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi holding a sword against the backdrop of a swastika on the Palace of Westminster.

Meizu m2 review: A budget phone with a decent camera option
Tue, Nov 10, 2015

Meizu M2's design might not be original, the device does offer good features and specs for its price

San Francisco to New Delhi flight could mark beginning of Air India’s turnaround
Sat, Oct 03, 2015

Air India reported losses of Rs 1,800 crore till January this year on all international routes, according to an internal analysis.

Auto permits are back in Maharashtra, but pollution still an issue
Thu, Sep 17, 2015

Maharashtra government announces one lakh auto permits despite pollution levels being slightly above the threshold limit in cities like Navi Mumbai and Pune.