Ankita Dwivedi Johri


Haryana: Villagers sent for DNA tests in gangrape story with no victim or witness
Fri, Mar 17, 2017

The list for Hasanpur village, accessed by The Indian Express, is a handwritten note with no official stamp or signature.

Uttarakhand ‘Death in custody’: 16-year-old cried for two days, says family; died hours after FIR against him
Mon, Mar 06, 2017

An FIR was registered naming him in a case of elopement. Hours later, the 16-year-old was found dead.

Occupy DUSU
Sun, Mar 05, 2017

In this season of protest marches, DU’s Students’ Union office serves as a space for strategising, venting anger against “anti-nationals” and, above all, as a shelter from the heat outside

A meal’s journey
Mon, Feb 27, 2017

This is not the first time that the Delhi mid-day meal programme has come under scrutiny.

Kalkaji temple row: Sisters agree to out of court settlement, to get Rs 6 lakh each
Sat, Feb 11, 2017

As far as the right to offer ‘puja’ and ‘sewa’ is concerned, Kumari said “they will think about the issue later”. “The matter has been sorted.

In Mirchpur, a race leads to clashes, many caste narratives
Fri, Feb 03, 2017

The 17-year-old was the first Dalit from the village to win the race, which had 35 participants, mostly upper castes from 10-15 villages nearby.

Wedding entertainment industry: Behind the gloss, risks of a dancer
Sun, Dec 18, 2016

ANKITA DWIVEDI JOHRI travels with a dance orchestra to a village in the interiors of Allahabad, the heart of the wedding entertainment industry.

Back on Mewat roadside, biryani vendors run into cash crunch
Tue, Dec 13, 2016

Nearly 50 families of the Qureshi community cooked biryani at home and sold it from thelas in Doha, Mewat.

How a small outlet may recharge Delhi’s iconic grocery retail chain
Mon, Dec 05, 2016

Safal lessons from Pitampura: new look, approach

Mewat gangrape: After rape, the long, lonely battle
Sun, Dec 04, 2016

Mewat victim has had to leave home, her husband has lost his job. Their only hope is justice will be swift

Deepak Gola ki shaadi: weddings must now factor in ‘black money’
Sun, Nov 27, 2016

Across Chandni Chowk, the one-stop shop for all things matrimonial, The Sunday Express joins a 22-year-old as he sets off with a little band, a little baaja and a little baraat. Photographs: Tashi Tobgyal

Delhi’s most vulnerable, in Delhi’s most polluted
Sun, Nov 13, 2016

“Pollution” got Sunny and Rani a day off from school last week, they are not sure what that means, for their mother juggling multiple things at once, the bad air is just an added concern, without answers.

Farm suicide to bad loans: RNG award stories, 2015
Thu, Nov 03, 2016

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was the chief guest at the event, presented the awards to 37 journalists, who told their stories the way they should be — simply, factually.

China to Chandni Chowk: shopkeepers in Old Delhi are treading with caution
Sun, Oct 23, 2016

With a week to go for Diwali, their best time of the year, shopkeepers in Old Delhi are treading with caution over calls to ‘boycott’ Chinese goods.

There have been many rejections in my life, this is a small one, says Nawazuddin Siddiqui
Sun, Oct 09, 2016

Pointing to a roof across his house, where his relatives live, he says they were some of his biggest dectractors when he dropped out of his M.Sc course in Baroda to join the National School of Drama.

Shiv Sena’s success in Uttar Pradesh: Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui is forced out of Ram Leela
Tue, Oct 11, 2016

Siddiqui, who hails from Budhana, has been on a vacation in his hometown and had got in touch with the Ram Leela committee to be part of the production.

The death of a family: Tracing the lives of the Bansals
Sun, Oct 02, 2016

Over two nights, separated by two months, an officer accused of corruption, his wife and two children committed suicide in Delhi. As CBI is accused of “harassing” the family to death, Ankita Dwivedi Johri traces the lives of the Bansals.

Family claims harassment by CBI drove Bansals to suicide
Thu, Sep 29, 2016

Day after suicide, B K Bansal and his son cremated in Hisar. Pawan Bansal, B K Bansal’s elder brother, accused the CBI of forcing his brother and his family to take the extreme step.

