Tuesday, Sep 23, 2014
September 23, 201412:58 am

‘Mandolin’ Shrinivas’s mentor in his early days in Chennai remembers the genius.

September 23, 201412:46 am

Notes on the etiquette of gifting, lending and spotting books.

September 23, 201412:36 am

But India must know that correcting its trade imbalance with China is wishful thinking.

September 23, 201412:35 am

India needs a roadmap for gas pricing reform.

September 23, 201412:32 am

Modi’s success with China, US depends on ability to bring economics to the centre.

September 23, 201412:30 am

Emma Watson is a feminist and not afraid to be called one too.

September 23, 201412:29 am

If Ajit Singh wants to memorialise Charan Singh, why not do it in Baghpat?

September 23, 201412:17 am

While the vote on Scottish independence has closed a chapter, it has opened another.

September 23, 201412:28 am

By its resistance to being brought under the RTI Act, judiciary sets a bad example.

September 22, 20148:22 am

The facts of the case remain cloudy. The image of the two murdered girls is its own truth.

September 22, 201412:21 am

The demand for referendums on crucial issues is growing in Nepal.

September 22, 201412:05 am

It’s good that India is in touch with Pakistan again. Now Modi must meet Nawaz Sharif.

September 22, 20148:54 am

Obama’s strategy on the IS is flawed, shows no lesson has been learned.

September 22, 201412:05 am

They made cricket a joy to behold. The memories linger on.

September 22, 201412:05 am

Xi Jinping’s visit set a positive tone for India-China relations.

September 22, 201412:00 am

Weighed down by internal bickering, the Congress will find it tough to meet the BJP’s challenge in Karnataka.

September 22, 201412:00 am

The Scottish referendum is a trigger for a larger debate on the devolution of powers within the UK.

September 21, 201411:40 pm

Time HRD ministry realised higher education needs greater autonomy, not centralisation.

September 21, 201412:08 am

The Gujarat government put two ministers in charge of arrangements for Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Ahmedabad last week.

September 21, 201412:07 am

In Bhutan, it was B4B, in Nepal, HIT, in Japan it was ‘You Mori, me Modi’, and now the Chinese visit has given his linguistic talent new wings.

September 21, 201412:06 am

While the Prime Minister talks about “minimum government”, his ministers seem not to have understood what this means.

September 21, 201412:08 am

High awareness of hygiene and sanitary conditions is another aspect that makes Japanese design so clean.

September 21, 201412:03 am

Madrasas, yet again, have become schools of terrorism. Goan Christians were told to declare themselves Hindus.

September 20, 20144:48 am

Kolkata, police entered the campus of Jadavpur University and beat up students protesting for the safety of women.

September 20, 20142:42 am

The sprinter detected with hyperandrogenism must be talked to — and heard out.

September 20, 20142:30 am

It is the Congress-NCP camp that is keenly waiting for the news of a Sena-BJP split. This would allow it greater flexibility in choosing post-poll partners.

September 20, 20141:14 am

Primary education can only improve if government embraces new ideas

September 20, 201412:56 am

If supply-side problems are the major ailment, why not cut rates — since monetary policy can affect output without affecting inflation

September 19, 20141:39 am

One of the elderly ladies told us how she was being chased by two Allied soldiers when an Indian soldier intervened and protected her.

September 19, 20141:26 am

In a dysfunctional polity, it was left to the CAG to move against corruption.

September 19, 20148:12 am

American TV shows tell us that adulthood as we have known it has become conceptually untenable.

September 19, 20141:13 am

The US and China are isolated in their own ways.

September 19, 20148:12 am

The SC rulings in Sarla Mudgal and Lily Thomas have not stopped the horrendous practice of married men committing fraud.

September 19, 20141:01 am

Hema Malini’s comments on Vrindavan’s widows belie her own journey.

September 19, 201412:59 am

Drawing in expertise from non-government sectors is a good idea. Modi government has made a beginning.

September 19, 201412:57 am

Sushil Modi has disowned the Yogi Adityanath brand of politics. His party must take its Bihar leader’s cue.


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