Thursday, Oct 23, 2014
October 23, 20146:34 am

Obama’s strategic failures in dealing with the IS indicates how far US hegemony has been eroded.

October 23, 20141:23 am

The article has been pegged to the recent decision of the government to call off foreign secretary-level talks with Pakistan.

October 23, 20141:20 am

Partly due to election fatigue, TV news’ coverage of the assembly election results was less than riveting.

October 23, 201412:38 am

Opening accounts and issuing cards create numbers but amount to little.

October 23, 201412:26 am

The Coal Mines (Nationalisation) Act, 1973, may have been in keeping with socialist-era politics, but today, it makes no sense for India to import coal when it has such huge reserves.

October 23, 201412:23 am

The legend of Benjamin Bradlee is dwarfed only by his contribution to journalism

October 23, 201412:21 am

Strategic rail projects should be the start of permanent transport links to sensitive border areas

October 23, 201412:19 am

Support for Gadkari as Maharashtra CM indicates that the BJP is no monolith

October 23, 201412:19 am

Police said Benny had been staying away from his wife Julie for past two years.

October 23, 201412:17 am
Chetan Bhagat

Game the system for love, money and a Bollywoodesque happy ending

October 23, 201412:14 am

But tinkering with labour materials ratio or its coverage is not the right medicine

October 22, 20142:37 am

The United States issued stringent new protocols on Monday for health workers treating Ebola victims, directing medical teams to wear protective gear that leaves no skin or hair exposed to prevent medical workers from becoming infected. The new guidelines from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta come as 43 people who were […]

October 22, 201410:02 am

France is battling a bad case of collective despondency.

October 22, 201412:38 am

An editorial says that Modi, in his first Independence Day speech, had spoken about making India an industrial hub.

October 22, 20145:26 am

There are good reasons why Prime Minister Narendra Modi should start paying serious attention to the new Indonesian president.

October 22, 201412:17 am

The decline of Mohammedan Sporting is one of the most tragic stories of Indian football.

October 22, 201412:05 am

Will the BJP’s dominance rework federal equations?

October 22, 201412:05 am

A new generation of Indian entrepreneurs is looking to leaders like Murthy, Nilekani and Gopalakrishnan on how to do it right.

October 22, 201412:03 am

BJP is not just reinventing itself, it is also compelling its opponents to redefine themselves.

October 22, 201412:01 am

Government does not go far enough in addressing coal crisis. What is it waiting for?

October 21, 201411:12 am

As he celebrated with a series of somersaults, Peter fell and landed on his neck.

October 21, 20148:01 am

From patent pools to platform pricing, his wide body of work resonates.

October 21, 20147:54 am

Modi has a map for the future. Regional chieftains only have a Tughlaqesque politics.

October 21, 20141:08 am

West Indian cricket had reached its nadir long before Dwayne Bravo and his teammates decided to pull out of the ongoing India tour, after a dispute with their cricket board. Despite the Windies’ occasional flashes of brilliance, there is no denying that the mighty have fallen. The one-time kings of cricket have been reduced to minnows, […]

October 21, 20141:02 am

But the quest for black money is barely begun.

October 21, 201412:58 am

By blaming its electoral setbacks on its state leaders alone, Congress does itself a disservice.

October 21, 201412:09 pm

Mexico and India have enjoyed a close bilateral relationship for decades. It is set to gain a new impetus now.

October 21, 20149:10 am
Pak shelling in border areas

Experience and government statistics show that machismo has never worked as a plan against Pakistan.

October 21, 20148:07 am

Go on, complete the joke. It’s time someone declared open season on ‘love jihad’, writes Altaf Tyrewala.

October 20, 201412:48 am

A leader is not considered powerful or important unless he has a gunman in tow.

October 20, 201412:44 am

BJP success hinged crucially on winning over leaders from other parties.

October 20, 201411:01 am

Maharashtra verdict is snub to parochial politics. Regional parties need a new plan.

October 20, 20148:04 am

Caste played a diminished role in Haryana and Maharashtra. BJP must seize the opportunity, make its own politics more open.

October 20, 201412:13 am

Deregulation of diesel prices isn’t enough. Now open up to all players, address LPG subsidy

October 20, 20148:17 am

The creation of the ‘love jihad’ frenzy has little to do with fact or religion, writes Subhashini Ali.

October 20, 201411:07 am

BJP’s success shows that there is no alternative to Congress-style politics. Or that it is yet to emerge.


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