Sunday, Dec 21, 2014
December 21, 201412:18 am

It’s unthinkable in our society to challenge the guru’s training.

December 21, 201412:00 am

Johnson created controversy over an article about rape accusations made by a Virginia University student.

December 21, 201412:00 am

The horror is doubly horrific for us who live in India.

December 21, 201412:00 am

As 2014 fades it’s a time to remember those who did their bit towards making it a year to remember.

December 21, 201412:00 am

The operating procedures of the Indian Parliament were laid down in colonial times and have not changed.

December 20, 20141:03 am

Solving the problem of the uninsured e-rickshaw should be at the heart of any regulatory strategy

December 20, 201412:39 am

It’s hard to summon up persuasively witty, insouciant prose when you are burning with offended pride.

December 20, 201412:21 am

The freedom to profess a religion implies freedom to change religion. An anti-conversion law is a dangerous idea

December 20, 20148:07 am

The onus is on the Rajya Sabha to iron out the coal bill’s infirmities

December 20, 201412:13 am
Nawaz Sharif

Fighting the Taliban will be a long haul. Better relations with India will make it easier

December 20, 201412:00 am

Isro’s twin success with GSLV Mk-III and atmospheric re-entry are a big leap for India

December 20, 201412:00 am

Strong rupee cannot be an objective. It must be an outcome of growth based on sound fundamentals.

December 20, 201412:08 am

Strategies of anti-conversion and reconversion harden religious boundaries while undermining religious plurality

December 20, 201412:00 am

Sony hack puts the spotlight on corporate cybersecurity

December 19, 20143:10 am

The army had claimed that this operation had put an end to more than 90 per cent of terrorist activities in the North Waziristan region.

December 19, 20143:07 am

Bhagavad Gita is not a religious book: “it has been translated world over and is meant for the whole community.”

December 19, 20143:04 am

The dominant history of the Chennai music season has excluded a more encompassing chapter of its past.

December 19, 20148:31 am

I once asked a senior military commander if the army had a button to ensure that those who joined the good Taliban would not turn bad later.

December 19, 201412:08 am

The question of conversion has held up Parliament for some days now.

December 19, 20148:30 am
The Cabinet note stated that domestic workers who are recruited to work overseas must be protected from abuse and exploitation.

Lost in Khobragade clamour was plight of migrant workers abroad. It still is.

December 19, 201412:00 am

In SpiceJet case, government must step back, let market take its course

December 19, 20141:39 pm

Pakistan must find the will to confront not just jihadist fighters, but also their project

December 19, 201412:00 am

It can’t shift the onus of running the House on the Opposition. Or shirk responsibility of finding a way out

December 19, 201412:00 am

Obama’s move to establish relations with Cuba ends a misguided chapter in US foreign policy

December 18, 20149:03 am

It has taken more than 60 years to make this mess. It will take time to fix it.

December 18, 201412:47 am

The violence of the Taliban has been internalised. Religion has been twisted beyond recognition.

December 18, 201412:44 am

December 16 attack is the result of a sustained national policy gone wrong.

December 18, 201412:32 am

Disciplinary action must be taken against MPs for disrupting the work of other public servants.

December 18, 201412:27 am

RuPay debit cards could be the Jan Dhan Yojana’s undoing

December 18, 201412:19 am

Lima failure was foretold. A robust climate change regime must be based on equity

December 18, 201412:08 am

One-year ban on Sarita Devi is also an indictment of the backroom boys of Indian boxing

December 18, 201412:06 am

Russia’s economy is on the brink of collapse. Could this bring a change in Putin’s policies?

December 18, 201412:04 am

Delhi and Islamabad must acknowledge the need to come together against terror

December 17, 201412:34 am

The CPI(ML)’s ML Update has said the campaign is “intended to demolish the dignified existence and rights of religious minorities in India”.

December 17, 201412:07 am

The big picture points to the need for significant monetary easing.

December 17, 201412:06 am

The Planning Commission has increasingly become an anachronistic behemoth, although it did play a crucial role in the initial years.