Karnataka Assembly elections Highlight: Sonia and Rahul Gandhi did not like a Dalit becoming President of India, PM Modi alleges

Karnataka Assembly Elections 208 Highlight: On Sunday morning, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a rally at Chitradurga, where he accused the Congress of distorting history as part of a conspiracy to divide society.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: May 6, 2018 9:09:29 pm
Karnataka Assembly elections 2018: Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a rally in Karnataka. (File) Karnataka Assembly elections 2018: Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a rally in Karnataka. (File)

With less than a week left for the Karnataka Assembly elections, BJP has intensified its electoral battle through intensive campaigns across the state. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday morning addressed a rally at Chitradurga, where he accused the Congress of distorting history as part of a conspiracy to divide society. He also flayed the Siddaramaiah-led government in the state for celebrating the “jayantis of Sultans” for the sake of “vote bank politics”.BJP president Amit Shah, who addressed a rally at Belagavi, also launched a scathing attack on the CM, accusing him of being anti-farmer.

Modi is likely to hold three more public meetings in Raichur, Jamakhandi and Hubli later in the day.  The elections have been slated for May 12 while counting votes will be held on May 15.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed four rallies today, here are the Highlights:


19:13 (IST) 06 May 2018
Creation of jobs under digital India

There were just two companies of mobile manufacturing under UPA, today under NDA there are 120 companies manufacturing mobile in India, and this is oir strength of providing jobs. We are moving ahead with the agenda of development. 

19:11 (IST) 06 May 2018
Modi praises his govt over connecting villages through optical fibre

The work for laying optical fibre began in 2011 under the government of UPA led by Sonia Gandhi, in three years till 2014 they could lay the network in just 59 village. When we came to power, me made a new stratefy and we have connected 1 lakh villages with the network. 

19:10 (IST) 06 May 2018
PM Modi praises his govt over achievements of Saubhagya scheme

Modi said that I dont want anyone in this country to lag behind, and everyone willl get an opposrtunity to come forward. Every poor living in village should get information and knowledge and therefore we have started the work of laying optical fibre across country.  here were around 18,000 villages which did not have electricity since independence. We ensured power to all such villages in a time frame of just 1000 days. Now through the Saubhagya Yojana, we want to ensure power supply in every household:

19:08 (IST) 06 May 2018
PM Modi addressing fourth rally in Hubli

We want to build a New India where children get good education, youth get jobs, elderly get proper healthcare and where there is no discrimination on the lines of caste, PM Modi in Hubli. 

Congress leaders are caught with large stashes of cash and when our Government takes action, they keep on saying that Modi is vindictive. Congress President and Smt. Sonia Gandhi Ji must answer people why they are out on 'Zamaanat.

18:28 (IST) 06 May 2018
BJP levels fresh allegations of Siddaramaiah
17:39 (IST) 06 May 2018
Congress brings out Meira Kumar to hit back at BJP over Dalit remarks
17:20 (IST) 06 May 2018
Amit Shah in Belagavi
17:01 (IST) 06 May 2018
Amit Shah holds road show in Belagavi
16:50 (IST) 06 May 2018
'Its time to punish Siddaramaiah'

Modi says, "now its your responsibility, dont be patient till May 12 and this CM should know that he cheated the people of Bagalkot and its time to punish him, dont let this opportunity pass."

16:45 (IST) 06 May 2018
Modi takes on Rahul Gandhi for mocking 'Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao' campaign

PM Modi targets Rahul Gandhi on mocking the Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao campaign and says, while we focus on educating girls and empowering women, you mock us. Modi said that women empowerment is not just a slogan for them, they are continuously striving for it. 

16:42 (IST) 06 May 2018
'Throw out Siddaramaiah from Bagalkot'

PM Modi says the CM has come to Bagalkot running from some where else and urges people to ask Siddaramaiah "Did he or did he not promise to make a textile park in Bagalkot in the previous election campaign," if he is unable to answer send him back. Modi to loud chants asks, "did he make textile park in Bagalkot?" to a rousing no from the crowd. Modi says, "how can lier make an entry in bagalkot, throw him out asks Modi."