‘Bad Mom’: Scrutiny celebrity mothers — never the dads — have to often put up with
Mon, Oct 10, 2016

Last week Chelsea Clinton missed her daughter’s first day of pre-school to campaign for her mother Hillary. To this “transgression”, some reactions were downright spiteful.

Demands for compensation to Mewat gangrape victims intensify
Fri, Sep 16, 2016

The victims had alleged that the accused asked them if they “eat beef” before assaulting them.

Mewat gangrape: At third mahapanchayat, demands for compensation to victims intensify
Fri, Sep 16, 2016

The three-hour-long event was attended by the victims’ families and 300 representatives, from over 36 communities, from the nearby villages.

A quiet Eid as Mewat biryani-sellers face uncertain future
Wed, Sep 14, 2016

A community of biryani vendors, they have all packed up their food stalls for good.

Why fear has gripped biryani roadside stalls in Haryana’s Mewat district
Sat, Sep 10, 2016

Hiding, moving, and at times even throwing away the biryani, has become a daily ritual for the six remaining food-stall owners on this stretch.

Unleashed: India’s all bark, no bite dog population control programme may still hold answers
Sun, Sep 04, 2016

Kerala has reported a string of dog bite cases, setting off a debate on whether this calls for drastic measures such as culling.

Take 5: Faces On The Fringes Of News
Sun, Aug 14, 2016

Ahead of Independence Day, when demand for kites is at its highest, the Delhi government has sought a ban on Chinese manjha, which is known to cause injuries to birds and even people.

A Tiranga yatra
Sun, Aug 14, 2016

Ahead of Independence Day, thousands of miniature Tricolours are making their way to traffic lights across Delhi, some from as far as China. Two sisters at the South Extension-Kotla traffic signal are trying everything — nagging, crying, smiling, and going for the cars with kids — to sell their stock of 200

Gurgaon: ‘My son was one then… How do I tell him now his father died over a cow?’
Mon, Aug 08, 2016

Ramesh, a former sarpanch who was one of those convicted, says he was falsely implicated. “My mother had passed away that night and I had gone for her last rites. Police killed the men,” he says.

The winner takes it all
Mon, Jul 25, 2016

A generation of youngsters born in 1991 grew up in a world very different from that of their parents. Four 25-year olds talk about negotiating economic freedom, social pressures and the loneliness and anxiety of being the children of liberalisation.

IIT dreams: 823 SC students in JEE (Advanced) general list, 22 in top 2,000
Wed, Jul 13, 2016

The 823 qualifiers are a marked increase from the 515 SC students who made the CRL last year.

Africans attacked in Delhi: Tracing the faultlines of open racism and distrust
Tue, Jun 14, 2016

In Rajpur Khurd where attacks on Africans happened, there are few meeting points between the villagers and their new neighbours.

To the top of the class: After Tina Dabi’s success, more Dalit students feel confident of cracking the UPSC exam
Sun, May 22, 2016

For scores of Dalit students preparing to crack the UPSC exam in Delhi, Tina Dabi’s recent success is cause for celebration.

Two detained for Kota student’s death
Sun, May 15, 2016

Satyarth died on the spot while another coaching student from Bihar Sandeep Kumar (18), also sustained knife wounds in the attack.

1,587 failures in Delhi’s most crowded govt school: Inquiry panel finds ‘no error’ in checking, blames infrastructure
Tue, May 03, 2016

During the four-hour inquiry at the school, the members found “lack of infrastructure” and “over-crowding” to be the main reasons for the poor performance of students.

The state of affairs at New Delhi’s most crowded government school
Wed, Apr 20, 2016

Over 1,500 students who failed in the exams are back in their old classrooms, further increasing the numbers in those sections: over 150 students each in the 14 sections for Class IX and XI.

The long and short of it
Mon, Jun 06, 2016

In Bhutan, a maverick saint’s legacy has taken over the walls of a small village.

Umaid Bhawan Palace: What makes it the world’s best hotel (video)
Sun, Apr 03, 2016

What does it take to transform the world’s second-largest private residence to ‘the best hotel in the world’? A look beyond the tranquil environs and lavender-diffused air at Jodhpur’s Umaid Bhawan Palace.