PM Narendra Modi attacks Rahul Gandhi: Our army at Doklam, he met China envoy

Mocking Congress Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh as a candidate who is “out on bail,” Modi said, “And they had the audacity to release their manifesto promising zero tolerance for corruption."

Written by Kanchan Vasdev | Rehan | Updated: November 3, 2017 7:24 am
Narendra Modi, Doklam standoff, Rahul Gandhi, Himachal Pradesh Elections, India China, Congress, BJP, India news, Indian Express With CM candidate Dhumal, other BJP leaders in Kangra. (PTI Photo)

Hitting out at Rahul Gandhi for meeting the Chinese Ambassador during the recent border standoff at Doklam, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday that it was a matter of “great sadness” that the Congress Vice-President did not “trust the country or its government” during that period.

Addressing an election rally in poll-bound Himachal Pradesh at Rehan in Kangra district, home to a sizeable number of current and former members of the armed forces, Modi praised the courage and “sensible approach” of the Indian Army under difficult circumstances during the border face-off with China.

Doklam ke andar Bharat ki sena badi bahaduri se dati huyi thi. Parakram, purusharth aur dhairya ke saath, 72 din tak jahan raat ko minus degrees hota hai, hamare sainik raat bhar khade the. Idhar se Cheen khada tha udhar se Bharat ki sena. Kuch bhi ho sakta tha. Poore desh mein chinta aur charcha thi. Log kehte the, ‘Modiji, 1962 ko bhoolna nahin’. Lekin hamein Bharat ke sanskaron par vishwas tha. Hamari sena ki soojh-boojh par vishwas tha. Par yeh iss desh ke liye badi dukh ki baat hai ke Congress ka sansad mein 12-15 saal se baitha huya koi vyakti jiske parivar ke log… pita pradhan mantri rahein ho, daadi pradhan mantri rahein hon, nana PM rahein ho, janam se jinko raj parivar mein palne-badhne ka avsar mila ho, woh desh pe bharosa na karein, sarkar pe bharosa na karein aur Cheen ke rajdoot se milke poochein ke Doklam mein kya chal raha hai. Yeh desh ka apmaan hai ki nahin hai (Inside Doklam, the Indian Army was holding its ground courageously. There was determination, there was patience. For 72 days, our soldiers maintained vigil at a place where the mercury plummets below zero in the night. On one side stood China, and on the other the Indian Army. Anything could have happened. There was concern and discussion in the country. People were saying ‘Modiji, don’t forget 1962’. But I had faith in Indian tradition, and the sensible approach of the Indian Army. But it is a cause of great sadness to the country that an individual who has served 10-15 years in Lok Sabha, and whose family members… father was a prime minister, grandmother was a prime minister, great grandfather was a prime minister, who had the opportunity to grow up in a privileged household, he doesn’t trust the country, its government and goes and meets the Chinese ambassador to ask what is happening in Doklam. Is this an insult to the country or not?).”

In a speech that lasted over 50 minutes, Modi also called upon the people of the state, where voting for Assembly polls will be held on November 9, to bid farewell to the “corruption-ridden” rule of the Congress by voting “overwhelmingly” for the BJP and “breaking all past records”. Listing mining, forest, tenders, transfers and drugs as the “five mafias” that “flourished under Congress rule” in the state, Modi said that the BJP would rout these “demons” if elected to power. “These mafias are robbing the state of its rich minerals, forests, playing with the future of youths by way of the drugs racket… tenders were being allotted to ‘bhai-bhatija’ and people had to pay bribes for getting postings of their choice,” he said. Referring to Himachal as the land of gods, Modi said, “It is time to rid ‘devbhoomi’ of these demons.”

