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I have lived with a mental illness victim, know the pain: Congress MP Shashi Tharoor
Sat, Mar 25, 2017

Shashi Tharoor called mental illness a very complicated disability as compared to a broken leg.

Mecca Masjid blast: NIA may not contest Aseemanand bail
Fri, Mar 24, 2017

The order will take two days to be processed before Assemanand can walk out of jail.

Ujjain train blast: NIA sees no direct IS link to UP terror module
Thu, Mar 23, 2017

The investigations into the online activities of the module have revealed that the the group had been reading inflammatory IS material over the Internet and planning nefarious actions for over six months.

Delhi: Two entry operators held on Rs 8,000-crore black money charge
Wed, Mar 22, 2017

The agency’s investigations, based on a case lodged by the SFIO, involve 90 shell companies with 559 beneficiaries and the movement of close to Rs 11,000 crore.

Govt cites ‘narrowed’ rich-poor gap and UP win to justify note ban
Tue, Mar 21, 2017

The minister insisted demonetisation has helped curb corruption and black money besides checking fake currency and squeezing funding to terrorists

NIA to chargesheet eight from Kerala, Tamil Nadu for ‘IS terror plot’
Sat, Mar 18, 2017

Five members of the module were arrested when they were holding a meeting at Kanakamala in Kannur last year.

Taken up fisherman killing with Lanka: Sushma Swaraj
Fri, Mar 17, 2017

The Sri Lankan government has denied the involvement of its navy in the March 6 killing; India continues to pursue the matter, says Sushma Swaraj.

Health policy moves from ‘sick care’ to ‘wellness’: Government
Fri, Mar 17, 2017

The minister said the policy proposes to raise public spending to 2.5% of GDP.

Tracking UP election results in Varanasi: ‘You have to gather yourself to fight the next battle’
Sun, Mar 12, 2017

At the makeshift BJP camp near the counting station, scores of BJP workers were glued to a handful of mobile phones beaming the results live.

Night before Uttar Pradesh election result: 3 moods – hope, anger and nostalgia
Sat, Mar 11, 2017

“I am telling you, we are forming the government. Don’t listen to the rubbish on TV. You worry about arranging for the band-baja and sweets tomorrow,” he shouts at a worker over the phone.

Tracked from Telangana, module busted in UP, MP
Thu, Mar 09, 2017

All module members, including its Lucknow-based leader Mohammed Saifullah, were under electronic surveillance but their recent communications did not reveal any plot to bomb the Bhopal-Ujjain Passenger train.

Under watch until train attack, phone chatter gave them away
Wed, Mar 08, 2017

The four men had made contact with pro-Islamic State Facebook accounts, and downloaded jihadist material, ahead of the attack on the Bhopal-Ujjain train.

On the ground, mixed signals for BJP’s upper-caste-plus-OBC experiment
Mon, Mar 06, 2017

Non-Yadav OBCs are not a cohesive group; they are also spread across UP. The largest group, Shakya-Kushwahas, account for 7-8% of the votes.

ED to file PMLA case against ex-CBI chief AP Singh
Mon, Mar 06, 2017

The ED has already registered a case against meat exporter Moin Qureshi, who is alleged to have moved money for AP Singh and some other CBI officers.

Uttar Pradesh Elections 2017: On board S6 of Sabarmati Express, 15 years later from poll-bound state
Mon, Feb 27, 2017

The gutted S6 coach of Sabarmati Express still stands at the Godhra railway yard, a grim reminder of one of the worst tragedies in India’s recent history.

UP Polls 2017: More to Ayodhya than temple politics; residents call for tourism push
Mon, Feb 27, 2017

Ayodhya is a prestige constituency for the BJP. It rose to power on the back of the Ram Mandir movement and, after the demolition, won the assembly seat four times before suffering a shock defeat to the SP in 2012.

UP Elections 2017: PM Modi says cross-border plot in Kanpur train accident, probe unclear
Sun, Feb 26, 2017

This is the first time that Modi has spoken out about the probable cause of the derailment, endorsing the Bihar police’s claim that it was an act of sabotage.

UP Elections 2017: Many sing Akhilesh Yadav’s praise but not all of them will put their vote where their mouth is
Fri, Feb 24, 2017

Almost everyone in UP, across caste lines, agrees that Akhilesh Yadav has done a lot of “kaam (work)” in the state in the past couple of years.

