US presidential debate LIVE: Clinton banks on experience, Trump focuses on calling her ‘liar’

It will be turning point for both the presidential candidates.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: October 10, 2016 8:32 am
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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump warred over the women, Obamacare, emails, tax provisions, Syria, Russia and energy policies at the second presidential debate in Missouri on Sunday (Eastern time). Both the candidates were better prepared than the previous debate. Trump blamed Hillary Clinton’s “bad judgement” for Syria and her other policies and called her a liar for the most part of the debate. He also said that she was “talk” and “words” and no work. Hillary Clinton fought against all his accusations with facts and references to her 30 years of public service.

Hillary Clinton said that Donald Trump did not have the written discipline to be the president. She also said that many citizens were afraid of his presidency with people fearing they would have to leave the country if he comes to power.

Citizen questions were about rampant Islamaphobia, energy policies and tax provisions.

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The second presidential debate became extremely crucial in light of the 2005 tapes of Donald Trump where he is heard making lewd comments on women. Many Republicans, former and currently elected withdrew support for Trump. The candidate, however, remained defiant and said he would not quit the presidential race.

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President Barack Obama feels that Trump should not be considered in the election. He said, “It tells you that he’s (Trump) insecure enough that he pumps himself up by putting other people down.”

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Trump has also lost many followers but it has not stopped him. Trump in his tweets suggest that he is not going to stop with these controversies.

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Donald Trump spoke for a total of 40 minutes and 10 seconds, while Hillary Clinton spoke for 39 minutes 5 seconds.

Tarishi Verma October 10, 20168:12 am

Donald Trump spoke for a total of 40 minutes and 10 seconds, while Hillary Clinton spoke for 39 minutes 5 seconds.

Tarishi Verma October 10, 20168:11 am

The second presidential debate ends with good compliments and a handshake.

Tarishi Verma October 10, 20168:08 am

Question: One positive thing you respect in one another.

Hillary Clinton says she respects Trump’s children and considers them very able.

Donald Trump: I consider her statement about my children to be a very nice compliment, I don’t know if it was meant to be a compliment. I respect that she doesn’t quit and she doesn’t give up. I disagree with her judgement but she fights hard and I consider that to be a very good trait.

Tarishi Verma October 10, 20168:04 am

Clinton says, that America is not dependent on the Middle East anymore but they still control the prices of the oil. America, she says, is still producing natural gas. She also says her energy policy supports policies on climate change. She says she wants to bring in clean renewable energy and let America set a precedent in the world on renewable energy.

Tarishi Verma October 10, 20168:02 am

On energy policies, Trump says: “We are killing, absolutely killing, our energy business in this country.” He wants to bring back energy companies to pay national debt and to get more jobs.

Tarishi Verma October 10, 20167:58 am

On her comment about Trump’s supporters, Clinton said she had a problem with his divisive politics that was being sent out to his supporters and that she apologised for her “basket of deplorables” comment.

Tarishi Verma October 10, 20167:53 am

Hillary Clinton says Donald Trump does not have the discipline to be President and that she is not the only one who thinks so.

Tarishi Verma October 10, 20167:51 am

Donald Trump: This country cannot get another four years of Barack Obama and this is what you will get with her.

Tarishi Verma October 10, 20167:50 am

Another voter asks whether they can become the dedicated president to all people.

Trump: “I will be a president for all our our people” followed by a reference to Hillary’s comment which said that half Trump’s supporters are a “basket of deplorables”.

Clinton attack Trump on his divisiveness and how his campaign has inspired fear in people. She said a lot of people are worried that they may not have a place in Donald Trump’s America. “There is a lot of fear in people, they are feeling uneasy,” she said.

Tarishi Verma October 10, 20167:43 am

On bringing US military to Syria, Clinton says she would not introduce American ground force in Syria. She said she doesn’t want them holding fort there. She advocates for special forces that are already there.

Tarishi Verma October 10, 20167:40 am

Donald Trump: The biggest problem I have is with the stupidity of our foreign policy.

Tarishi Verma October 10, 20167:38 am

Obama on Syria: She wants to fight for the rebels, she doesn’t even know who they are…Assad is killing ISIS, Russia is killing ISIS, Iran is killing ISIS.

Tarishi Verma October 10, 20167:36 am

Hillary Clinton on Syria: Russia is interested in keeping Assad in power. We need some leverage with Russians…they are not going to come to the table for a diplomatic resolution unless there is some leverage for them…what is at stake here is the aggressiveness of Russia…they have decided who they want as president…I do appreciate the effort to investigate the war crimes by Russia.

