Anuradha Varma


Varma is an editorial consultant and co-founder of The Goodwill Project. She tweets @anuvee

Summer reading list: 10 kids’ books by Indian authors
Tue, Jun 13, 2017

There’s a lot of wonderful writing available in Indian literature for children (preteens and teens), including the evergreen Ruskin Bond, the delightful Anushka Ravishankar, Roopa Pai who informs as she entertains and several others. It's time this genre is explored.

Should we be worrying about the purpose of life?
Mon, Jun 05, 2017

“Don’t worry about your purpose in life. When you’re dead, you would have fulfilled it.”

A Death in the Gunj: A family portrait from behind the scenes
Sat, Jun 03, 2017

A Death in the Gunj has a new debutante and she’s director Konkona Sen Sharma’s sister. Promila (Lexa) Pradhan tells us how they came to be family!

Alt or not, Balaji you’re doing it again in Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat
Mon, Jun 05, 2017

Alt Balaji, the online platform owned by Ekta Kapoor's Balaji Productions has brought together Television's favourite onscreen couple Sakshi Tanwar and Ram Kapoor of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain for a 15-episode long web series titled, Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat.

Goodbye, dream home: The struggles of a homebuyer in Delhi-NCR
Mon, May 29, 2017

What's to be done when you've emotionally invested in a house that never came to be.

From Baahubali to fairness creams, a dark matter
Mon, May 15, 2017

Black, overall, stands for negativity or, at best, creates an air of mystery. So, whether it’s a black or “evil” heart, black magic, Black Friday or just dark despair, black, defined as the absence of light, is rarely a harbinger of joy.

Mother’s Day: From the stepmom to the single mom, here’s a tribute to all the mothers we know and love
Sun, May 14, 2017

On Mother’s Day, here are some mothers who have captured our imagination.

World Dance Day: A dance that goes beyond gender
Sat, Apr 29, 2017

Traditional Indian dance can safely be termed gender agnostic.

Meet Varsha Rajkhowa, India’s ocean ambassador you didn’t know about
Sat, Apr 29, 2017

Miss Scuba International Varsha Rajkhowa, an environmentalist, choreographer and national-level swimmer, won her title last in November, beating 16 countries.

For Eman Ahmed’s doctors, it’s time to go high!
Thu, Apr 27, 2017

Maybe it’s time for Eman Ahmed’s doctors to “go high”, since eventually, we’re only answerable to ourselves, after all!

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai to Khujli, web is inviting unique content. Does that mean television is dead?
Tue, Apr 25, 2017

More and more production houses are taking to digital medium to tell stories which might not be of choice on television.

Good Friday 2017: It’s Good Friday, but not a happy one!
Fri, Apr 14, 2017

It's a day of mourning as Jesus Christ died on the cross for the salvation of humankind.

The stress of being spiritual
Tue, Apr 11, 2017

Isn’t spirituality and everything we do, geared towards achieving happiness?

Depressed? Let’s talk, don’t pretend it’s all okay!
Fri, Apr 07, 2017

When is it really depression and when just being overwhelmed with life? And isn’t a little suffering a necessary part of the rigour of life?

Offended? Think again! The unnecessary noise of trial by social media
Sat, Apr 01, 2017

Next time we’re ready to scream ourselves hoarse, let’s check the facts and pick battles we are going to stick with in the long run. Otherwise, it’s all just noise.

With Romeos under fire, it’s time for Juliet to step up!
Tue, Mar 28, 2017

It’s time for us women to step off the pedestal and be dealt with on our terms.

Sane advice for Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover: Leave it to HR
Thu, Mar 23, 2017

Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover are warring in full public view. Can it be the result of investing too much into relationships at work?

Naughtiest boy Adityanath is UP CM
Thu, Mar 23, 2017

By now, everyone knows Yogi Adityanath’s claim to fame, but here’s a quick recap—he compared Shah Rukh Khan to terror mastermind Hafiz Saeed; he believes Mother Teresa was sent here to evangelise India.

Holi 2017: The spirit of Holi is everywhere in Vrindavan
Mon, Mar 13, 2017

The festival of colour is known for removing barriers of class and caste and, outside the rough and tumble of metros, people here seem kinder.

What does it mean to be a woman?
Thu, Mar 09, 2017

Being a woman is definitely more than just discovering one’s femininity through a love for soft fabrics and the joy of wearing nailpaint.

International Women’s Day: Lady-oriented themes? Censor board, take a look at mythology!
Wed, Mar 08, 2017

The feisty women in Lipstick Under My Burkha, who are not afraid to express their desire, are in great company, particularly when it comes to our women in mythology.

The Censor Board, Koffee shots and Lipstick Under My Burkha
Tue, Feb 28, 2017

Our Bollywood celebrities seem to have grown up, but not CBFC, which is why Lipstick Under My Burkha still has to struggle for a certificate.

Maha Shivratri special: Shiva, the cool lover and husband
Fri, Feb 24, 2017

Maha Shivaratri 2017: 'Shiva is both the life force and the death force, so there is great risk in taking him as a lover or husband.'

Are frozen embryos real people?
Tue, Feb 21, 2017

When does life start? And is destroying an embryo actually akin to abortion?

Valentine’s Day special: Serial daters or serial singles? Ae Dil Hai Mushkil!
Tue, Feb 14, 2017

In 2017, love isn’t the biggest thing, we are.

President Trump, can’t spell? Let India do it for you!
Sat, Feb 11, 2017

Here's a letter for US President Donald Trump.

Akhilesh Yadav: This modern-day Arjuna needs no Krishna
Thu, Feb 09, 2017

Akhilesh Yadav is no villain, he is the hero of the story and the icon for a pragmatic new generation that has no patience to be bringing up father as he makes one bad decision after another.

Donald Trump and immigrants: The world’s a mess, but hope swells!
Fri, Feb 03, 2017

These Americans realised it was time to wear their heart on their sleeves as they turned out to make sure virtual strangers got the homecoming they deserved.

Karan Johar: A somewhat silly boy (book review)
Wed, Jan 25, 2017

Besides the soul-searching bits, An Unsuitable Boy is really for fans of Karan Johar and great for anecdotal value on snatches of conversations with Shah Rukh Khan and the mythic Aditya Chopra.

Karan Johar, we’re not ready to hear those three words!
Tue, Jan 17, 2017

And for the gay community, one of you is actually one of us… and isn’t that what the fight has been about? For now, the only three words we want to hear from him are, “I am Karan” and that, for anyone, should be enough!

Unhurried in Meghalaya, the real Swachh Bharat
Thu, Dec 29, 2016

The tongue-twister names take a little getting used to, but it doesn’t take long to feel at home with the unhurried hospitality, which can teach you a thing or two!

Dear Zindagi & the Art of Slowing Down
Fri, Dec 16, 2016

The problem is real. We need to get those voices in our head, that constantly remind us of what needs to be done, to stop! In short, we need to practice doing nothing.

Jayalalithaa and the power of kindness
Thu, Dec 08, 2016

As we chase success, we tend to forget that our real achievements lie in acts of compassion.

For PM Modi, the poor have no morality!
Mon, Dec 05, 2016

Clearly, the poor have no morality, if we go by PM Modi’s Robinhood-style address to the nation.

Demonetisation, National Anthem, ‘love jihad’: The news has stopped making sense
Thu, Dec 01, 2016

Things are changing and even entertainment news has lost its sting.

Aamir Khan spoke as a citizen, not a Muslim
Tue, Dec 01, 2015

Let’s move on from Aamir Khan and discuss the real issue—intolerance.