Sunday, Apr 26, 2015
April 26, 20151:00 am

Down In Jungleland A great uproar has broken out in Jungleland with the announcement that the Indian “loin” is being considered for the post of the national animal. Down in Jungleland and Breakingwind India welcome you to this edition of “The Catfight” where the concerned animals — and some surprising unsung claimants — press their […]

April 26, 20151:00 am

Haroon was born to a New Zealander mother and a Pakistani father in London, went to school in Pakistan, attended university in the US and also lived in Australia.

April 26, 20151:00 am

Why Manish Arora is one of the most successful Indian designers abroad, and how he does it.

April 26, 20151:00 am

It is the quality of the digital that the more transparent our machines become, the more opaque they become.

April 19, 20151:00 am

There is a bomb outside my balcony, the fuse of which has just been lit.

April 21, 201511:59 am
Indian Ice Hockey Team, Ice Hockey, Ice Hockey Team, Indian Ice Hockey, Indian sports, Sports News, Sports, Ice Hockey News

A ragtag team, an American coach and a Twitter campaign to fund a dream. The story of India’s ice hockey team.

April 12, 20152:58 pm

When I started out writing Titli, with Sharat Katariya, I quickly realised we had several themes on our plate.

April 12, 20151:00 am

Millions of Indian men live away from their homes, forming the bulk of the labour force that drives its cities. Their lives are about relentless toil, and little reprieve.

April 12, 20151:00 am

It is time for men to speak about sexual violence. It is time for them to do it publicly.

April 12, 20153:02 pm

What does it mean to be a man in India? What shapes the masculinity of India’s sons? A look at some of the answers.

April 12, 20151:00 am

In the darkest hour, just before dawn, as the city awakens, the animal kingdom too, comes to life.

April 12, 20151:00 am

Being a man in a matrilineal society does not mean that one is bereft of any role or authority, but not everybody is convinced.

April 12, 20151:00 am

In spite of security companies boasting of keeping data secure, information leaks on the internet are inevitable.

April 12, 20151:00 am

A young man in rural Haryana is entitled to the best things of life—from the extra glass of milk to the education that won’t be ‘wasted’ on a girl

April 12, 20151:00 am

A young man from Allahabad finally learns to question the everyday sexism in his hometown.

April 5, 20151:00 am

When photographer and activist Ram Rahman learned of a trove of Sunil Janah’s prints lurking in Noida, he was sceptical. He knew Janah and his work well and had curated his exhibition Photographing India 1939-1972 in New York City. But in his introduction to Sunil Janah: Photographs 1940-1960, a collection of vintage gelatin-silver prints, he […]

April 5, 20151:00 am

For the Dalits in Maharashtra, the ban snaps their link to cheap protein, as well as an entire culinary tradition .

April 5, 20151:00 am

Making (non)sense of the chaos on Indian roads

April 5, 20157:15 pm

In many places in the Northeast, beef is a lesser meat, but widely consumed.

April 5, 20151:00 am

In Kolkata, the best beef is to be found at nondescript food joints. Many of those lining up are Hindus.

April 5, 20151:00 am

  There is a caricature of a four-legged animal with a large moustache on the wall of 76-year-old Jnanpith award-winner Bhalchandra Nemade’s study in his house in Santacruz, Mumbai. It’s captioned Aabu, the name his granddaughter fondly calls him by. This little bit of whimsy is in sharp contrast to the way the veteran novelist, […]

March 29, 20158:00 am
Rajit Kapur

Rajit Kapur remembers Byomkesh Bakshi, the Bengali fictional detective who changed the course of his career

March 29, 20158:00 am
Navdeep Singh, Anushka Sharma

NH10 director Navdeep Singh on why it has become difficult to make films, his love for cigarettes and why he finds the fanboys of Andheri a pain

March 29, 20151:00 am

The government has moved from the business of bandobast to handing out bans.

March 29, 20151:00 am

Feluda is 50. It has been half a century since he stepped out of the pages of Sandesh into the chill of Darjeeling.

March 22, 20158:58 am

Over the ages, Prem has been every susheel girl’s dream: adarsh, sanskari, and mindful of parampara

March 22, 20154:08 pm
Ek Ladki Bheegi Si

In a Ramsay brothers’ offering, shower=sex=death.

March 22, 20151:00 am

Back in 1995, Sudarshan Shetty did 16 large installations for his first solo in India, “Paper Moon”. Several of them found no buyers and were destroyed over a period of time.

March 22, 20151:00 am

Bloggers and activists say no one who dares to express their thoughts, let alone raise their voice in Bangladesh is safe.

March 22, 20158:56 am
Kanti Shah

The undisputed king of sleaze in Bollywood, Kanti Shah, on scripts, sex and sellability

March 15, 20151:01 am

They might be rooted to the spot, but plants ensure their progeny travels far and wide

March 15, 20151:00 am

To be a card player you need to be more than a sportsperson. You need to be a sport.

March 15, 20151:00 am

The metamorphosis from tourist to art hub has come about through a combination of local interest and an influx of creative minds.

March 15, 20151:00 am

Women no longer hesitate in handling the challenges of travel. The internet allows women travellers to research and check out safe hotels and modes of travel.

March 8, 20151:07 am

When you laugh at people online, remember you could be the next to be captured in a state of folly.

March 8, 20151:00 am

In the police records, she is a seven-year-old, who went missing on January 22, 2013. She was last seen near her school at 8.15 am.

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