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    BJP, like Congress
    October 20, 2014BJP’s success shows that there is no alternative to Congress-style politics. Or that it is yet to emerge.
  • Shiv-Sena-thumb
    New voter, old Sena
    October 20, 2014Maharashtra verdict is snub to parochial politics. Regional parties need a new plan.
  • celebrations-thumb
    The Haryana leap
    October 20, 2014BJP success hinged crucially on winning over leaders from other parties.
  • Polls-s
    States of the party
    October 15, 2014In Maharashtra and Haryana, a BJP strategy to reshape local identities from above
  • DelhiBJP-s
    Leading from the centre
    October 10, 2014The BJP, no longer a bit player in Haryana, is relying heavily on Modi in a multi-cornered contest.
  • MODI-SWACH-209
    On the poll trip
    October 9, 2014From Bhiwani to Bhiwandi, TV channels are riding pillion with political leaders.
  • bjp209
    The game is open
    October 1, 2014With breakdown of alliances, artificial bipolarity of Maharashtra politics is over.
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