Mocking Congress Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh as a candidate who is “out on bail,” Modi said, “And they had the audacity to release their manifesto promising zero tolerance for corruption. Even a child would not be taken in by them.” Modi said he knew the people of Himachal as he had spent many years here as state in-charge, and expressed the hope that they would rout the “corrupt Congress”. “Devbhoomi ko inn rakshason se mukt karna hai ke nahin (Do you want to free the land of gods from the clutches of these demons or not)?” he asked.

Describing Kangra district as “veer bhoomi (land of the brave)”, Modi said, “Every other day, a martyr’s last remains wrapped in a Tricolour are received by villages in the state.” Referring indirectly to a recent statement by Congress leader P Chidambaram, Modi claimed that when “Himachalis and Hindustani soldiers had sacrificed their lives for the country and are fighting cross-border terrorism in Kashmir, a Congress leader had insulted these heroes by saying the demand for azadi in Kashmir was justified”.

Modi also accused the Congress of “bhrashtachaar (corruption)”, ‘pariwaarwaad’ (nepotism)” and “sampardayaik rang mein rangi (one that’s coloured in communal tomes)”. “The Congress party of today has nothing in common with the one that Mahatma Gandhi was a part of, many freedom lovers were a part of. Today, the Congress is only about one family and its interests,” he said.

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  1. m
    mohd. ibrahim
    Nov 3, 2017 at 9:33 pm
    1. Naresh Jain
      Nov 3, 2017 at 7:14 pm
      Can any one tell speech of Modi, he is not hitting Rahul G., even food don't digest in his belly if not hit RG. It RG who instead hitting back trust work done by his party for improvement of conditions. Why PM himself meet Chienes president or minister to minister contact. Because it is needed as part of Govt affairs. Then why he object meeting between TG Chinese Ambassador, untill he has kept Jassos to know what transpired between the two, was against National Interests. Congress repeatedly asked PM to clearify differences between Indian foreign office statement its Chinese counterpart statement, PM don't care to clearify its own people as if are agent of enemy. PM should instead blaming others look into his own appropriately change his own behaviour. Those sit in opposition or don't vote PM party are equally or more patriot then PM his party men.
      1. G
        George Cruz
        Nov 3, 2017 at 3:53 pm
        The truth is that the congress leader Rahul Gan-dhi has gone anti-national by conspiring with China/Pak to destabilize India in the Doklam standoff in Bhutan and to demonize the development oriented BJP which represents the majority of responsible Indian citizens except for minorities like brainwashed/illiterate Muslims/christians.
        1. K
          K Prabhakar
          Nov 3, 2017 at 1:54 pm
          Yes, things are still not revealed, why he did so and under what intention. But more specifically if he violated the protocol then why not he faced immediate arrest in such dubious circumstances where country was facing war threat from a repressive country.
          1. M
            Martin Reeves
            Nov 3, 2017 at 12:03 pm
            The citizen's of this country has given such a big mandate to the BJP but there never utilized it in the deelopment of the country but were more involved in terrorising the minorities and the backward class of the country sometimes in the name of mob lynching,love jihad,romeo squad and triple talaq. This were not the matters which there have come in power for but alas it is too late for them to relaize next time it is going tobe difficult for them to come to power as the people of India are not going to fall in there trap. I am afraid and will not be surprised if there is a nation wide communal riots before the 2019 general elections as the clowns of RSS and BJP knows how to play with the sentiments of the voter's. So all peace loving Indians be aware and defeat this kind of fanatic forces who are creating differences and dividing the people of this great nation. lets get rid of this fools...
            1. K
              K Prabhakar
              Nov 3, 2017 at 1:39 pm
              ..... and handover the power to currapted inefficient men.
              1. M
                Nov 3, 2017 at 1:42 pm
                Watch it, if you like, "Peace loving Indians" will continue to trust the BJP and Modiji. For a Pakistani, you have shown care in collecting all the MYTHS the Indian Media propagates. There must be some real 'Martin Reeves' somewhere. Feel sorry for him. Imposters like you think that your blogs will change the understanding of the majority of Indians. No way.
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