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Unhappy China scraps Xi Jinping’s visit to Nepal

The decision, incidentally, comes at a time when Nepalese Prime Minister Prachanda, is preparing to visit India for a three-day trip starting September 15.

Written by Yubaraj Ghimire | Kathmandu | Published: September 7, 2016 4:42 am
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In what is being seen as a setback to bilateral relations between the two countries, Chinese President Xi Jinping, who was expected to visit Nepal in October, has cancelled the trip.

This was conveyed to Nepalese Foreign Secretary Shankar Bairagi by the Chinese ambassador to Nepal Wu Chuntai during a meeting two days ago.

The decision, incidentally, comes at a time when Nepalese Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, also known as Prachanda, is preparing to visit India for a three-day trip starting September 15. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had last month extended an invitation to Prachanda to visit India at the earliest.

Sources told The Indian Express that the Chinese side expressed disappointment with Nepal over a host of issues. According to sources, the Chinese are displeased with Nepal’s apparent lack of preparedness and commitment to joining its One Belt, One Road project — a framework that proposes connectivity and cooperation between China and the rest of Eurasia.

The Chinese are also learnt to be unhappy over the Nepalese side “not implementing the agreements and understandings” reached between the two countries during former Nepal prime minister K P Oli’s visit to Beijing in March.

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  1. Y
    Sep 7, 2016 at 2:07 am
    What kind of hind uism cra pp is that, is it a language of human?
    1. Niwomb1
      Sep 8, 2016 at 6:57 am
      Nope . this is FAKE News...lt;br/gt;चिनका सम्माननिय राष्ट्रपतिको नेपाल भ्रमण रोकिएको छैन । भनिएकै समयमा हुने छ । ठुलै उथलपुथल बाहेक त्यो भ्रमण रोकिने पनि छैन । यो यथार्थ हो । अर्को योपनि सत्य हो कि चिनियां राष्ट्रपतिको भ्रमणले नेपालका र बाह्य केहि शक्तिको निंद हराम भएको छ । चिनका राष्ट्रपति नेपाल आउने त्योपनि धेरै वर्षको अन्तरालमा । यो सबै नेपालीको लागि खुशीको कुरा हो । यो केवल प्रचण्डलाई मात्र जोडेर र उहांको मात्र सफलतासंग जोडिएको कुरा हैन । समग्र नेपालीको लागि एउटा कोसेढुंगा हो । अनाश्यक यो विषयलाई अतिरन्जित र भ्रम छर्ने काम ठिक होला र ? #WelComeToXiXinPing
      1. A
        Sep 7, 2016 at 1:36 am
        Keep your friends close but enemy closer. But obviously Congress or AAP supporters don't have any understanding of running a country
        1. Amit Rana
          Sep 8, 2016 at 2:56 am
          Pushpa Kamal Dahal know china very well and what china trying to do...what china did in srilanka and now asking money from srilanks which srilanka can't pay and asking help from indian investors now....china is a dictatorship regime with no freedom of expression and state controlled media...kp oli is a racist and was looking to be a dictator of Nepal kingdom with china backing and suppressing people of other casts in the consution itself....Pushpa kamal dahal also knows how china kill and suppress Tibet people...pushpa kamal dahal has fought a long battle for Nepal democracy...he will never let Nepal turn to dictatorship country like china...you must read about india nepal friendship treaty of 1950 to know more about india nepal relation and why china showing more interest in destabilizing nepal..nepal should be wary of china...see what china doing in stan...china taken land of kashmir under its control from stani dictatorship regime..now killing everyone in Baluchistan and pak occupied kashmir who is raising their voice against cpec..because all work is allotted to Chinese workers and no work is given to local people.
          1. Deepak Bista
            Sep 7, 2016 at 4:02 am
            This news is making all nationalist Nepali very sad as Nepali people were waiting to extend the warmest welcome to Chinese President in Nepal. Nepali people were hoping some railways agreement be signed and Nepali dependence upon India for trade and transport would be reduced. This is a very bad omen to Nepal-China relations and Nepal will be deprived of Chinese istance for overall development (roads, railways, airports, petrol pipelines, hydro-power, solar power, minerals explorations, health, security, banking, trade, education, earth quack destro reconstruction to mention a few). This current Maoists-Congress coalition must take responsibility for their shortcomings. Nepali people will never forget and forgive this unholy coalition for damaging Nepal-China relations and let down Nepali standings by being Indian agents so openly. Let all nationalist be aware and more anti-national acts will be committed in coming days and will deprive Nepali of overall development of Nepal by making Nepal a hostage of India. This coalition is put in power to hurt the most of Nepal's vital interests everywhere possible.
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