UP Elections 2017: Wife in husband’s seat vs son of party-hopper, brother vs brother in Bundelkhand
Fri, Feb 24, 2017

The BSP has fielded a Brahmin candidate in the hope of a split in the Lodh Rajput vote and a consolidation of the Brahmin, Muslim and Dalit votes.

Bundelkhand: In region of mining and muscle, what pulls in some voters also turns away others
Wed, Feb 22, 2017

Curious consolidation in Bundelkhand as those denied contracts pledge to defeat those in control

Bundelkhand: Parched region thirsts for water and jobs, gets only promises poll after poll
Wed, Feb 22, 2017

To many in Jhansi, Bundelkhand is “democracy’s stepchild”.

Uttar Pradesh elections 2017: At Uma Bharti’s rally, also present; Trump & Putin, Marx & Lenin
Wed, Feb 22, 2017

Bharti had landed in Raksa village off the Jhansi-Kota highway in her chopper at 4.30 pm and addressed a gathering of about 1000 villagers from nearby areas.

Uttar Pradesh polls 2017: In Shivpal bastion, supporters look to make it tough for SP
Mon, Feb 20, 2017

Shivpal aide and MLA Raghuraj Singh Shakya's campaign against the party after he was denied ticket has added to the SP’s problems.

UP Polls 2017: As Kanpur votes today, note ban will be an issue
Mon, Feb 20, 2017

“Forget the poor health of the leather industry - it is notebandi (demonetisation) that has finished us."

Clean Ganga project hurts livelihoods, divides communities
Sat, Feb 18, 2017

Suspension of work during festivals to ensure a cleaner Ganga and cow vigilantism, which has led to closure of several abattoirs and brought raw hide supply to half, have made things worse.

Second year in row, data on suicide by caste and religion is not disclosed
Tue, Feb 14, 2017

In 2014, the NCRB had, for the first time, collated data on suicides based on religion and caste groups.

In wake of Burhan Wani’s killing, blasts in J&K more than doubled over 2015
Tue, Feb 14, 2017

The Indian Express unpacks 2016 data on IED attacks, casualties and targets compiled by the National Bomb Data Centre.

NBDC annual report: Maoist-hit areas saw 21% rise in IED blasts in 2016
Mon, Feb 13, 2017

The government claimed that 2016 saw an almost three-fold increase in Maoist surrenders over the previous year.

Assam CM Sarbananda Sonowal gets NSG cover
Fri, Feb 10, 2017

Last Black Cat security to a VIP was granted four years ago.

Some countries in UN not defining terrorism: M J Akbar
Fri, Feb 10, 2017

Akbar said, “UN was itself a product of World War II. It was a term created for the allies. There was clarity. Why is there no clarity on this?”

Man linked to failed Bihar rail terror plot deported to Nepal from Dubai
Wed, Feb 08, 2017

Union Home Ministry sources said that Huda was deported to Kathmandu, thanks to the efforts put in by external intelligence agencies of India and Nepal.

Uttar Pradesh 2017: Why should defeating BJP be our only aim, ask Bareilly’s Muslims
Wed, Feb 08, 2017

In a triangular fight in UP, the SP-Congress and the BSP are both vying for the Muslim vote; the BJP is hoping this competition will divide that vote while consolidating the Hindu vote.

Ghaziabad Audi accident: Doctor backs another driver theory, police to add cheating charge
Sun, Feb 05, 2017

The Indian Express reported on Saturday that the man who claimed to have been driving the SUV at the time and who gave his name as Ishaq Ahmed may have given a false identity.

Audi mystery: Ishaq surrendered, now an Ishaq says I didn’t, was driving truck in Gujarat
Sat, Feb 04, 2017

Labhera is a Muslim-majority village with many residents, mainly from the Qureshi community, operating mini-trucks to transport cattle to slaughterhouses or agricultural produce to various markets.

ED officer out after clip shows him with wife of Rose Valley accused
Wed, Feb 01, 2017

ED sources said orders have been issued to suspend the officer, Manoj Kumar, and start a probe to ascertain if his links impacted investigation in the case.

First conviction under PMLA: Ex-minister jailed
Wed, Feb 01, 2017

Hari Narayan Rai held guilty of laundering Rs 3.7 cr, gets 7-year term