Dipanita Nath


What’s the Good Word?
Tue, Dec 12, 2017

Miles Merrill on poetry slams and getting children to perform the written word

‘Real-life figures are more fascinating than things people conjure up’
Fri, Dec 08, 2017

American writer Tonya Bolden on taking up issues such as civil rights and disability for young readers

Not a Drop To Drink: A play for young audiences wades into the issue
Mon, Dec 04, 2017

Director V Balakrishnan’s Theatre Nisha, a Chennai group, is presenting The Water Princess as part of Bonjour India. It will be staged in Delhi during the International Festival of Theatre for Young Audiences (TIFLI) on December 5, 7 pm.

Maze of the Mind
Fri, Dec 01, 2017

Welsh actor Robert Bowman on his award-winning turn in Gogol’s Diary of a Madman

Irish theatre performer Declan Gorman on the challenges of post-colonial independence
Thu, Nov 23, 2017

Declan Gorman “tumbled accidentally into theatre in my mid-20s”, when he was developing his political awareness. As an actor, he was drawn to Marxism and protest work.

In Connaught Place, a zebra to enforce traffic rules
Sat, Nov 18, 2017

Dressed in a zebra body suit, face paint and a tail, Dawar strutted across a zebra crossing and gestured to vehicles that had stopped on the crossing or beyond it to move back

Ex-FTII chief Gajendra Chauhan to play Syama Prasad
Fri, Nov 17, 2017

The film’s trailer is replete with communal violence and has dialogues containing allegations against Jawaharlal Nehru.

MK Raina on his play, Kafan-Kafan Chor, which centres around political and domestic conflicts
Thu, Nov 16, 2017

One memory seems to have encroached upon his new production —when Raina’s mother died, the family didn’t have a shroud as Srinagar was sealed that day.

‘What can I do for the world? Maybe, somebody needs theatre’
Wed, Nov 15, 2017

Why German director Harald Fuhrmann keeps coming back to the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts in Dharamsala every year.

Relationship status: People are at the heart of the stories and politics of Neel Chaudhuri
Sun, Nov 12, 2017

Neel Chaudhuri, a playwright-director at the top of his game.

Snapshots: Battle Ground
Sat, Nov 11, 2017

Right-wing group Bajrang Dal, on Friday, held a demonstration against the release of the upcoming film- Padmavati and demanded a ban on it.

Hiss story of the human condition
Fri, Nov 03, 2017

Theatre actor and director Shena Gamat on responding to her sorroundings

‘You can kill the man but not his ideas’
Thu, Oct 26, 2017

A play by Lokesh Jain explores liberal politics through a story about Congolese leader Patrice Lumumba

‘You cannot kill my thoughts’: Deepan Sivaraman on how artistes in India do not question the system
Tue, Nov 07, 2017

Renowned thespian Deepan Sivaraman also talks about why why he tweaked his acclaimed play, The Cabinet of Dr Caligari, to hint at fascism in our midst and the war for the mind of the people.

Row over, Theatre Olympics rolls towards 2018
Sat, Oct 21, 2017

ICTO’s other objection was that “the conditions...concerning the air fares, artistic fees, per diems, accommodation are not of international standard”.

Book Launch Clergy creating trouble to preserve their own jobs, says Mark Tully
Thu, Oct 12, 2017

Sunit Tandon read a part of a story. The stories are based in an area rarely visited or understood by foreign correspondents, eastern UP.

Act Two
Fri, Oct 06, 2017

Former model, actor and singer Suchitra Krishnamoorthi has returned to theatre for the first time since her teens with the play, Drama Queen

Beyond A Boundary
Mon, Oct 02, 2017

Though Hindi films stereotyped him, it was his love for Urdu and theatre that defined actor Tom Alter, who passed away last week

The Theatre of War
Wed, Sep 27, 2017

Quasar Thakore Padamsee takes up Bertolt Brecht’s Mother Courage and Her Children, and gives it a tagline — Everybody Loves a Good War

Theatre of the Gods
Tue, Sep 26, 2017

At the biggest Ramlila performances in the city, Bollywood stars and top professionals play out the dramatic moments of the Ramayana

The Hand That Rocks: Retelling of the Mahabharata by Karnataka’s tribal hunting community, the Sillakeyata
Sun, Sep 24, 2017

Anurupa Roy’s rendition of the Mahabharata, an award-winning play that has tored the world involves puppets and the narrative of an old hunting community from Karnataka’s Hassan and Mandya regions.

A drizzle outside and ballet inside, Swan Lake brings capital to its toes
Sat, Sep 23, 2017

Director Anatoliy Kazatskiy has maintained the classical nature of the performance, and the young troupe brought alive the spectrum of emotions that Tchaikovsky’s musical score is famous for — from melancholy to hope, terror to tenderness, despair to joy and the final fight of good and evil.

Such a Long Journey
Wed, Sep 20, 2017

A film attempts to capture the experiences in the life of journalist and diplomat, Kuldip Nayar

Old Playground for the New
Fri, Sep 15, 2017

A new theatre space emerges from an old factory building and opens with a play in which a fresh script is composed from an ancient Indian text

The Light Choice
Thu, Sep 14, 2017

David Lander, a two-time Tony Award nominee, on illuminating human conflicts on stage, from Beethoven’s obsession to the Iraq War to the politics of love in Mughal-E-Azam.

If Tomorrow Comes
Fri, Sep 08, 2017

Pramila Le Hunte, a British politician of Indian origin, pens her legacy to children of the world in the form of a play, I Am Your Love Story

Bringing Ramayana on stage, from Ravana’s perspective
Wed, Sep 06, 2017

From folklore, books and stories spread across India, a performance piece titled Ravula knits together the personality of Ravana

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble
Sat, Sep 02, 2017

Actor Avijit Dutt’s new play puts the gau rakshak in the historical context of food politics and the freedom to cook and consume

One Hundred Per Cent
Sat, Aug 26, 2017

Artists to lead a citizen’s movement across Delhi on Sunday, armed with more than 100 performance pieces that say Not In My Name.

Views from the Underside
Fri, Aug 25, 2017

Neelam Mansingh Chowdhry’s new play, Dark Borders, attempts to scrape the bottom of the human experience and “look for affirmation and hope”.

Memories of a Burrah Sahib
Tue, Aug 15, 2017

The British left India in 1947, or did they? Writer Max Scratchmann gives an account of growing up in the Scottish jute industry along the Hooghly long after Independence in his solo play, The Last Burrah Sahibs

Woman Who Came in From the Wild
Tue, Aug 15, 2017

A high-society beauty from England, who led the Zeme Nagas of the Northeast during World War II, inspires a new play Ursula: Queen of the Jungle

Street Art on a Platter
Tue, Aug 08, 2017

Chef Tommy Miah, a newly-minted MBE, on spicing up the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with street food from the Indian subcontinent

No Country for Bald Men
Fri, Aug 04, 2017

A play on the travails of a ganja in India will have its Delhi premiere this weekend

The Lightness of Being
Tue, Aug 01, 2017

Directed by Akarsh Khurana, Bayan comprised casual vignettes from women’s lives

In Good Spirit
Fri, Jul 28, 2017

After his short story was adapted into the film, A Death in the Gunj, Mukul Sharma is planning to publish a compendium of his works.