PM Modi asks overseas Indians to contribute towards building toilets

Modi is the first prime minister to visit Australia in 28 years after Rajiv Gandhi in 1986.

By: Express News Service | Brisbane | Updated: November 17, 2014 2:37 pm
modi_759 Modi delivering a speech in Brisbane.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived here on Monday on a whirlwind six-hour visit to Sydney on the second leg of his four-city tour of Australia.

Modi, who arrived here from Brisbane after attending the G20 Summit, will proceed to Canberra tonight and later to Melbourne.

Here are the updates from the event:

2.34 pm: 


2.31 pm: Modi concludes his hour-long speech with a booming cry: “Bharat Mata ki Jai!”.

2.30 pm: PM Modi says won’t spare efforts at work.

2.29 pm: Visa on arrival, promises Modi.

2.28 pm: Will fulfill the promise made in Sept before Pravaasi Bhartiya Diwas on Jan 8-9: Modi.

2.27 pm: Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas in Gujarat. 1915 Jan, Gandhi returned from South Africa. It’s an occasion dedicated to Gandhiji: Modi.

2.25 pm: Those who have PIO card, they will get visa for life. I announced this in US in Sept, says Modi.

2.23 pm: 56 minutes and Modi still speaking at Sydney to the diaspora.

2.21 pm: I stopped the practice of attesting certificates by gazetted officers. Self certification good enough: PM Modi.

2.18 pm: Let govt step aside for people to work their way: PM Modi.

2.17 pm: I want to make the India you dream: Modi.

2.17 pm: Behind people’s adulation is aspiration, says Modi.

2.16 pm: World will be run by intelligence, not physical strength and money power alone, says PM Modi.

2.16 pm: Now need to train and skill the large workforce, says Modi.

2.14 pm: Many countries growing old. They need workforce. We have indeed worked hard on creating this, says Modi.

2.14 pm: Let Railway set up four universities so that HRD is in place, says Modi.

2:10 pm: Railways are stuck, no new kilometer added, no speed increase, no extra space for passenger. What increases is number of passengers, says PM Modi.

2:09 pm: Swachhch Bharat will boost tourism, says Modi.

2:08 pm: Japan will not come and invest unless there is golf, I understood in Gujarat. So I had to do that: Modi

2:08 pm: My central objective is jobs for young: PM Modi

2:05 pm: In India, we call one who comes to collect garbage as ‘kachrawala’. He is actually the ‘safaiwala’, points out PM Modi.

2:01 pm: Modi asks overseas Indians to contribute towards building toilets.

1:58 pm: Can you believe it, the PM has to build toilets! Modi says pained at the plight of women in India.

1:57 pm: 71 million have deposited Rs 5,000 crore, says Modi.

1:55 pm: I said on Aug 15 from Red Fort that Jan Dhan in 45 days, says Modi.

1:54 pm: In 10 weeks, 71 million bank accounts have been opened: Modi

1:51 pm: RBI says 3 years, MoF says 2 years, PMO says 1 year for Jan Dhan, says Modi.

1:49 pm: I want every poor to have a bank account in India, says Modi.

1:48 pm: This love is for India, not Modi, says PM.

1:44 pm: Modi names Indians who represented Australia in sports and other fields.

1:41 pm: I believe India has the capability to be at the top of the global league: Modi

1:40 pm: I dedicate all this honour shown to me to India.

1:38 pm: Modi asks do you share the same belief? Crowd shouts ‘Yes.

1:30 pm: It took 28 years for an Indian PM to come to Australia, says Modi.

1:26 pm: 

1:24 pm: I see there are a lot of people still waiting outside to enter the stadium, says Modi.

1:23 pm: Modi stops when someone shouts he is a rockstar.

1:22 pm: Modi addresses the Indian diaspora in Sydney at Allphone stadium.

1:20 pm: After Australian national anthem, Jana gana mana now.

1:18 pm: Australian national anthem on at the stadium.

1:10 pm: PM Modi about to take stage at Sydney stadium.

1:08 pm: 

1:05 pm:

1:00 pm: Australian cricketer Brett Lee on stage at Allphone stadium.

12:51 pm:

12:50 pm: 

12:40 pm: 

12:30 pm: PM Modi’s Madison encore in Sydney.

12:25 pm: 

12:20 pm: 

12:13 pm: Grand reception for Modi as he enters the Allphones Arena stadium in Sydney.

11:57 am: 

11:52 am:

11:46 am: 

11:43 am: 

11:39 am: 

11:38 am: 

11:33 am: 

11:30 am: PM Modi today wooed Australian investors to India, saying the environment that is prevailing in the country is “welcoming” and easy to do business, besides having transparent and predictable policies.

11:29 am:

11:22 am: 

11:07 am: 

10:58 am: 

10:51 am: 

10:30 am: 

10:19 am:

10:17 am: 

10:15 am: Modi is the first prime minister to visit Australia in 28 years after Rajiv Gandhi in 1986.

10:01 am: 

10:00 am: 

9:58 am: 

9:46 am: 

9:50 am: 

9:45 am:

9:39 am: 

6:00 am:

6:00 am:

PM Narendra Modi gives a strong push to govt agenda on black money, tax avoidance 

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  1. A
    Nov 17, 2014 at 11:16 am
    NRI money to build Toilets? is that his Agenda in Sydney? come on..why does he not use all the Black Money he brought back to India to build toilets? oh yes..he didn't bring back any...thats right.
    1. M
      M. Anandan
      Nov 17, 2014 at 1:56 pm
      This is for a noble cause. This campaign in USA will yield lot of money. The big question is whether the money will be well spent or major portion will go to middle men.
      1. Anil Anil
        Nov 17, 2014 at 2:05 pm
        Rabu Kanungo -- I am sorry, I do not agree with your essment. It is not showbaji but a necessary ingredient of creating public awareness and maintaining transparency. His government is ACTING (unless you are sleeping and not noticing the change) ? Do you want me to list those actions for you ? Simple example. What is point of maintaining multiple version of visa (PIO, OIC, etc) and requiring them to renew every year ? If it has been established that you are a person of Indian origin, why it needs to be re-established ? He has merged it and made it permanent. It is an intelligent and efficient act. This will free up embies to work on other more important stuff.... Think about it! I can list you hundreds of actions taken by Modi. Only BLIND will not see that! Rest will.
        1. A
          Nov 17, 2014 at 11:02 am
          Your negative views keep with yourselves. If you want change then This is the change.Do You know how much confidence He is building among Indians abroad?
          1. R
            Nov 17, 2014 at 11:16 am
            Atleast think that he is an active guy. It doesn't matter whether he is a magician or ordinary man. We Indians are not bothered even if he doesn't do anything for India. HE IS A MOTIVATION FOR THE INDIANS. Motivation for the people by leading us from the front. To be simple, his words and act is motivating. That's what we want.
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