Wednesday, May 27, 2015
May 14, 201512:11 am
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Hard bargaining could be helped along by cooperation in climate diplomacy.

May 2, 201512:00 am

A look at the front page of Indian Express on May 2, published forty years ago.

April 28, 20159:50 am

Jan Dhan Yojana is a remarkable achievement. But financial inclusion must be more ambitious and look beyond bank accounts.

April 28, 201510:13 am

Excerpts from 16th DP Kohli memorial lecture by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in Delhi, April 27.

April 28, 20159:49 am

Current rural distress is not about land acquisition. It is rooted in the low viability and high volatility of agriculture.

April 28, 20151:36 pm

If there was a moment to lend substance to the claim that the neighbourhood ranks first in India’s foreign policy, it is now and in Nepal.

April 28, 20158:13 pm
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Sabeen Mahmud was shot. But she will not be concluded.

April 28, 201512:00 am

The yatra remains a favoured tool of political persuasion. But it needs organisational follow through.

April 28, 201512:00 am

Tax controversies point to the urgent need for institutional reform in a key arm of government.

April 28, 201512:00 am

New technology has made public diplomacy easier and more perilous.

April 28, 201512:11 am

A look at the front page of Indian Express on April 28, published forty years ago.

April 27, 20157:42 am

Hospitals overflow with dead and injured, run out of supplies; thousands spend rainy Kathmandu night in the open.

April 27, 20159:01 am

However, It's learnt that no word was spoken about either of the two reports during the working committee meeting.

April 27, 201512:36 am
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India does well to step up to the moment in Nepal’s hour of crisis.

April 27, 201512:25 am
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President Ghani’s visit provides India the opportunity to do a reality check, recalibrate ties with Afghanistan.

April 27, 20157:52 am
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Resilient Nepal will reconstruct and rebuild. India must continue to lend a hand.

May 21, 20157:20 pm

April 27, 1975 was a Sunday. The weekend edition of The Indian Express then used to be called Sunday Standard.

April 27, 201512:17 am
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Constitution, not community’s code, should decide religion-based disputes.

April 27, 201512:39 am

Karnataka chief minister has seized control of the state’s biggest and richest civic body.

April 27, 201512:00 am

During Ashraf Ghani’s visit, Delhi must signal support informed by an appreciation of Afghanistan’s strategic dilemmas.

April 27, 201512:39 am

By clearing the amendments to the juvenile justice act and allowing juveniles between the ages of 16 and 18 to be tried and punished as adults for heinous offences.

April 26, 20155:53 am
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The AAP went on with its rally because that is one activity its leader enjoys the most.

April 26, 20155:51 am
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PM Narendra Modi broke with convention on at least three occasions on his recent visit to France, Germany and Canada.

April 26, 20155:50 am
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Rahul Gandhi's lies are serious and so must be analysed seriously.

April 26, 201512:37 am
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Deflation is not an unmixed blessing. Sometimes it can be more calamitous than inflation.

April 25, 201512:46 am

‘Court’ points to a heartening trend of questioning

April 25, 201512:37 am

Post-conflict Sri Lanka needs to start talking of demilitarisation

April 25, 201512:05 am
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Going by their learned comments on farmer suicide, if the Congress had won the previous election, it would have introduced a right to happiness bill to satisfy all voters.

April 25, 201512:05 am
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Bihar will be the litmus test for the Janata merger.

April 25, 201512:05 am
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For political parties, ‘people’ are an abstraction. Gajendra Singh’s death drives this truth home.

April 25, 201512:00 am

No city name is safe from Mamata Banerjee in West Bengal

April 25, 201512:00 am

House panel’s recommendation to reevaluate ‘no detention policy’ is an opportunity for a larger rethink

April 25, 20157:15 am

Opposition to GST constitutional amendment is unreasonable. Time to pass it is now

April 24, 201512:59 am

John Hawkes professor Leela Gandhi talks about her new book, the inner life of democracy and what it means to be postcolonial in 2015.

April 24, 20158:35 am
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Evidence of farm distress mounts. Government needs to broaden its policy focus.

April 24, 201512:22 am

Commenting on the suicide of Rajasthani farmer Gajendra Singh at an AAP rally in Jantar Mantar, Inquilab, in an editorial on April 23, writes: “the suicide is shocking, as is the depth of the compulsion that leads harassed farmers to take such an extreme step. Every political party has sympathy for these agonised people but […]

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