Tuesday, Jan 27, 2015
January 25, 201511:14 am

French tennis star Bartoli on her India connection & why you don’t need to be a looker to win Wimbledon.

January 25, 20151:01 am

Reclusive artist Anju Dodiya on experimenting with her sense of self, being influenced by swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman and seizing the moment.

January 25, 20151:00 am

People are suddenly going back to their time-lines and posting the first-ever profile picture they ever posted on Facebook.

January 25, 20151:00 am

On January 28, Pandit Jasraj turns 85. He represents the last of a generation of classical vocalists.

January 18, 20158:00 am

Ahead of his next film, Tamil actor Dhanush talks about being pushed into acting as a 16-year-old, his father’s struggle and being judged by his appearance.

January 18, 20157:00 am

Priyatama is about how a couple handles a hasty marriage.

January 18, 20151:00 am

Lizards are friendly creatures with bright, happy eyes and a positive outlook. So why are you scared of them?

January 18, 20151:00 am

Over the years, Sudder Street has grown as a backpacker’s haven, a reliable fleamarket for hip clothes and accessories, a neighbourhood full of cheap, good restaurants, and as the bhadrolok will tell you, a den of decadence.

January 18, 20151:00 am

What happens to those thousands of letters which never reach their destination? In the Returned Letter Offices across the country, love letters and wish lists, invites and petitions come to die.

January 18, 20151:00 am

David Davidar’s anthology of Indian stories is a mix of the predictable and surprising.

January 11, 20156:00 am
Girish Kulkarni

Girish Kulkarni talks about quitting engineering for acting and his journey from Pune’s amateur theatre circuit to becoming one of the forces behind new-wave Marathi cinema.

January 11, 20156:00 am

For a Hindi cinema familiar, The Interval is a sacred space, arriving bang in the middle of the film.

January 11, 20151:00 am

How migrant labourers are changing the way of life in this small town near Ahmedabad.

January 11, 20151:00 am

A kingfisher by the pool in Goa every New Year’s eve. Is that a tradition in the making?

January 11, 20151:00 am

Some villagers in Maharashtra’s Shani Shingnapur, known as the village with no doors, are now pushing for change.

January 4, 20151:00 am

A band of boys from a slum in Kolkata made it to a reality show, and the promise of a new life was theirs for the taking. Four years on, does that dream survive a reality check?

January 4, 20151:00 am

With loss of their natural habitat, all that the animals are trying to do is to adapt and survive. Can they be blamed?

January 4, 201511:02 am
Watson (centre) and Crick shake hands with American geneticist Maclyn McCarty (Source: Wikipedia)

James Watson, one of the co-discoverers of the structure of DNA, sold his Nobel medal to raise money for science, and for himself. But charity can’t retrieve his scientific reputation.

January 4, 20151:00 am

The curated nature of our news feed and the fast-paced dynamics of our subscription feeds don’t only age news, but also allows us unprecedented distance from our actions and opinions.

January 4, 20151:00 am

One of the stalwarts of Urdu literature, Pakistani writer Intizar Husain on his childhood in India, the politics of language and the intolerance towards minorities in Pakistan.

January 4, 20151:00 am

After his return from Japan, Mukherjee began started translating Japanese fiction just for lark.

January 4, 20151:00 am

Nearly six months after the Malin landslide wiped out an entire village, survivors are still trying to come to terms with the way their lives have changed.

December 28, 20146:00 am

This is the way the movies end — sometimes with a bang, sometimes, a whimper

December 28, 20141:00 am

When she who gives you breath has no breath, the world changes. It stops, keels over, and see-saws between teetering and straightening.

December 28, 20141:00 am

The family of a passenger of the Malaysian Airlines aircraft that disappeared in March this year is still seeking answers.

December 29, 201411:27 am

A book with an unsatisfactory ending is nothing short of a betrayal.

December 28, 20141:00 am

Three rape survivors are trying to find themselves a new address and new lives.

January 1, 201511:40 am

Check out what the stars have in store for you in 2015.

December 30, 201411:10 am

At the end of a relationship, the only way to liberation is to have a capacity for shameless truth.

December 21, 20141:00 am

Travelling along the spice route in and around Kochi.

December 21, 20141:00 am

Like the road, a song can take you places.

December 21, 20141:00 am

In search of a hot cup of tea in the Canadian Rockies.

December 21, 201412:07 am

The mighty river which flows through Arunachal Pradesh will soon be tamed with numerous dams. A road trip along the Siang Valley to see how the dams will change the landscape and lives.

December 7, 20148:00 am

Garm Hava is a poignant story of a Muslim family who stayed on in India after Partition.

December 7, 20148:00 am

The master of love and longing, Wong Kar-wai on curiosity and cinema, form and substance

December 7, 20141:20 am

Fairy Tales at Fifty leads with the story of the pauper, Angulimala, a young runaway constantly in need of sexual conquest, which is incomplete if it does not end in murder.