January 21, 2018 3:28 am

Landed in Gurgaon village after falling out of aircraft; scientists were called in

January 21, 2018 3:28 am

Darwin’s theory is scientifically wrong and so, in schools and colleges it must be changed. Since man came on Earth, he has always been man, and will always be man.

January 21, 2018 3:21 am
Judge Loya case to be heard by three-judge bench headed by CJI Dipak Misra

The four senior Supreme Court judges – Justices J Chelameswar, Ranjan Gogoi, Madan B Lokuar and Kurian Joseph – had in their press conference last week cited the assignment of the Loya case as one of the reasons for their differences with the CJI.

January 21, 2018 3:12 am

On Jan 7, a boom boy died in a TV set fire, going unnoticed for over 24 hours. As he works unseen, unheard, just out of the spotlight, Kumar isn’t surprised

January 21, 2018 3:09 am

Having failed to get a supplier for sweaters for school students, the Uttar Pradesh government recently decentralised the process, making School Management Committees responsible for the procurement and distribution of sweaters. Having gone through much of winter without sweaters, students in the state’s government schools have finally got one

January 21, 2018 3:06 am

Just one room of their own, filled with books on Constitution and euthanasia, and fear of being left alone. What drives the Mumbai-based Lavates’ plea for mercy death

January 21, 2018 2:48 am
Sunday Story

Khap panchayats argue, including in Supreme Court, that falling sex ratio and other factors are encouraging changes within. But for family of Manoj, still waiting for justice in his murder along with wife Babli, courts are not enough to drive that change

January 21, 2018 2:36 am

Within four years of coming to power, Narendra Modi has transformed the political ideological map of India.

January 21, 2018 2:51 am

There is another acclaimed report published every year. It is the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER). We have a new report (2017) on the status of education in rural India and it was published on January 16, 2018.

January 21, 2018 2:29 am
Sunday Story

The Supreme Court has said that an adult boy or girl should have the right to marry anyone they choose, without any panchayat, family or society,
having a say. Haryana set up 23 ‘safe homes’ for couples fighting all of the above seven years ago.

January 21, 2018 2:23 am

There was a brief moment 10 years or so ago when India was the flavour of Davos. There were Indian fashion shows and art exhibitions, Bollywood songs played in cafes and people danced to them in nightclubs.

January 21, 2018 7:08 am

Whether it is the scare over the Gujarat elections or the coming Lok Sabha polls in 2019, both Narendra Modi and Amit Shah appear keen to mend fences with the media.

January 21, 2018 2:12 am

India is home to many castes, subcastes, sects, faiths, creeds, ideologies and other undefined social groupings. Each one of these groups has its own beliefs and ways of thinking.

January 21, 2018 1:57 am
Supreme court judges, justice dipak misra, sc judges meet CJI, chief justice of indian, indian express, supreme court crisis
Sunday Story

With four senior judges publicly questioning the Chief Justice of India’s role as ‘master of roster,’ team Indian Express walk the fault lines to find that allocation of cases is a deeply fraught issue.

January 21, 2018 1:28 am

Nitendra Singh Rawat and T Gopi will be chasing after a 2:13 timing at Mumbai marathon, and will even have a foreign pace setter in Marius Ionescu.

January 21, 2018 1:19 am

“Across the country, not just in Maharashtra, there is an upsurge by neglected castes. They are microscopic minorities, but when they come together, they become a major force”

January 21, 2018 12:54 am

Philippe Coutinho joined Barca from Liverpool for a club record 142 million pounds ($196 million) on January 6.

January 21, 2018 12:43 am

Girona have caused problems for the top teams all season and equalised in the 73rd minute which means Barcelona could have a 11-point lead by the end of the weekend.

January 21, 2018 12:36 am

Kerala Blasters would to look avenge their humiliating defeat in the first leg when they take on FC Goa in an Indian Super League match in Kochi on Sunday.

January 21, 2018 12:10 am
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My family… see… I also have a sense of humour. But chutkula is chutkula, and deshprem is deshprem. 