16:32 (IST) 06 May 2018
Modi targets Congress on plight of farmers in the state

Look at the plight of sugarcane farmers in the Karnataka. The Congress government and the present Chief Minister is insensitive towards them. They did nothing for their welfare. To ensure farmer welfare, we have brought the most comprehensive Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana PM

16:29 (IST) 06 May 2018
Siddaramaiah targets PM Modi and Amit Shah

'We celebrate Birth Anniversaries of about 30 leader, saints, & builders of Karnataka. PM with eyes on the votes is trying to polarise our society by highlighting one of them: Tipu Sultan. Now who is doing “vote bank politics?” 

'Poor you are so desperate. Nothing is working. Tippu, Pakistan etc. do not help you. Tell us about how you betrayed people of North Karnataka after promising to resolve Mahadayi. Basavanna has said “don’t tell lies.” But the cant help himself!'

16:26 (IST) 06 May 2018
Modi targets Congress on Basaveshwara

People of Karnataka are well aware of Congress' thinking towards Bhagwaan Basaveshwara. They are only recalling His name as elections are nearing. It was during Atal Ji's leadership, that a statue of Bhagwaan Basaveshwara was put up in the Parliament: Modi

16:23 (IST) 06 May 2018
BJP workers enthusiastic to welcome Amit Shah
16:21 (IST) 06 May 2018
PM Modi gets a dedicated follower in Karnataka
16:21 (IST) 06 May 2018
'I urge people of Karnataka to remain vigilant'

I urge people of Karnataka to remain vigilant and beware of the divisive politics of the Congress. We will not accept any division of Karnataka on the grounds of caste. In a democracy, to win or to lose is a part of elections. One must accept their defeat. But the Congress are 'Naamdaars'. They did not congratulate us, the 'Kaamdaars'.

16:20 (IST) 06 May 2018
'Won't let Congress divide Karnataka'

"We will not let Congress divide Karnataka, it is immortal," says PM Modi in Jamakhandi. Challenges Congress to wake up from slumber. "The people of Karnataka will divide the people playing the game of seperatism in the state," says Modi. 

16:18 (IST) 06 May 2018
Sonia Gandhi yet to make courtsey call to President

"The Congress duo of mother and son did not like when a Dalit was appointed President, Maidam Sonia Gandhi did not get time for a courtsey call to the President till today. These people dont have the common courtsey and they talk about Dalits."

16:11 (IST) 06 May 2018
'Shamelessly the Congress questions the valour of our armed forces'

"Bagalkot is the land of the brave. People from this land fought for independence, We are proud of all those who sacrificed their lives for our country but sadly, a few people feel uncomfortable when they hear the National Song."

16:10 (IST) 06 May 2018
PM Modi targets Congress on raising questions to the Army

"People of Congress get fever on hearing about nationalism," said PM Modi in Jamakhandi and added that can someone even imagine that after independence Congress has started blessing those people who raised slogans of "Desh tere tukde tukde karenge." They even do the sin of asking questions to the Army after the sucessfully conducte Surgical Strikes in pakistan. 

16:05 (IST) 06 May 2018
Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing third rally in Jamakhandi

PM Modi addressing third rally of the day  in Karnataka's Jamakhandi said, "I can see that it is very difficult for Congress to save themselves in the state, after losing across the country." Modi said that Sriramulu who is contensting against the incumbent CM assured him that Siddaramaiah is losing. 

14:25 (IST) 06 May 2018
PM Modi on 'dynastic politics'
14:19 (IST) 06 May 2018

"When Sonia Gandhi's government was in power, LED bulb used to be sold at Rs 350. Now under our government, the bulbs are being sold at Rs 50. On what were the remaining Rs 350 being spent?" PM Modi asked.

14:16 (IST) 06 May 2018
Rajnath Singh joins bike rally

Senior BJP leader and Home Minister Rajnath Singh also took part in a bike rally in Chickpet on Sunday.

