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Adrija is senior sub-editor, Indian Express. She mainly writes on History and world politics. Follow her on Twitter @AdrijaRoychow

Independence notes: Different experiences in Portuguese Goa and British Malabar
Fri, Aug 18, 2017

At the stroke of midnight, the freedom finally arrived, largely with the efforts of the Congress. But what did this freedom mean to those who were neither ruled by the British, nor were they close enough to the Congress' political centre?

Voices of Partition: One UP Muslim and two Pakistan born Hindus recollect the horrors of 1947
Sat, Aug 19, 2017

The partition of Punjab remains by far the bloodiest part of Indian history, the dirtiest and scariest of all, tagging along as it did with the euphoria of freedom.

Tales from princely states: A Kashmiri Pandit and a Jodhpur resident recollect being stuck between India and Pakistan
Tue, Aug 15, 2017

What did independence mean to the ordinary folks residing in these states, far removed from the high drama of nationalist discourse and very often unaware of what course their homeland’s politics was about to take?

Voices of Partition: A Dhaka Hindu and a Kolkata Muslim recount what Independence meant to them
Tue, Aug 15, 2017

If the incoming Hindu population faced the bitterness of displacement on one hand, then the Muslims who stayed on in West Bengal were equally distraught.

How world newspapers reported India’s independence in 1947
Tue, Aug 15, 2017

The major newspapers of the world had culled out a significant part of their front pages to underline the nationalist aspirations, the birth of the two nations and the celebrations as well as massacre that accompanied the same.

Why we wouldn’t have had the roshogolla and sandesh if not for the Portuguese
Fri, Aug 11, 2017

When talking of Bengali cuisine, the fondness for fish and the topping of roshgullah and sandesh are two things that strikes one’s imagination most instantly. While the former is a product of geographical positioning, the latter is a result of a historical accident.

When Japan ruled over (a part of) India
Fri, Aug 11, 2017

The Japanese occupation of the Andamans is perhaps one of the least talked about episodes of the Second World War. Japanese forces landed in South Andamans on March 23, 1942 and in the next three to four hours gained complete control over the area.

Photographs from Kolkata: These colonial structures helped Calcutta rule over the subcontinent
Thu, Aug 03, 2017

Today 70 years after the British left the country, Kolkata still houses some of the most extraordinary, elaborate architectural pieces that were once built by the Europeans with the intention to turn Calcutta into a Victorian delight.

Five states that refused to join India after Independence
Thu, Aug 17, 2017

Some of them thought this to be the best moment to acquire independent statehood, while there were others who wanted to become a part of Pakistan. Here are the cases of five princely states that opposed the idea of joining India.

Indians become the 44th tribe of Kenya; but what does that mean?
Tue, Jul 25, 2017

Despite their long history of presence in the country and their involvement in the socio-economic and political life of the country, Indians in Kenya have suffered from a certain invisibility in the political and historical discourse of the nation.

Four reasons why Ahmedabad has become India’s only World Heritage City
Sun, Jul 09, 2017

Barely noticed by the modern day traveler and very often ignored by historians, Ahmedabad is one of those industrialised cities of India where the past and present have fused together beautifully and produced a landscape that owes very little to European domination.

Sikkim’s history: From buffer state for British to a referendum in favour of India
Sat, Jul 08, 2017

The state of Sikkim was established in 1642, when three Tibetan lamas consecrated Phuntsong Namgyal as the first ruler of Chogyal of Sikkim. The monarchy of the Namgyal dynasty was maintained for the next 333 years before it became part of the Indian union in 1975 as its 22nd state

Here is everything you need to know about Indian Jews
Wed, Jul 05, 2017

The Jewish community in India is one among a large number of groups who had come from outside the country’s modern territorial borders and made India their home. However, what marks the Jews out is their ability to blend into the local culture of the region.

40 years of Emergency: Here is what happened over the two years that changed India’s history
Mon, Jun 26, 2017

Steeped in the need for economic development, the Emergency allowed Gandhi to carry out mass arrests of ministers and have complete control over what the media published. It also resulted in her son carrying out forced sterilisation drives in Delhi and slum clearance programs.

A deluge from history: How Indian monsoon was documented by foreign travellers
Sun, Jun 25, 2017

The passionate outburst of rain showers that take place in the middle of the year has been extensively chronicled by foreign writers in India, accompanying expressions ranging from horror, awe and alarm to amusement and longing.

PM Narendra Modi in US: From Obama to Trump, here is what happened on his earlier visits
Sun, Jun 25, 2017

Each of his previous visits have been noteworthy in his efforts at not just strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries, but also in his attempt to acquire the confidence of the Indian community in the United States.

International Yoga Day: How Swami Vivekananda helped popularise the ancient Indian regimen in the West
Wed, Jun 21, 2017

If one were to trace Yoga’s journey in the West, we would have to start from September 11, 1893, when Swami Vivekananda made his famous speech at Chicago in the Parliament of religions. His powerful oration immediately won him the adoration of the Americans.