Tarishi Verma October 10, 20167:33 am

Hillary Clinton details on her work in public service 30 years. “I will take that work forward as president.”

Tarishi Verma October 10, 20167:30 am

Trump maintains that Hillary Clinton’s donors also bypass tax laws, while saying he does too. “She doesn’t do anything about anything other than talk.” Trump goes on to speak on her “bad judgement” in Libya, Syria, Iran.

Tarishi Verma October 10, 20167:30 am

Question from an uncommitted voter: What specific tax provisions will you change to make sure wealthy pay their fair share?

Trump (on tax cuts): She never will change (tax provisions because it helps her friends and her friends are doing the same thing (as me)…she is raising your taxes and I’m lowering your taxes…we are going to be thriving again…we have no growth in this country…lot of it has to do with the fact that we have high taxes.

Clinton says she will make them pay who earn the maximum, to get the money from where it is. “When I was a senator, I voted to close the loopholes in the tax laws (that wealthy people took advantage of)…people like Donald pay zero for military…education.”

Tarishi Verma October 10, 20167:22 am

Trump on Russian president Vladimir Putin: I think it would be great if we could work along with Russia, we could fight the ISIS together.

Tarishi Verma October 10, 20167:21 am

Clinton on email hacking: Russians are hacking to attack the US presidential elections…Wikileaks is a part of that…they are influencing elections and certainly not for me…maybe it’s because Trump praised Putin maybe.

Tarishi Verma October 10, 20167:18 am

Donald Trump responds to refugees coming in: “In terms of people coming into our country, there may be very dangerous ones coming into our country…I want to force them right back into their own country, they’re murderers, they’re criminals…She wants amnesty for everyone…she’s got bad judgement…in fact, so bad that she would never be President of the United States.”

Tarishi Verma October 10, 20167:15 am

Hillary Clinton: “We will have vetting that is as tough as it needs to be. But it is important for us…to not ban people on the basis of their religion…I thought that we he said was extremely wise and even dangerous.”

Tarishi Verma October 10, 20167:14 am

Donald Trump (on Muslims and the Wall): Captain Khan is an American hero…he would have been alive today (if I were President then)…she didn’t know what she was doing when she voted for the war…

Donald Trump says that the Wall is basically “extreme vetting”.

Tarishi Verma October 10, 20167:12 am

Uncommitted Missouri voter Gorbah Hamed asks about Muslims in America and Islamaphobia.

Trump: I know that’s not good. You have to agree that there is a problem…Muslims have to report the problems when they see them…if you don’t do that, it becomes a very difficult problem for countries…President Obama won’t use the term Radical Islamic Terrorism…to solve the problem, you have to say the name.

Clinton: Divisive things have been said about Muslims…we have had Muslim in America since George Washington…we just lost…Mohammad Ali…if you’re willing to work hard, you can do your part, you can contribute to the community…we need American muslims to be a part of our eyes and ears on the frontlines…I know how important it is for them to feel a part of the country…we are not at war with Islam…it is a mistake to place in the hand of the terrorists to pretend that we are.

Tarishi Verma October 10, 20167:07 am

Clinton (on Obamacare): Let’s fix what’s broken about it but let’s not throw it away.

Trump: Everything is broken about it…(with me) you’re going to have plans that will bring competition back in the game…we are going to have people protected, especially those who don’t have the necessary funds to protect themselves.

Tarishi Verma October 10, 20167:05 am

Moderator asks about Obamacare.

Hillary suggested reforms on Obamacare and the ways in which it can be improved for everyone.

Trump: Obamacare is a failure…we have to repeal it and replace it with something much less expensive…we have to stop insurance companies from competing…that gives them monopolies…you will have the finest healthcare plan. Obamacare is a total disaster…unless you get hit by a truck, it will not come to use. It has to be repealed.

Tarishi Verma October 10, 20167:02 am

Hillary Clinton apologises for the emails, says it was a mistake – “I’m very sorry about that.” Donald Trump continues to say “she is lying.”

Tarishi Verma October 10, 20167:00 am

Donald Trump says, “If I win, I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your (email) situation… you ought to be ashamed of yourself.” Hillary Clinton responded with: “Everything he just said is absolutely false and I am not surprised.”

Trump also said that Hillary ought to be in jail.

Tarishi Verma October 10, 20166:58 am

Donald Trump alleges it was Hillary’s campaign that brought up the birther theory, attacks Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. “You don’t call your handling of emails extremely careless?” he asked.

Tarishi Verma October 10, 20166:56 am

Hillary Clinton says Donald Trump owes an apology to the Khans, to women in the country and to President Barack Obama for the ‘birther’ theory.