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Try these healthy, nutritious, easy-to-make power bowls for lunch and dinner

May 5, 2016
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Twenty years ago, when my 13-year-old daughter emptied her plate of food of salad, sprouts, dal and two vegetable dishes (well arranged in katoris) into a ceramic bowl and topped it with curd, I was bowled over. The sight of her mixing all the foods in the bowl and enjoying the variety of flavours, colours and textures of different foods with great satisfaction, made me wonder whether eating from plates will soon be outdated. And it happened the world over – 20 years later.

A few years later, I also became addicted to ‘Thunder Tea Rice’, a dish served in a bowl (in South-East Asian countries of Singapore and Malaysia) with cooked brown rice, boiled black eyed beans, toasted tofu, different types of sautéed vegetables, herbs, roasted sesame seeds and roasted peanuts served with a green tea herbal sauce. These countries might have started the concept of bowl eating a few decades back which has become popular now with restaurants, both low and high end, serving meals in bowls.

If the whole day’s diet has to be adequately wholesome or balanced, then it should not be less than 6-11 servings of wholegrain cereals, two-three servings of high protein foods, three-five servings of vegetables, two-four servings of fruits and two-three servings of milk and milk products. Anything below this, will not meet the dietary guidelines of the nutrient requirements. Though the calorie requirement varies with the individual’s size and activities, it should not be less than 1,200 kcal per day.

Any diet providing less than the above mentioned calories will affect health over a long period, though weight loss occurs. So, if an individual consumes three power bowls a day, each power bowl should provide at least 400 kcal, so that their daily intake of calories will not be less than 1,200 kcal.

Healthy eating need not be boring. With a little innovation and creativity, you can make endless combination of power bowls. So, get ready to lay a table with bowls.

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