January 21, 2018 12:05 am

Malik Muhammad Jayasi’s Padmavat is not a story of religious war. It is a tale with a moral: earth is vanity, nothing lasts forever.

January 21, 2018 12:05 am
Pilbhit Tiger Reserve

The lonely life of a forest bungalow guard in UP’s Pilibhit tiger reserve.

January 21, 2018 12:05 am

They know the forest like no one else. They are the first point of contact when you visit India’s reserves and national parks. Yet, they remain forever in the shadows. We look at the unknown and unsung men of our wildlife story — the guards, the chowkidaars, the mahouts, the trackers and others who rise from the dust and return to them. First up, the story of Umer Mia and others of his ilk.

January 21, 2018 12:05 am

Behind Ranthambore’s success story, men of extraordinary courage and integrity.

January 21, 2018 12:04 am

Anthony Martial gave Manchester United a hard-earned 1-0 win over Burnley at Turf Moor in the Premier League on Saturday.

January 21, 2018 12:01 am
tamil writer bama, bama, bama interview, 25 years of Karukku, dalit mentor teacher, dalits, bama writer, indian express, indian express news

Tamil Dalit writer Bama on 25 years of Karukku, writing in the language of her people and being a mentor-teacher to first-generation Dalit students.

January 21, 2018 12:00 am
northwestern Vietnam, trekking in northwestern Vietnam, places to visit in vietnam, places to visit around the world, Indian express, Indian express news

On a slow trek in northwest Vietnam, negotiating the lush greens and rich ethnic culture of Sapa.

January 21, 2018 12:00 am
Aamir Icecreamwala, mumbai ice cream joints, best ice cream in mumbai, places to grab a scoop of ice cream, ice cream, indian express, indian express news

Inside one of Mumbai’s favourite ice cream shops.

January 21, 2018 12:00 am
Vivan Sundaram, Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, Slade School of Art, London, Paris, Enoch Powell, Grosvenor Square, Babri Masjid, Ayodhya, Ashish Rajadhyaksha, British Library, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, Amrita Sher-Gil, Umrao Singh Sher-Gil, Ramkinkar Baij, indian express, indian express news

Vivan Sundaram looks back at 50 years of his work.

January 21, 2018 12:00 am
Naben Ruthnum, Curry: Eating, Reading and Race, Karma Cola, Eat Pray Love, Salman Rushdie, Imaginary Homeland, Monica Ali’s Brick Lane, Soniah Kamal, Caribbean mangoes, Himba language, Namibia, Wren and Martin, PC Wren, Hamish Hamilton, Swami and Friends, RK Narayan, indian express, indian express news

It’s a futile exercise to seek authenticity in abstractions such as colour and language.

January 21, 2018 12:00 am
kite runner, kites, birds, animals, wild life, kites stories, kite habitat, bird watching, indian express, indian express news

The flight of a black kite is a thing of breath-taking perfection.

January 21, 2018 12:00 am
Garli village, Kangra valley, places to travel around India, places in the east, popular tourist spots, Indian express, Indian express news

A peek inside the beautiful, desolate havelis of Garli village in Kangra valley.

January 21, 2018 12:00 am
Gita Wolf, Itabashi Museum, Tokyo, Tara Books, Kiyoko Matsuoka, Nagoya, Japan, V Geetha, Sita’s Ramayana, Samhita Arni, Moyna Chitrakar, A Village is a Busy Place, V Geetha, Rohima Chitrakar, The London Jungle Book, Bhajju Shyam, The Night Life of Trees, Bhajju Shyam, Durga Bai, Koki Oguma, The Barber’s Dilemma and other Stories from Manmaru Street, Kaori Takahashi, Knock! Knock!, Pinocchio, The Musicians of Bremen, toys and play with everyday materials, the god of money, indian express, indian express news

Tara Books travels to Japan for an exhibition that celebrates the exhilarating work of the Chennai-based indie publisher.

January 21, 2018 12:00 am
African penguins, Boulders national Park, South Africa, travel destinations, places to travel for kids, Indian express, Indian express news

Do kids and wildlife go together? You’ll be surprised how.