Monday, Dec 29, 2014
December 28, 20146:00 am

This is the way the movies end — sometimes with a bang, sometimes, a whimper

December 28, 20141:00 am

When she who gives you breath has no breath, the world changes. It stops, keels over, and see-saws between teetering and straightening.

December 28, 20141:00 am

The family of a passenger of the Malaysian Airlines aircraft that disappeared in March this year is still seeking answers.

December 29, 201411:27 am

A book with an unsatisfactory ending is nothing short of a betrayal.

December 28, 20141:00 am

Three rape survivors are trying to find themselves a new address and new lives.

December 29, 20145:37 pm

Check out what the stars have in store for you in the coming year.

December 28, 20141:00 am

At the end of a relationship, the only way to liberation is to have a capacity for shameless truth.

December 21, 20141:00 am

Travelling along the spice route in and around Kochi.

December 21, 20141:00 am

Like the road, a song can take you places.

December 21, 20141:00 am

In search of a hot cup of tea in the Canadian Rockies.

December 21, 201412:07 am

The mighty river which flows through Arunachal Pradesh will soon be tamed with numerous dams. A road trip along the Siang Valley to see how the dams will change the landscape and lives.

December 7, 20148:00 am

Garm Hava is a poignant story of a Muslim family who stayed on in India after Partition.

December 7, 20148:00 am

The master of love and longing, Wong Kar-wai on curiosity and cinema, form and substance

December 7, 20141:20 am

Fairy Tales at Fifty leads with the story of the pauper, Angulimala, a young runaway constantly in need of sexual conquest, which is incomplete if it does not end in murder.

December 7, 20141:10 am

At the second art Biennale in Kochi, listen to the earth turning on its axis and watch a bit of role-play

December 7, 201412:17 pm

Bhawna Yadav had dreamed of a new life with the man she loved. But she never imagined it would go so wrong.

November 30, 20144:02 pm

As athletes and bodybuilders conquer tennis, Sandeep Dwivedi bids adieu to an age of elegance.

November 30, 20141:00 am

Tillotama Shome and Rasika Dugal talk about the inexplicable bond they share on screen in Qissa, and their journey as actors.

November 30, 20141:00 am

Have you ever wondered, why, despite all that we know about surveillance and data mining, we continue to use all our social media?

November 30, 20141:00 am

The diving ducks are relatively heavy-boned and seek their meals at the bottom of ponds and water bodies.

November 30, 20141:00 am

Kashmiri writer Mirza Waheed on broken people in a broken city, where memory meets fiction and stories write themselves.

November 30, 20141:00 am

A project on providing solutions for housing in Mumbai takes into account Indian realities and finds its way into an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

November 23, 20141:01 am

Justice Leila Seth’s new collection of essays gently reminds that urgency was not a stranger to the UPA.

November 23, 20141:00 am

As the famous song in Casablanca goes, a kiss is just a kiss, so what is the big deal about kissing in public?

November 16, 20148:30 am

"I have a raging libido.” There are some things you will never hear a Bollywood star say in public, and definitely not on record. What Ranveer Singh has casually pronounced, 20 minutes into our conversation, is one of those.

November 16, 20141:00 am

To have the acceleration of a cheetah would be great, but only if coupled with the stamina of wolves, so you can keep up that pace all day.

November 16, 201412:12 am

Playing it My Way comes on the heels of Kevin Pietersen’s autobiography, the unimaginatively named KP, which threw English cricket into a tizzy.

November 16, 20141:04 pm

Nigerian writer Ben Okri talks about returning to fiction with The Age of Magic, the influence of African mythology in his writing and a lot more.

November 16, 20141:02 pm

A museum in Zagreb displays tokens of failed relationships and stories of love and hurt.

November 17, 20141:23 pm

The new WhatsApp feature confirms our participation in a conversation that we would rather avoid.

November 9, 20141:01 am

I have a confession to make. As a child, I was not a reader. Picking up a book for “fun” was like hitting the pause button on life.

November 9, 20141:01 am

Every day, my day begins at six with a cup of tea that I make for myself. Whenever you are in town, I go back to stare at your face.

November 9, 20141:00 am

Life is moving so fast. It was just a little over a decade ago. I was sad and alone, and I prayed for a blessing and found you in my arms!

November 9, 20141:00 am

I’ve chosen to be a little formal as I want to talk about life and its challenges on this Children’s Day.

November 10, 20145:03 pm

I write this letter to you in the hope that one day you shall grow up to know and love India, this vast country we call home.

November 9, 20141:00 am

I still remember the day when you were born — not the exact date though — it was Ram Navami. We have celebrated seven Ram Navamis since.