Tuesday, Oct 21, 2014
October 12, 20141:00 am

At some point or the other, some well-intentioned person must have warned you about putting your public information on social media.

October 12, 20141:00 am

Because the stars, those pernicious little things twinkling away above the review where your eye can see them even before you’ve gotten started on the first line, do not tell you everything.

October 12, 20141:00 am

Pioneering architect BV Doshi on making connections between people and buildings and how ancient cities shape his work.

October 13, 20144:53 pm

A Kashmiri anywhere in the world is either waiting to go home or missing its streets and sounds. But after the floods, what remains is a profound homelessness.

October 12, 20141:00 am

They’re the birds’ USP — without them, they wouldn’t be birds — and they’re an unparalleled marvel of engineering and aesthetics.

October 5, 20141:00 am

There’s a variety of devices and channels in the market, but piracy is still rampant, and it is accepted — by everyone other than publishers — as part of the landscape.

October 5, 20149:13 am

"Haider is an extension of what I have attempted in Maqbool and Omkara," says Bhardwaj.

October 5, 20141:00 am

The nomination for the Booker prize came as a bit of a surprise, but Mukherjee, who confesses to being distracted ever since, would rather dwell on the changes it has already wrought than discuss his possibilities of a win.

October 5, 20141:00 am

A five-member live orchestra near the stage strikes a high-decibel note even as the audience settles in.

September 28, 201410:58 am

Why every city needs a good film festival.

September 28, 20141:00 am

Boisterous in school, she turns painfully bashful at home. There is no laughter, no pranks, and no friends either.

September 28, 20141:00 am

What is true of these non-traditional learners is also increasingly true for the classroom.

September 28, 20141:00 am

One evening, she got out on the balcony, and there he stood. Alone, with something in his hand. Where had he come from?

October 14, 201410:09 am

For Pillai, 45, a play has never been a tool to impress. “Too many people come to watch plays with preconceived notions. I like breaking those ideas, forcing the audience to think," he says.

September 28, 20141:00 am

That elephants obey our commands — how that bloats our egos, and helps us forget the pain and distress inflicted during the “training” process, on what is essentially a peace-loving beast.

September 28, 20144:37 am

The garba in Gujarat is an opportunity for young men and women to meet, mingle and fall in love — no matter what their caste or religion.

September 22, 20145:22 pm

Oscar-winning Pakistani filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy on her first animation film 3 Bahadur and why she chose to make a movie for children.

September 21, 20148:24 pm

With just three bogies and covering a distance of 13.68 km at a sluggish pace of 30 km an hour, the shuttle is more than a century old.

September 21, 20141:00 am

The survival code includes not talking to young boys on the street, and an awareness that she has “to uphold the family pride” at all times.

September 21, 20141:00 am

BR Chopra’s Gumrah is remembered as much for its bold storyline as for its music.

September 21, 20141:00 am

Damselflies are usually smaller and slimmer, more delicate and rest with their wings arranged alongside their bodies, and hover — virtually invisibly — low over water.

September 14, 20141:00 am

In a freewheeling conversation with one of his favourite screen idols Naseeruddin Shah, writer-director-actor Rajat Kapoor finds out about Shah’s complicated relationship with his father and how he came to write his memoir

September 14, 20141:00 am

Kolkata-based multi-instrumentalist Tajdar Junaid’s music will now be heard in Iranian filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf’s latest offering.

September 14, 20141:00 am

Ants don’t have road accidents. In fact, traffic managers are now studying those marching columns of army ants that blitz across the forest floor to see how they do it.

September 14, 20141:00 am

As Scotland prepares for the independence referendum on September 18, Shivani Naik looks for signs in the streets of Glasgow and Edinburgh that could point to the Scots’ possible future.

September 7, 20141:00 am

The legacy of BKS Iyengar in Bellur, the village in Karnataka where his 96-year-long journey began.

September 7, 20141:00 am

This M Sriramulu Naidu-directed film is not a classic by a long shot, it’s not even as memorable as Kohinoor.

September 7, 20141:00 am

An ancient Greek text writes about a flourishing trade between Malabar and Europe in the time of Christ.

September 7, 20141:00 am

While studying films at the School of Theatre, Television and Film, San Diego, US, Keiko Nakahara was confronted with a problem she had never anticipated. Being a Japanese, and having grown up on American movies dubbed in Japanese, she was unable to follow the dialogues in English when they were being shown in class. But […]

September 7, 20141:00 am

It was touching to think that the government was so concerned about each and every tree and required every last iota of information about it.

August 31, 20141:00 am

Cacti belong to the larger group of plants called succulents which also have water retention properties and have fleshy and plump leaves and stems.

August 31, 20141:00 am

Actor Madhabi Mukherjee on working with Satyajit Ray and her iconic role in Charulata.

August 31, 20141:00 am

Considering that technology shepherds both the listener as well as the creator, what form of “recording consciousness” do people have in the digital age?

August 31, 20141:00 am

Veteran historian S Muthiah says awareness about heritage is on the rise in Chennai today.

August 31, 20141:00 am

His would have been another ordinary, middle-class life spent in a Madhya Pradesh town, but Shan Ghosh looked into the mirror and saw Salman Khan staring back at him.

August 31, 20141:00 am

People who understand digital medium have figured out that internet is designed to make continuous copies of everything.


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