Rahul Gandhi

RahulProfile200Congress Indian National Congress Rahul GandhiAmethi, UP (Gen)
  • AGE 43 Years
  • Education MPhil
  • Assets 2,32,74,706
  • Liabilities 23,35000

Criminal Charge: 0

Constituency Data
  • Total Electors 14,31,787
  • Percentage of Votes 57.25%%
  • Attendance in Parliament 43%%
  • Debate Participated 1
  • Questions Asked 0
  • MPLAD Utilization 51.63%

As vice-president, Rahul Gandhi led the Congress party in the General Elections in 2014. Often accused by critics of being reluctant to assume key role in the government, Rahul could not do any wonder for the Congress. In fact, the party was reduced to its lowest tally ever under his leadership.

At the AICC session in Jaipur in January, Rahul Gandhi’s invocation of the sacrifices made by the Nehru-Gandhi family drove party office bearers to tears. He asserted his authority as No. 2 in the party with a series of meetings with senior party leaders.


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