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BJP Gujarat video has vikas taking a swipe at reporters

Reporter character calls PM Modi a dictator, is snubbed: ‘no cocktail parties, no free trips’

Written by Parimal A Dabhi | Ahmedabad | Updated: November 4, 2017 11:42 am
Gujarat Assembly elections 2017, PM Modi, Gujarat campaign video, Gujarat campaign video on journalists, Gujarat elections, Vikas, Gujarat, indian express, india news The lead character hails Modi as a leader who took pain to open lakhs of bank accounts for poor instead of making efforts to fill his own account. (Source: YouTube grab)

In the series of ‘Hu chhu vikas, hu chhu Gujarat’ (I am Vikas, I am Gujarat), videos, the BJP has put out a four minute film scripted around a barber’s shop where two men call Prime Minister Narendra Modi “a dictator” who are interrupted by another man waiting for his turn at the same shop who tells them, “You look like reporters” and in the end of the video identifies himself as “vikas”.

Put out first in Gujarati and later in Hindi, this video has Gujarati actor Jimit Trivedi is in lead role personified as ‘Vikas’ and ‘Gujarat’ which is the poll-plank of the saffron party for 2017 Gujarat assembly elections.

​Timed with the Gujarat elections, the campaign deflects attention to the national scene, its satirical content ​playing out in Trivedi’s lines, ​hai​ls PM Modi​, target​s UPA and drives home the point that the Gujarat elections are to be a vote on the policies of PM Modi at Centre and a precursor of the vote for Loksabha elections due in 2019.

In the video, the backdrop is that of a barber shop where two youths, one of them a ‘reporter’, are discussing PM Modi. One of the two said that Modi has harassed them a lot and the ‘reporter’ calls PM Modi a dictator.
At this juncture, the lead actor (Trivedi) who is waiting for his turn in the shop while reading newspaper puts the newspaper aside and starts delivering a satirical speech with words, ‘Namaste Guru.’

In his speech, Trivedi touches a number of subjects that encompasses the major issues cropped up during PM Modi’s reign as Prime Minister since May 2014 like Jan Dhan accounts, demonetisation, his visits to borders during Diwali, surgical strike, Swachh Bharat campaign, Make in India campaign, Start Up India campaign etc..

The lead character hails PM Modi as a leader who took pain to open lakhs of bank accounts for poor instead of making efforts to fill his own account. He adds that PM Modi took ‘risky’ and ‘suicidal’ decisions like demo​ne​tisation and surgical strike on his own ‘knowing fully well that if the system did not support him, he would be finished.’


It then talks about PM Modi who wakes up at 5 am everyday, works without taking leave and spends Diwali on border with soldiers.

​Taking a dig at media, the protagonist, said ​”​PM Modi is useless as he neither ​throws cocktail parties ​for the media nor takes reporters ​on foreign trips​”​. ​The character goes on to say how he did not care for his own family and how “none of his brother’s children had seen the inside of a plane”.

Following this rhetoric of the lead role, the two c​ritics seem conv​inced and one of them said, “Yaar, India has not seen a PM like that till now.”

The ​protagonist hails PM Modi as the only prime minister who is interested in “setting the country” while “Lalu Prasad ​was interested in setting his son, Mulayam Singh Yadav is busy in setting his entire family, Sonia ji wants to set Rahul​”​. ​”​If PM Modi failed today, then no Prime Minister will dare to fight corruption in next 100 years…”, he said in the end, as one of the said journalists, who listen dumbfounded, ask for his name and number to do a ‘a story’ on the subject. To this, the lead actor said, “I am Vikas, I am Gujarat.”

Post-Diwali, Gujarat BJP has posted many such videos on social media and in most of them development done under PM Modi is the emphasizing point. While Gujarat BJP leaders, including national party president Amit Shah and Chief Minister Vijay Rupani – are canvassing for the party in the state, it is PM Modi and his policies which is the central theme of the campaign.

In fact, even Opposition – mainly led by Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi – is also targetting policies of PM Modi at centre during the poll campaign in Gujarat.

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  1. Equality Forall
    Nov 4, 2017 at 1:07 pm
    I think BJP should get rid of great leader and bring someone better.The guy simply does not have qualities to be a national leader.He is fit to be PM of Gujarat but not india. While comparing IQ or rahul and Modi,i see no difference.Rahul is pretty humble despite being from a rich ruling family and knows his limitations.great leader has even low IQ than Rahul,he talks big.I mean he has gift of giving rabble rousing speeches,talking glib and fooling everyone. Only a low IQ arrogant man thinks he is always correct and every other indian except himself is always wrong.
    1. S
      Nov 4, 2017 at 1:05 pm
      Good reply....
      1. S
        sur pars
        Nov 4, 2017 at 12:17 pm
        Simple choice do you want a Mulayum- Mayawati- Lallu- Rahul Vadra with all the fodder and elephant statue scams coalgate commonwealth game Bofors scams family cronyism or do want Modi with its side effects of paying your taxes honestly and standing in proper queue versus bribe the babu. We all complain about the pollution black money bribery but when someone does something about it it is fine as long as we don't have to be honest ourselves and as long as we can jump the queue over others and we can get our our work done then it is fine. We will be good as long as our neighbours are honest and pay their taxes and fees but we want ourselves sticking to our old comfort zone which is just complaing and complaing about our system and government. Every people deserve the government they get. We Indians deserve the corrupt and Chor netas because we ourselves are dishonest in the core. We are all so short sighted and maybe Modi is too good for us as he wants us to clean and bath ourselves
        1. D
          Nov 4, 2017 at 12:44 pm
          Sir, lets talk corruption. Jay Shah, Shaurya Doval and Vyapam scam and Lalti Modi scam. BJP is bursting with un inspected scams in the most blatant and shameless manner. Jay Shah is the biggest scandal in post indeprndent India and not a squeak from the PM Feku Modi. This countries economy has been ruined and people are jobless and suffering. Demo allowed all the black money to become white and no one knws how much it has damaged the informal sector. Time is up. Feku's dictatorship has to end. Only Jay Shah and Vomit Shah have made money.
        2. A
          Nov 4, 2017 at 12:16 pm
          Real feku..modi....such a disgusting man..i really feel ashamed of being called an Indian
          1. I
            Indian Pride
            Nov 4, 2017 at 12:33 pm
            Then dont call yourself indian...Call yourself some other name....howabout congressi boot licker.
            1. D
              Nov 4, 2017 at 12:45 pm
              Mr Indian Pride , already people are applying for H1B visa. Can you stop them please.
          2. R
            Nov 4, 2017 at 12:11 pm
            making pakis in hindu ID ?? darpoks cutlets more worried about modi then their own country
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