Saturday, Oct 25, 2014
October 25, 201412:05 am

By: Michele C Hollow Each morning, Cali, an 18-month-old Rhodesian Ridgeback, patiently waits for the K-12 students to pass through the doors of the Calais School in Whippany, New Jersey. As they walk by, Cali sniffs each one. Cali is a cortisol detection dog, trained to detect the stress hormone our adrenal glands secrete when […]

October 25, 201412:05 am

Study finds that listening to music during a high-intensity workout leads to a significant increase in output.

October 25, 201412:03 am

By: Ishi Khosla With winters arriving, the flu virus is spreading rapidly. It is not surprising that the medical term for flu, comes from the Italian phrase ‘influenza del freddo’ — the influence of the cold. Flu is slightly distinct from the common cold. Colds develop slowly, whereas the flu tends to come suddenly and strikes […]

October 18, 201412:06 am

The key feature of any addiction is loss of control. In food addiction, loss of control is manifested by either more frequent or larger meals.

October 18, 201412:03 am

Fitness age is determined primarily by your VO2max, measure of your body’s ability to take in and utilise oxygen.

October 18, 201412:02 am

Biologists have found that our skin is bristling with olfactory receptors.

October 4, 20143:28 am

In India, it is the most extensively grown pulse in Uttarakhand and south India, especially Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

October 4, 20143:26 am

But even in the most sophisticated medical settings, the diagnosis can be missed or the tests done incorrectly.

October 4, 20143:24 am

Working out somehow makes people and animals emotionally resilient, studies have shown.

September 27, 201412:55 am

Cooked apples also known to relieve diarrhoea, dysentery and colitis.

September 27, 201412:51 am

PCBs have long been identified as hazardous, but not every contaminant is so risky, Dr Schnoor emphasised.

September 27, 201412:50 am

Researchers have found that endurance workouts change athletes’ saliva composition, that may adversely affect their teeth.

September 20, 20141:13 am

Jackfruits are rich in protein, starch (carbohydrate), calcium, vitamins A, B, C, copper and potassium.

September 20, 20141:04 am

Telomeres shorten and fray as a cell ages, although the process is not strictly chronological.

September 20, 20141:04 am

Low-fat dairy products, including yogurt, and even fatty ones may lower the risk of diabetes.

September 13, 201412:58 am

While these nutrients are important, supplementation with ferritin should be done with care for efficient body functioning.

October 22, 20144:46 pm
Vitamin D as an adjuvant to conventional breast cancer therapy (PTI)

Exposure to the sun is important to avoid Vitamin D defficiency.

September 13, 201412:52 am

Scientists hope discovery of Lhx1 can help treat sleep disorders.

September 13, 201412:49 am

The Working Dog Center trains dogs for police work, search and rescue and bomb detection.

September 6, 201412:04 am

The new study published a rarity in clinical nutrition studies who were assigned to follow two types of diets for one year.

September 6, 201412:04 am

Whether diet influences autoimmunity has been the subject of several unresolved debates.

August 30, 201410:28 am

Accroding to police, Sharma befriended the beggar, whose health and height were similar to his.

August 30, 20141:01 am

Consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages, particularly carbonated soft drinks, may be a key contributor to obesity.

August 30, 201412:58 am

An industrial compound found in plastics used in bottles and cans could damage developing ovaries, studies suggest.

August 30, 201412:57 am

India sees 2.3 million new cases annually, adequate nutrition can help prevent over a million adults from catching it, shows research.

August 23, 20141:12 am

Symptoms appear or disappear within hours or days after the ingestion or elimination of gluten from the diet.

August 23, 201412:23 am

Researchers analysed data from 260 cognitively normal people, average age 78, who had answered diet questionnaires.

August 23, 201412:21 am

The review found no randomised trials of brushing technique and very little agreement on how to go about cleaning teeth.

August 23, 201412:09 am

After successfully testing two drugs on mice, the researchers tested one of them, ruxolitinib, on 12 persons.

August 23, 201412:03 am

Multiple studies show that eating breakfast neither aids weight loss, nor affects cholesterol and blood-sugar levels.

August 8, 201411:53 pm

Hemp seeds are high in Arginine, an essential amino acid known to improve heart health and protect from heart disease.

August 8, 201411:39 pm

The data covered all adult age groups and a wide range of finishing times.

August 8, 201411:38 pm

Cost-benefit analysis finds that quitting smoking lowers people’s happiness quotient.

August 2, 201412:20 am

By: Ishi Khosla Artichoke, a leafy vegetable, is native to Southern Europe, Northern Africa and the Canary Islands. In India, they form a part of the ‘exotic vegetable category’. However, their special health benefits merit attention. Artichoke is considered to be one of the world’s oldest cultivated vegetables, grown by the Greeks and the Romans, and […]

August 2, 201412:17 am

The runners’ risk of dying from any cause was 30 per cent lower than that for the non-runners.

August 2, 201412:16 am

Gummy smiles occur for a variety of reasons, most commonly a short upper lip, excessive gum tissue or small teeth.