Finsbury Park Mosque, Abu Hamza and the growth of Islamic extremism in Britain
Mon, Jun 19, 2017

Hamza’s radical Islamic views soon made the Finsbury mosque a centre with strong links to extremism. From inside the premises of the mosque, Hamza preached a violent theology and attracted disciples both from within and from outside the UK.

Meet the Meos, the Muslim ‘gau rakhshaks’ of Mewat
Tue, Jun 13, 2017

The special position of the cow in Meo life is manifested in many ways -- such as the fact that married Meo women make the sacred batevra (stacks of cow dung cakes), and the community celebrates Govardhan puja.

Fact checking Amit Shah: Yes, Congress had an ideological basis and it was neo-Hinduism
Mon, Jun 12, 2017

When the Congress was formed in 1885, its immediate motive was not independence. Rather its intent was to form a political arm that would mediate between the British authorities and the demands of the Indians.

An astrophysicist and a rocket scientist spell out what it takes to be a woman scientist in India
Thu, Jun 08, 2017

#GenderAnd Education: According to a 2015 study by Association of Academies and Societies of Sciences in Asia, the number of women in science has risen. At least 25 to 30 per cent of PhDs in science are done by women now.

From Iran revolution to parliament attack: A look back at the Islamic Republic’s history
Thu, Jun 08, 2017

Iran’s position in world politics has largely been shaped by the fact that it is the country where political Islam asserted itself for the first time.

Saudi Arabia, UAE cut ties with Qatar: How the schism in gulf nations developed over years
Tue, Jun 06, 2017

A flip side to developing a barrier against Shia revolutionary forces in the GCC countries was that it created an open ground for Sunni forces of Islamic fundamentalism to progress easily, such that it started influencing social and political policy in these nations.

Subhash Chandra Bose death: How the controversy unfolded over last 70 years
Thu, Jun 01, 2017

Condemning the recent announcement made by the Centre, Netaji’s grand nephew and Bengal BJP’s vice president Chandra Bose said he would take up the matter with the PM and said the family would take out a rally in protest against the Centre's statement.

Delhi metro Heritage line: A first day ride into Old City’s glorious past
Sun, May 28, 2017

Owing to the rich past of the old city, the route has been given the name and has been designed in a way that is a treat for the history buffs.

Giant squids are rare, but not references to ‘sea monsters’ in annals of history
Mon, May 15, 2017

The carcass found in Indonesia is believed to be particularly akin to the giant squid or the Kraken.

Buddha Purnima special: Three reasons why Ambedkar embraced Buddhism
Wed, May 10, 2017

The most popular view among scholars is the fact that Buddhism was seen as the most modern and rational religion by Ambedkar.

Jehangir’s mom was Portuguese Christian, maybe Jodha Bai never existed: New book
Sun, May 07, 2017

The book dwells at length on the matrimonial alliance between Akbar and the Portuguese Maria Mascarenhas, a union which he maintains is conveniently missing from Mughal, Portuguese and English sources.

Modi as rashtra rishi? Baba Ramdev’s epithet for PM not in sync with ancient traditions
Wed, May 03, 2017

When Yoga guru Ramdev Baba declared Prime Minister Narendra Modi as ‘Rashtra Rishi’, he gave him the pedigree of a God-like status.

Five Point Someone in DU syllabus: Let’s stop blaming Chetan Bhagat and start rueing the state of Indian readership
Tue, Apr 25, 2017

The problem here is not just about the celebration of mediocrity, but also of the lack of mass appeal of those who are classified as ‘elite’ in the literary circuit.

French secularism and how it helps Marine Le Pen say no to Sikh turbans
Sun, May 07, 2017

French secularism roughly it translates as the separation of religious affairs from governmental activities.

50 years after first Dravidian government in Tamil Nadu, here’s a look at history of AIADMK and others
Wed, Apr 19, 2017

The rift between Sasikala and Panneerselvam and the overall chaos in the party, highlights all that was wrong with the Dravidian movement

Indian new year finds reflection across its ‘colonies’
Fri, Apr 14, 2017

From the beginning of the Christian era, several Indian kingdoms were formed in regions of Southeast Asia.

Survey of India turns 250: Remembering a British past when mapping was for the sake of conquering
Tue, Apr 11, 2017

Throughout the late eighteenth and nineteenth century, as more and more territories came under the British rule, a series of surveys and mapping exercises were carried out.

From George Bush to Donald Trump: How US policy towards Syria has evolved
Fri, Apr 07, 2017

Trump’s decision to attack the Syrian base today can hardly be seen in tune with the overall structure of foreign policy maintained by America towards the country.

Indenture system ended a century ago, but Indians still face racism in British colonies
Sun, Apr 02, 2017

The nature of the labour recruitment was such that only those from the lowest castes and poor economic backgrounds were approached for the practice.