Wednesday, May 27, 2015
May 24, 20151:00 am

History is not about great men doing things. Let’s teach our children to own it.

May 24, 20151:00 am

When I set about designing and constructing my house in Gurgaon in 2003, I needed to understand what is of real value in our lifestyle and what is simply consumerist drivel.

May 24, 20151:00 am

Essa Marilyne Duhaime, 33, Bellydance instructor, Pune on her journey from Canada to India.

May 24, 20151:00 am

The sunday Magazine’s pick of the latest in children’s literature.

May 25, 20157:13 pm

She was 17, he was 33. A popular singer, a saxophone legend. Bombay was different and they were young. They had fun, and the music. Chris Perry and Lorna Cordeiro had each other — till they didn’t.

May 24, 20151:00 am

A month after the Rajya Sabha bill to promote the rights of transgenders was passed, an IIT student hopes that her coming-out story will transcend boundaries.

May 24, 20151:00 am

It’s a world-wide mafiosi: 400,000 species and counting, which account for 40 per cent of the insect world.

May 18, 20154:52 pm
Murali Vijay, Murali Vijay India, India Murali Vijay, Vijay India Opener, Murali Vijay interview, Cricket News, Cricket

Before he became a Test opener, Murali Vijay was a 17-year-old who left home to find himself. The cricketer speaks about grabbing his chances and his troubled personal life.

May 17, 20151:00 am

Afrin’s is the only Muslim family in this predominantly Hindu locality.

May 17, 20151:00 am

My children are allowed “junk food” once a week. But that inexhaustible list actually just means burgers and pizzas, ordered from outside.

May 17, 20151:00 am

From a cold stare to a limpid gaze, animals can tell you a lot with just one look

May 17, 20151:00 am

A feature on the spaces and objects that define our work and home life through the selfie.

May 10, 20151:08 pm

You can badmouth them for all you’re worth, but there’s a lot more to donkeys than they let on

May 10, 20154:43 am
Technology, travel and technology, travel gadget, travel applications, travel, lifestyle, smart life, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, tripadvisor, iOS, EYE, Sunday Express EYE, Sunday Express, EYE Magazine

If you’re going on a holiday, arm yourself with a few tech tips to make things smoother.

May 10, 20151:00 am

Even though Mizoram’s capital Aizawl is not far away, few travellers embark on the half-hour trek from the picture-postcard Reiek and Ailawng villages to the mountain-top.

May 10, 20151:00 am

The Himalayas are revealed in all their glory every morning, and the edge of the precipice leads down to the mighty Beas.

May 10, 20151:00 am

We began our search among the beautiful undulating blue hills just east of the Western Ghats and its Silent Valley rainforest.

May 10, 20151:00 am
The Dove Lake resembles a giant bean-shaped slab of lapis lazuli

The centrepiece in Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain are the still waters of the Dove Lake.

May 10, 20151:00 am

Ironically, for a place that exudes such tranquillity, Istalif has had a violent past.

May 10, 20151:00 am

You arrive with a blank page, take in the breathtaking views, go on long rambles, and leave with a novel. Inspiration will come as easy as making the morning cup of coffee.

May 10, 20151:00 am

Having lived close to the Himalayas, home to the largest variety of rhododendrons, all my life, this is one flower that characterises the mountains to me like no other.

May 3, 20151:01 am

Why do homosexual men marry women and deceive them? That is a question Vedi’s suicide has thrown up.

May 3, 20151:00 am

Deservedly, the praying mantis has a fearsome reputation.

May 3, 20151:00 am

In my early adulthood, I became aware that religious practice was something you learned from your parents.

May 3, 20151:00 am

Mumbai-based artist Reena Kallat tells us about her home and her studio.

May 5, 20152:20 pm

Anees Salim is an author who doesn’t need the publicity machine. Now, he has the Crossword Book Prize 2014 to prove it.

May 3, 20158:46 am

Given rare access, Indian Express reporter Ashutosh Bhardwaj spent 23 days with the Maoists in Chhattisgharh, living in their camps, sharing their food, watching films on a laptop and debating Mao.

April 26, 20151:00 am

Down In Jungleland A great uproar has broken out in Jungleland with the announcement that the Indian “loin” is being considered for the post of the national animal. Down in Jungleland and Breakingwind India welcome you to this edition of “The Catfight” where the concerned animals — and some surprising unsung claimants — press their […]

April 26, 20151:00 am

Haroon was born to a New Zealander mother and a Pakistani father in London, went to school in Pakistan, attended university in the US and also lived in Australia.

April 26, 20151:00 am

Why Manish Arora is one of the most successful Indian designers abroad, and how he does it.

April 26, 20151:00 am

It is the quality of the digital that the more transparent our machines become, the more opaque they become.

April 19, 20151:00 am

There is a bomb outside my balcony, the fuse of which has just been lit.

April 21, 201511:59 am
Indian Ice Hockey Team, Ice Hockey, Ice Hockey Team, Indian Ice Hockey, Indian sports, Sports News, Sports, Ice Hockey News

A ragtag team, an American coach and a Twitter campaign to fund a dream. The story of India’s ice hockey team.

April 12, 20152:58 pm

When I started out writing Titli, with Sharat Katariya, I quickly realised we had several themes on our plate.

April 12, 20151:00 am

Millions of Indian men live away from their homes, forming the bulk of the labour force that drives its cities. Their lives are about relentless toil, and little reprieve.

April 12, 20151:00 am

It is time for men to speak about sexual violence. It is time for them to do it publicly.

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