Thursday, Dec 18, 2014
December 18, 20149:03 am

It has taken more than 60 years to make this mess. It will take time to fix it.

December 18, 201412:47 am

The violence of the Taliban has been internalised. Religion has been twisted beyond recognition.

December 18, 201412:44 am

December 16 attack is the result of a sustained national policy gone wrong.

December 18, 201412:32 am

Disciplinary action must be taken against MPs for disrupting the work of other public servants.

December 18, 201412:27 am

RuPay debit cards could be the Jan Dhan Yojana’s undoing

December 18, 201412:19 am

Lima failure was foretold. A robust climate change regime must be based on equity

December 18, 201412:08 am

One-year ban on Sarita Devi is also an indictment of the backroom boys of Indian boxing

December 18, 201412:06 am

Russia’s economy is on the brink of collapse. Could this bring a change in Putin’s policies?

December 18, 201412:04 am

Delhi and Islamabad must acknowledge the need to come together against terror

December 17, 201412:34 am

The CPI(ML)’s ML Update has said the campaign is “intended to demolish the dignified existence and rights of religious minorities in India”.

December 17, 201412:07 am

The big picture points to the need for significant monetary easing.

December 17, 201412:06 am

The Planning Commission has increasingly become an anachronistic behemoth, although it did play a crucial role in the initial years.

December 17, 201412:05 am

A cess on petrol/ diesel to bankroll infrastructure projects is an idea for this moment.

December 17, 20149:10 am
India Railways

A railway university would promote synergy between operations and academia.

December 17, 201412:05 am

Its project is long dead. Tamil nationalism has moved on.

December 17, 201412:05 am

The world mourns the children killed in Peshawar. This is a moment to strengthen the resolve against terror.

December 17, 201412:04 am

The call to ‘shun drugs, not addicts’ makes little sense as the narcotics law criminalises drug use.

December 16, 20146:23 pm

Abe faces domestic challenges, but his big electoral victory is good news for India.

December 16, 20141:14 am

Shiv Sena member Chandrakant Khaire called upon Modi government to build a temple at disputed Ayodhya site.

December 16, 20148:34 am

When journalists are kept away from the frontline, propaganda and disinformation can rush in.

December 16, 201412:10 am

Failed intelligence The arrest of Mehdi Masroor Biswas, who allegedly handled the Islamic State’s Twitter account from Bangalore, following his outing by Britain’s Channel Four, is significant for many reasons. His arrest is a grim pointer to the growing influence of the IS among misguided Muslim youth. It should serve as a wake-up call for […]

December 16, 201412:07 am

The disagreements conformed largely to the rich versus poor nation faultline in climate diplomacy.

December 16, 201412:07 am

The Saradha case features a Ponzi scheme in which an estimated 1.7 million people stand to lose money.

December 16, 20148:27 am

The second conceptual breakthrough was in framing sexual assaults as expressions of power, not crimes of passion.

December 16, 201412:34 am

Interventions that address ‘masculinity’ seem more effective than those that ignore influence of gender norms in sexual violence.

December 16, 201412:27 am

Imran Khan had to reschedule his plan to shut down Pakistan on December 16.

December 16, 201412:04 am

For the most part, certainly in most STEM disciplines, good research often requires expensive infrastructure — labs, equipment, libraries etc.

December 15, 20142:49 am

Cinema may not have invented kissing, but movies helped make it more essential

December 15, 20148:25 am

If a nuclear deal remains uncertain, future military cooperation between Iran and the US is even harder to expect.

December 15, 20142:13 am

US-based doctor and writer has written his most recent book, ‘Being Mortal’.

December 15, 20141:24 am

It is time to tackle this problem with more alert policing and conscientious law enforcement within a liberal democratic framework.

December 15, 20141:23 am

Public sector bank stake sale proposal is a welcome first step. Centre must push further

December 15, 20141:21 am

Falling crude prices offer an opportunity: for a fixed levy to help finance infrastructure projects

December 15, 20148:30 am

Five challenges the Centre needs to address before GST can be rolled out.

December 15, 20148:19 am

Repeal of the inhuman provision criminalising suicide is long overdue

December 15, 20141:51 am

Washington should let conditions on the ground determine US policy and presence in Afghanistan, not the electoral calendar in America