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  • Shiv-s
    Out of my mind: Snow White and the dwarves
    October 26, 2014But what the Congress has shown is that Dynasty does not work. It took three generations for the Congress to run out of talent. With the Shiv Sena, the memory of Balasaheb is the only asset.
  • BJP-s
    BJP, like Congress
    October 20, 2014BJP’s success shows that there is no alternative to Congress-style politics. Or that it is yet to emerge.
  • Shiv-Sena-thumb
    New voter, old Sena
    October 20, 2014Maharashtra verdict is snub to parochial politics. Regional parties need a new plan.
  • celebrations-thumb
    The Haryana leap
    October 20, 2014BJP success hinged crucially on winning over leaders from other parties.
  • Polls-s
    States of the party
    October 15, 2014In Maharashtra and Haryana, a BJP strategy to reshape local identities from above
  • DelhiBJP-s
    Leading from the centre
    October 10, 2014The BJP, no longer a bit player in Haryana, is relying heavily on Modi in a multi-cornered contest.
  • MODI-SWACH-209
    On the poll trip
    October 9, 2014From Bhiwani to Bhiwandi, TV channels are riding pillion with political leaders.
  • bjp209
    The game is open
    October 1, 2014With breakdown of alliances, artificial bipolarity of Maharashtra politics is over.
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