Monday, Mar 30, 2015
March 29, 20158:00 am
Rajit Kapur

Rajit Kapur remembers Byomkesh Bakshi, the Bengali fictional detective who changed the course of his career

March 29, 20158:00 am
Navdeep Singh, Anushka Sharma

NH10 director Navdeep Singh on why it has become difficult to make films, his love for cigarettes and why he finds the fanboys of Andheri a pain

March 29, 20151:00 am

The government has moved from the business of bandobast to handing out bans.

March 29, 20151:00 am

Feluda is 50. It has been half a century since he stepped out of the pages of Sandesh into the chill of Darjeeling.

March 22, 20158:58 am

Over the ages, Prem has been every susheel girl’s dream: adarsh, sanskari, and mindful of parampara

March 22, 20154:08 pm
Ek Ladki Bheegi Si

In a Ramsay brothers’ offering, shower=sex=death.

March 22, 20151:00 am

Back in 1995, Sudarshan Shetty did 16 large installations for his first solo in India, “Paper Moon”. Several of them found no buyers and were destroyed over a period of time.

March 22, 20151:00 am

Bloggers and activists say no one who dares to express their thoughts, let alone raise their voice in Bangladesh is safe.

March 22, 20158:56 am
Kanti Shah

The undisputed king of sleaze in Bollywood, Kanti Shah, on scripts, sex and sellability

March 15, 20151:01 am

They might be rooted to the spot, but plants ensure their progeny travels far and wide

March 15, 20151:00 am

To be a card player you need to be more than a sportsperson. You need to be a sport.

March 15, 20151:00 am

The metamorphosis from tourist to art hub has come about through a combination of local interest and an influx of creative minds.

March 15, 20151:00 am

Women no longer hesitate in handling the challenges of travel. The internet allows women travellers to research and check out safe hotels and modes of travel.

March 8, 20151:07 am

When you laugh at people online, remember you could be the next to be captured in a state of folly.

March 8, 20151:00 am

Using the detailed 1931 catalogue prepared by Lord Irwin, then viceroy of India, the process of digitising the artwork of Rashtrapati Bhavan has been initiated.

March 8, 20151:00 am

In the police records, she is a seven-year-old, who went missing on January 22, 2013. She was last seen near her school at 8.15 am.

March 1, 20151:00 am

Walk through a meadow and watch these creatures leap madly all around you

March 1, 20151:00 am

Me Hijra, Me Laxmi charts her journey from a young boy confused about his sexuality to his decision to become a hijra and the activism that has formed the basis of her work.

February 22, 20151:06 am

So, armed with a short 135 mm lens on a hefty Russian SLR, I would take myself off to a spot on Marine Drive where the birds came.

February 22, 20151:00 am

Dharavi’s rap trio, Dopeadelicz, keep it real with songs about running from the Mumbai police, and legalising marijuana.

February 22, 20151:00 am

The more technologies become light, seductive, easy, and connected, the more we are losing control over what we can do with and through them.

February 23, 20153:10 pm

How does she express love and desire, and how does she deal with rejection?

February 22, 20151:00 am

Hindi poet and writer Vinod Kumar Shukla on the thin line between imagination and reality and why an author’s body of work needs to be looked at in continuum.

February 15, 20151:38 am

Over-confident teens invariably crash against the walls of the house and have to be rescued as they lie bewildered in the garden, playing dead as you approach.

February 15, 20151:00 am

Hundreds of women in India spend years at mental hospitals, even after becoming asymptomatic.

February 15, 20151:00 am

India is a funny country without a sense of humour. And stand-up comics have been watching their mouth long before the moral brigade got the All India Bakchod to zip up.

February 15, 20151:00 am

Residents of the sinking Ghoramara island in the Sunderbans have been moving inland for the last decade or so, but how long can they do so?

February 15, 20151:00 am

Technology has made it easy to play with books. But what do you do with a volume that decides if it wants to be read or not?

February 15, 20151:00 am

Two decades after Badshah Khan passed away, a young activist from Farrukhabad, UP, Faisal Khan, found in him an inspirational figure who could show youth a path that transcends communal passions of politics.

February 8, 20157:00 am
Sriram Raghavan

Sriram Raghavan on growing up on movies and crime fiction, why characters are important for a thriller, and his new film 'Badlapur'

February 8, 20157:00 am
The Interview

Everybody should have the freedom to watch comedy, participate in it or do it

February 8, 20151:00 am

The voice behind your digital boyfriend may be your next-door neighbour or somebody who lives in your house.

February 8, 20151:00 am

A documentary photographer travels across India mapping the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections.

February 8, 20151:00 am

Happily, for the most part, the butterfly flexes its wings for an hour or so, and then it is away — erratic, flipsy-flopsy — a beauty born out of a beast.

February 8, 20154:40 pm

Widening highways and new townships threaten the big cat’s lifeline of interconnected forest corridors.

February 1, 201511:21 am

What is it like to be World No. 500 on the tennis circuit? Story of Prashanth from Chennai and his life.

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