US election results: Here is how the swing states are faring

These states are crucial in determining the future of America.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: November 9, 2016 1:01 pm
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While majority of the states in Unites States can be clearly divided into red and blue depending upon the support for Republicans or Democrats respectively, there are a number of such states which do not have a personal favourite and keep swinging one way or the other depending upon the election season. These are the states which have attracted the largest amount of election campaign since results in these states are crucial in determining the future of America.

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In 2016, the states that are being regarded as swing states include, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Arizona, Iowa, Virginia, Nevada, Colorado, and North Carolina. Below is an overview of how they are faring in the results and a background to what elections in these states have looked like in the previous years.

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Florida- 29 votes

Donald Trump wins this crucial state giving the Republicans a very strong lead.

Barack Obama won this state in 2012 with a slim margin of 0.88 percent that fell from the margin of 2.82 percent when he won in 2008. In terms of electoral diversity, the state of Florida can be divided into three parts, with South Florida aligning towards the Democrats, North Florida towards Republicans and central Florida being a swing region. In both 2008 and 2012, Obama won Florida on account of winning a large percentage of the African-American and Latino votes here. In 2004 though, Republican George Bush won the state with a very thin margin and it was the first time a Republican had won the state since George Bush Sr. sixteen years back. The Florida elections in 2000 is widely remembered as one of the only times when a president won the electoral college votes while losing out in the popular votes.

WATCH VIDEO: US Presidential Elections 2016: Here Is The Full Process

Pennsylvania- 20 votes

Donald Trump wins Pennsylvania with 48.8 percent votes.

The Democrats have been ruling over this state for the past six elections. In 2012, Barack Obama won with 52.2 percent of votes as opposed to Mitt Romney’s 46 percent. Last time a Republican had won Pennsylvania was in 1888 with George Bush Sr. won with a thin margin.

Ohio- 18 votes

Donald Trump wins this crucial state with 53.3 percent votes.

Ohio has consistently been considered to be the most crucial state for a presidential win. Since 1964 the state has voted for the winning party every election. In 2012, Obama won the elections in Ohio with a margin of 2.98 percent. Considered to be one of the most diverse states of the US, Ohio reportedly has the potential to determine the overall political mood in the country.

North Carolina- 15 votes

Donald Trump wins the key state 51.2 percent votes.

North Carolina is another very important swing state. In 2012, it swung from Obama to Republican Mitt Romney who won the state with 50.39 percent of the votes. Prior to the 2008 elections when the state elected Democrat Obama with 79.23 percent votes, it was a firmly Republican supporting state.

Virginia- 13 votes

Hillary Clinton wins Virginia. Predictions had shown Hillary Clinton to be leading in Virginia due to a strong presence of African Americans here.

In 2012, Barack Obama won the state with 51.15 percent votes as opposed to 47.28 percent won by Republican Mitt Romney. Obama had won the state in 2008 as well which made him the only Democratic president to have won the state twice. Before Obama’s victory Virginia had been considered as strongly Republican because the state had voted for a Republican candidate every voting season since 1952 except in 1964 when the Democrats won.

Arizona- 11 votes

Early results show Trump and Clinton in a very close battle. While Trump is leading with 48.6 percent votes, Clinton is following with 46.8 percent.

This primarily Republican state has been won by a Democrat only once since 1952 when Bill Clinton won it in 1996. Both in 2008 and in 2012, the state was won over by Republicans through a very wide margin of 8.5 percent and 9 percent respectively. However, Arizona is also a battleground state for illegal immigration. A set of tough immigration laws passed in the state in 2007 led to a drastic fall in labour force and hit the economy hard.

Colorado- 9 votes

Hillary Clinton wins Colorado with 48.6 percent votes.

Previously a strongly Republican, Colorado had swung to favour the Democrats in 2008 and remained with them in the 2012 elections as well. However studies conducted in the state in 2014 had revealed a conservative supporters base in the state allowing it to lean towards Trump.

Iowa- 6 votes

Donald Trump wins Iowa with 51.9 percent.

This Midwestern state had swung from Republican to Democrats in 2008. Iowa has voted for Democrats in five out of the previous six elections. However, prediction polls in the state had showed Donald Trump leading with 44.8 percent points.

Nevada- 6 votes

Clinton wins Nevada with 48.3 percent votes.

Since 1912, Nevada has voted for the winning candidate every year. Consisting of a large Hispanic population this state had been leaning towards the Democrats. However, as per NPR, Nevada has always been difficult to poll and the prediction polls carried out by them showed conflicting results.

New Hampshire- 4 votes

A neck to neck battle is being seen here with Hillary Clinton leading with a thin margin. At present she has 47.5 percent votes as opposed to Trump with 47.4 percent votes.

While Democrats have won New Hampshire in five out of the last six elections, the battle here has always been very close with both the parties having a large amount of support. While fiscally New Hampshire is conservative, in terms of social issue it is considered liberal.

Wisconsin- 10 votes

Donald Trump wins Wisconsin with 48.7 percent votes.

Wisconsin has not voted for a Republican president since 1984. In 2008, Democrats won the state with a wide margin of 13.91 percent. In 2012, Obama won the state back again but with a much thinner margin of 6.94 percent. The current elections showed Trump leading in rural areas of the state that consists of a large number of working class whites. However parts of the state like Madison’s Dane County and the city of Milwaukee has a large Democrat supporter base.



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