Monday, Nov 24, 2014
November 24, 201412:51 am
Barack Obama

Obama’s executive action on immigration could spell political trouble for Democrats

November 24, 201412:43 am

Kathmandu fears a review of Delhi’s Nepal policy post-summit

November 24, 201412:25 am

Why Zoho is a rule-breaker in India’s technology capital

November 24, 201412:16 am

Rajiv Gandhi was very popular in his initial years in office. But he could not deliver on his promises.

November 24, 201412:05 am

Train tours for students could be a step towards bringing the Northeast closer.

November 24, 201412:05 am

But has India fully leveraged its presence at the high table?

November 24, 201412:05 am

A structural change is afoot. It holds great promise for India.

November 24, 201412:04 am

In this session, Parliament must pass constitutional amendment. Details can be worked out later.

November 23, 20143:09 am

There are estimated to be over 1,000 ‘honour killings’ in India every year.

November 23, 20143:00 am

In a country in which every political party is Leftist, the lament is puzzling.

November 23, 20142:53 am

I want to thank my readers for connecting to my writing and permitting me to use your personal experiences.

November 23, 201411:31 am

Rules do not permit Jashodaben to travel in the SPG car even though she enjoys going on pilgrimages.

November 23, 20142:45 am

There is a romantic idea that once all Indians spoke Sanskrit and India was a land of milk and honey.

November 22, 20147:42 am
Denmark UN Climate Report

Adaptation alone will not help in meeting the climate change challenge. We need cost-effective mitigation strategies.

November 22, 201412:17 am

There is a lesson to be drawn from the recent controversy: kangaroo courts of public opinion must stop delivering instant verdicts on minority institutions.

November 22, 201412:17 am

The bottom line is this: Caesar’s wife should be above suspicion.

November 22, 20147:45 am

Dressing it up with technology won’t be enough

November 22, 201412:04 am

A new book maps Karachi from its halcyon days to its current lawlessness.

November 22, 20142:51 pm

By brazening it out, Ranjit Sinha damages the CBI — and puts a question mark on entire 2G investigation.

November 22, 201412:00 am

Obama’s action on immigration could signal a new course for his remaining tenure.

November 22, 201412:00 am

Delhi’s default impulses remain insular. Fighting this will be Modi’s challenge

November 22, 201412:00 am

Farmers’ suicides point to the problem of exclusion of tenant-cultivators from the formal financial sector

November 21, 20146:36 am

Modi-Abbott agreement is a departure from old habits of alliance or non-alignment.

November 21, 201412:14 am

The BJP is faced with a serious dilemma on this issue.

November 21, 201412:10 am

The last time an Indian prime minister traveled to Fiji was in 1981, when Indira Gandhi arrived there.

November 21, 20148:43 am

The release of Indian fishermen by Sri Lanka is a moment for both countries to build on.

November 21, 201412:05 am

At Kathmandu, Modi could seize the chance, sketch a new regional imagination.

November 21, 201412:05 am

States’ veto on field trials of GM crops shows them — and the Centre — in bad light.

November 21, 201412:05 am

Netanyahu and Abbas must act quickly to prevent full-scale religious conflict in Jerusalem.

November 21, 201412:03 am

Why does India’s family planning programme continue to depend on female sterilisations in sub-standard conditions?

November 20, 201411:57 pm

The question of hereditary imams raises complex legal and religious questions.

November 20, 201412:17 am

The filming of ‘Garam Hawa’ was cathartic for its makers, each of whom had been irreversibly touched by Partition.

November 20, 201412:16 am

Our policymakers need to shift focus from sugar to cane. Or, the farmer will continue to pay the price.

November 20, 201412:06 am

Three states squabble over right to build dams and store water. Solution doesn’t lie in tribunal or court.

November 20, 201412:05 am

The days-long standoff in Barwala, Hisar, has been a sorry, sobering spectacle. With a heavily fortified ashram as its centre, it has featured, on one side, a self-styled godman gone missing, his private militia which calls itself the “Baba’s commandos”, women and children used as human shields, and supporters who brandish firearms, petrol bombs, acid […]

November 20, 201412:05 am

Many battles remain to be fought to fix the WTO Agreement on Agriculture.