Friday, Feb 27, 2015
February 27, 20155:50 am
Rail Budget 2015, Rail Budget, Suresh Prabhu, Suresh Prabhu rail budget, rail fare, new trains

Rail budget makes many right moves. But beware of rail ministry’s ‘implementation bug’.

February 27, 20158:28 am

Union budget will be watched for the incentives it offers to encourage private investment.

February 27, 201512:00 am

BJP protested against IT act while in opposition. Now, disappointingly, the BJP government supports it.

February 27, 201512:00 am

Rail budget avoids the populist route, makes a good beginning by focusing on improving services.

February 27, 201510:02 am
India Railways

Rail budget missed the opportunity to lay out an agenda for the future.

February 27, 201512:00 am

How and where exactly is Rahul Gandhi spending his ‘sabbatical’?

February 27, 20159:54 am

Post-reform India has had three gamechanging budgets. Will Arun Jaitley’s be the fourth?

February 27, 201512:45 am

If promoting obscurantism is a concern, TV is far more guilty than films.

February 26, 201511:50 pm

Roznama KhabrAin, in its editorial, writes that both PDP and BJP have made a turnaround in their stated positions regarding J&K.

February 26, 20153:58 am

Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal rolled back the years with a return to protests, and TVs.

February 26, 20154:04 am

The Organiser editorial interprets Modi’s recent speech on religious freedom not as a message to Hindutva outfits.

February 26, 20153:52 am

A victim of sexual harassment speaks out about why most women choose to remain silent.

February 26, 201512:00 am

Warrant for Zia’s arrest should not put the brakes on dialogue in Bangladesh.

February 26, 201512:00 am

A new Sikh unit may plant its flag amid the remains of empire, in the British army.

February 26, 201512:00 am

Finance Commission award gives meaning to ‘cooperative federalism’.

February 26, 201512:00 am

A PDP-BJP coalition could help heal the rift between Jammu and Kashmir.

February 26, 201512:00 am

Real challenge for railways is to keep pace with a fast expanding economy.

February 26, 20153:54 am
government, coal auctions, coal block auctions, coal e-auction

It will increase the price of coal and eventually the price of power.

February 25, 20151:05 am
Narendra modi, modi news, land acquisition, land acquisition bill, land acqusition ordinance, lok sabha, rajya sabha, opposition land acquisition, India news

Modi government must allay farmers’ apprehensions, for the sake of fairness and future reform.

February 25, 201512:49 pm
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Chris Gayle hits the first World Cup double ton. It isn’t a surprising feat.

February 25, 201512:15 am

Kerala CPM gets a new leadership. It must learn to speak a new language.

February 25, 20155:14 am

Budget offers government a chance to tap gold stocks, monetise them.

February 25, 20155:15 am
Narendra Modi greeted his political adversary Rahul Gandhi warmly grabbing his hand.

How Nitish, Rahul and Modi have overplayed their hand

February 25, 20159:13 am

After the recent coal block auctions, there is no further scope for hypothetical assumptions with political overtones.

February 25, 201512:00 am
coal block, coal block auctions, coal allocation, reliance coal, coal scam, india coal scam, coal allocation begins, business news, india news

Aggressive bidding and transparency in the auction process have rescued the sector from the uncertainty caused by the cancellation of allocations.

February 25, 201512:00 am

By the turn of the 20th century, the subcontinent had nearly 15,000 km of railway track, in comparison to just 600 km in China.

February 25, 201512:00 am

Talking about the first full budget of the NDA government, the CPM’s People’s Democracy says it will have to meet “contradictory objectives”.

February 24, 20153:06 am

Both form and content of GST Constitution amendment bill need to be re-thought.

February 24, 201510:17 am

Government must avoid the temptation to bypass the legislature.

February 24, 20152:33 am

Some great Oscar-winning performances have been about individuals transcending tragic afflictions.

February 24, 20151:25 am

Maldives needs to sort out its own problems but some plainspeaking by Modi government may be in order.

February 24, 20151:22 am

His leave of absence could officially be the moment for him and his party to ask the unaskable question.

February 24, 20159:42 am

A renewed commitment will improve India’s record on combating childhood diseases and help set the global agenda on child health.

February 24, 201512:50 am

To sustain the abhiyan, we should draw inspiration from beloved saint-reformers like Sant Gadge Maharaj.

February 24, 20159:34 am

The revival of a university in Nalanda is a noble mission. But the past seven years have seen a hijacking of the project by a small clique.

February 23, 201512:00 am

Land markets are skewed by policies that urgently require correction.

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