Sunday, Mar 01, 2015
March 2, 201512:26 am

While the Opposition’s critical reaction was expected, the media, economic experts and industry have largely welcomed the budget.

March 2, 201512:24 am

This budget makes a radical new promise — policy will pray at the altar of jobs.

March 2, 201512:23 am

BJP-PDP coalition is more than the sum of its parts. The coalition of extremes opens up enormous possibilities.

March 2, 201512:17 am

Jaitley’s budget takes bold steps but also spells out the task cut out for a round-the-clock government.

March 2, 201512:10 am

Budget should have rationalised food-fertiliser subsidies to raise agri-investment.

March 2, 201512:02 am
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BJP-PDP is the most difficult alliance in J&K. It could also be the most durable.

March 2, 201512:16 am
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Finance minister’s focus on growth and equity is incomplete. He should have acknowledged the trade-off between the need for energy and the imperative of environmental protection.

March 2, 201512:00 am

After nine months of tinkering, with this budget, the government has begun institutional change. Yet, reneging on the promised fiscal consolidation is a problem.

March 1, 201512:09 am

Lalu once hoped that his eldest daughter Misa would marry Yadav’s eldest son Akhilesh.

March 1, 201512:09 am
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The land law is not the only bad piece of legislation that the last government bestowed upon us.

March 1, 201512:08 am

Every country which is rich today was once poor and agrarian. It got rich by using land for industry.

March 1, 20154:42 am
One Rank One Pension, Arun Jaitley, Finance Ministry, Armed Services, Defence Ministry, Union Budget 2015

Abhijit Sen can take heart that he may not be alone when he wrote his four-page dissent to the Report of the FFC.

February 28, 201512:50 am

Change is not easy, and the Congress flirts dangerously with obsolescence if it cannot reinvent urgently.

February 28, 20158:07 am

Indian Railways should decentralise by using PPPs in a big way.

February 28, 201512:35 am

It is increasingly difficult for Pakistan to punish those who kill for religious reasons.

February 28, 201512:00 am

Economic Survey gets the diagnosis and prescription largely right. The budget will be the real test.

February 28, 201512:00 am

Our laws do not make it easy for the poor farmer to convert his land to non-agricultural use. The process is complex and ridden with obstacles.

February 28, 201512:00 am

White and gold? Blue and black? It’s just another day in the life of the internet.

February 28, 201512:00 am

AAP’s subsidy policy continues to be perversely targeted. Has it learnt nothing from past mistakes?

February 27, 201511:59 pm

Home ministry’s affidavit in Priya Pillai case is a study in irony.

February 27, 201510:46 pm
union budget 2015, budget, budget 2015, arun jaitley

Budget 2015-16 will be watched for how much it breaks from the past.

February 27, 20155:50 am
Rail Budget 2015, Rail Budget, Suresh Prabhu, Suresh Prabhu rail budget, rail fare, new trains

Rail budget makes many right moves. But beware of rail ministry’s ‘implementation bug’.

February 27, 20158:28 am

Union budget will be watched for the incentives it offers to encourage private investment.

February 27, 201512:00 am

BJP protested against IT act while in opposition. Now, disappointingly, the BJP government supports it.

February 27, 201512:00 am

Rail budget avoids the populist route, makes a good beginning by focusing on improving services.

February 27, 201510:02 am
India Railways

Rail budget missed the opportunity to lay out an agenda for the future.

February 27, 201512:00 am

How and where exactly is Rahul Gandhi spending his ‘sabbatical’?

February 27, 20159:54 am

Post-reform India has had three gamechanging budgets. Will Arun Jaitley’s be the fourth?

February 27, 201512:45 am

If promoting obscurantism is a concern, TV is far more guilty than films.

February 26, 201511:50 pm

Roznama KhabrAin, in its editorial, writes that both PDP and BJP have made a turnaround in their stated positions regarding J&K.

February 26, 20153:58 am

Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal rolled back the years with a return to protests, and TVs.

February 26, 20154:04 am

The Organiser editorial interprets Modi’s recent speech on religious freedom not as a message to Hindutva outfits.

February 26, 20153:52 am

A victim of sexual harassment speaks out about why most women choose to remain silent.

February 26, 201512:00 am

Warrant for Zia’s arrest should not put the brakes on dialogue in Bangladesh.

February 26, 201512:00 am

A new Sikh unit may plant its flag amid the remains of empire, in the British army.

February 26, 201512:00 am

Finance Commission award gives meaning to ‘cooperative federalism’.

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