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  • pak-S
    Invisible in the House
    May 28, 2014The shrinking numbers of Muslims in Parliament is not new. But 2014 results are unprecedented.
  • View from the left
    May 28, 2014The time has come to consider a comprehensive package of electoral reforms.
  • nitish-thumb
    How Bihar was won
    May 28, 2014Modi’s victory in the state was propelled by caste realignment, development mantra and communal polarisation.
  • worker-t
    Fifth column: Economic freedom at last?
    May 25, 2014To deliver on his promises of change and development, Modi will to have to first deliver on his assurance that there will be 'maximum governance and minimum government'.
  • narendra-t
    Inside track: DD wakes up
    May 25, 2014It was only after a second or two that the rest of the CWC members hastily joined the chorus of protests.
  • modi-t
    Flip side: Dim sum to Dhokla
    May 25, 2014With Manmohan, there was no communication; anonymity was his preferred default setting. Modi is a media multi-tasker in comparison.
  • Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said that the entire rank and file of the party "love, respect and cherish the leadership of both Sonia and Rahul. (Source: PTI)
    Out of my mind: Revolution or renaissance?
    May 25, 2014Think of the election results not as a revolution or a futuristic event, but more as a renaissance — a rebirth, a restoration.
  • Economy1
    What holds us back
    May 23, 2014New government must identify the binding constraints on growth.
  • naveen-patnaik-t
    The Naveen wave
    May 22, 2014But Patnaik may need to reassess the development model in Odisha.
  • modi-s
    Whose decision is it anyway
    May 21, 2014The cabinet system of governance was eroded in UPA’s tenure. Modi’s challenge will be to restore credibility of its key decision-making bodies.
  • Parliament-209
    Opposition without a head
    May 21, 2014A strength of 10 per cent of the House is necessary to formally lead the opposition.
  • CPM-209
    View from the left: BJP myth
    May 20, 2014The CPM’s People’s Democracy says that the BJP mounted an “effective campaign”, combining it with the party’s strategy of “polarisation”.
  • modi-thumb
    The great Game Folio: Modi’s Asia
    May 20, 2014From Japan to Singapore, China to Australia and Vietnam to Myanmar, Asian chancelleries are hoping relations with India will get a big boost under Modi’s leadership.
  • guj-s
    UP of ‘timepass youth’ and purposeless waiting
    May 20, 2014For too long, UP politics has been trapped in a time warp. This verdict shows that it feels left behind
  • mosgs
    Modi happened in Election 2014
    May 20, 2014This Lok Sabha election was a structural break for India as its voters comprehensively rejected their Nehru-Gandhi past.
  • BJP-s
    Stories of a wave
    May 20, 2014BJP’s vote to seat conversion rate is stunning. Regional parties haven’t collapsed.
  • modi-thumb
    New India, new ideas
    May 19, 2014The young care about achievement and opportunity, reject fear mongering
  • modi-thumb
    2014, like 1952
    May 19, 2014New forces, norms and practices have been unleashed, now represented by Modi.
  • nitish-thumb
    Writing a new script in Bihar
    May 19, 2014Coming together of ‘social justice’ parties could rearrange the state’s politics.
  • namo-thumb
    Fifth Column: Why Modi won
    May 18, 2014At the risk of blowing my own horn I have to say that it was more than a year ago that I saw the first signs of a Modi wave.
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