14:12 (IST) 06 May 2018
14:08 (IST) 06 May 2018

"Congress owes an explanation to the nation on why it is not letting the Parliament function. Anti-Dalit & anti-OBC mindset of the Congress are the reasons why the party is stalling Parliament meetings and not allowing the creation of the OBC commission."

14:06 (IST) 06 May 2018
14:06 (IST) 06 May 2018
Cong always abusing me: Modi

"The Karnataka government must give an account of the work they have done for the people of the state. Instead all they do is - Modi, Modi, Modi. They just keep abusing me," Modi said.

13:52 (IST) 06 May 2018
'Congress is anti-development'
13:51 (IST) 06 May 2018
Modi attacks Congress again

"Raichur is a land of learning, culture and civility. Congress has picked up none of these virtues. If they had learnt from the land of Raichur, they would not be dividing Karnataka," Modi said.

13:47 (IST) 06 May 2018
13:47 (IST) 06 May 2018
Modi begins addressing the crowd

"There are many people who are sitting in AC rooms and saying that there will be a hung assembly. I want to tell them - Come here to Raichur and see the mood on the ground," Modi told the crowd.

13:39 (IST) 06 May 2018
Modi in Raichur

PM Modi arrives at Raichur and will address the gathering shortly.

13:19 (IST) 06 May 2018
Surjewala accuses BJP of 'backstabbing Karnataka'

Meanwhile, Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala took to Twitter to hit out at the BJP over its "step-motherly treatment" towards Karnataka. "Backstabbing Karnataka- is the only mission of the BJP. In brazen 'Step Motherly Treatment’ & ‘Snatching Rightful Due’ to Karnataka,the Modi Govt,in the past 4 years has deliberately neglected its people’s shares of the Central Schemes & Projects," he posted on the micro-blogging site.

13:16 (IST) 06 May 2018
13:05 (IST) 06 May 2018
12:57 (IST) 06 May 2018
'Yeddyurappa will ensure Centre's aid reaches Karnataka'

The BJP chief added, "Under 13th Finance Commission, Karnataka got Rs 88,583 crore which was increased to Rs 2,19,506 crore under the Modi government. Yeddyurappa will ensure that the money received from the Centre reaches people of Karnataka."

12:56 (IST) 06 May 2018
12:56 (IST) 06 May 2018
Siddaramaiah govt is anti-farmer: Shah

"Once we are voted to power, we will ensure that the water from Mahadayi river is available to everyone. Siddaramaiah govt is anti-farmer. More than 3,500 farmers have committed suicide in the last five years in Karnataka," he said.

Karnataka Elections 2018: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah at a campaign rally in Badami constituency on Saturday. (Express Photo/Aaron Pereira) Karnataka Elections 2018: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah at a campaign rally in Badami constituency on Saturday. (Express Photo/Aaron Pereira)

On Saturday, Modi tore into the Congress over several issues, including corruption, and asserted that the party will become “Punjab, Puducherry, Parivar” Congress “after its defeat” in the polls. The Siddaramaiah government, the Prime Minister said, had become a “corruption tank” for the Congress, with a pipeline connected to Delhi. He also accused the top Congress leadership of auctioning tickets, party positions and the chief minister’s post.

Reacting to PM Modi's PPP remark, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Saturday said, "Heard you spun a new abbreviation ‘PPP’ today. Sir, we have always championed the 3 Ps of democracy - ‘Of the People, By the People, For the People’. While your party is a ‘Prison’, ‘Price Rise’ & ‘Pakoda’ party. Am I right, Sir?"

While addressing a gathering of about 800 people at the Kalidas Educational Society in Badami, in north Karnataka, Siddaramaiah hit out at what he claimed was communal and divisive politics on the part of the BJP and said the choice was between assured development and communal violence. “No other party has done as much work as we have in the last five years. We have performed at all levels, even bringing development to ‘microscopic communities’ such as the Bohvis and the Savita Samaj,” he said.

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