Sushma Swaraj

sushma-swarajBJP.jpg? Bharatiya Janata Party Sushma SwarajVidisha, Madhya Pradesh
  • AGE 14.02.1952
  • Education BA, LLB
  • Assets 7,35,82,637
  • Liabilities 58,250

Criminal Charge: No

Constituency Data
  • Total Electors 12,33,394
  • Percentage of Votes 70.10%%
  • Attendance in Parliament 94%%
  • Debate Participated 102
  • Questions Asked 43
  • MPLAD Utilization 82.17%%

Sushma Swaraj has been known as a powerful orator and a popular face of the Bharatiya Janata Party. Swaraj began her political career with the youth wing of the BJP – ABVP – in 1970s, and went on to become the youngest Union Cabinet minister at the age of 25, and also served Delhi as a Chief Minister.

Swaraj, who is considered very close to veteran leader L K Advani, has often been quite close to being named the prime ministerial candidate of the BJP.

One of the most interesting episodes related to Swaraj’s political career is her contest against Congress president Sonia Gandhi in Bellary, Karnataka. Though she lost the election, she was hailed for her the tough contest she posed for Sonia in probably her toughest political challenge. This time, she won the Lok Sabha election from Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh, and is expected to play a key role in the Modi government.


While every one else stood in deference to Narendra Modi at the party’s national conclave in March, she said she would begin where Modi left in his speech.


When she said she would raise an important issue in Parliament: “Why is it that attack in films is only on Hindu beliefs and on names like Sita, Radha and Kaushalya?”


She is an ardent follower of Lord Krishna.


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