UK: Indian-origin man in world’s longest marriage dies at 110

Katari, who will turn 104 on November 1, said it was blessing to have been married and lived for long. She said now that he had gone, she will pray for his peaceful rest.

Written by Anju Agnihotri Chaba | Jalandhar | Updated: October 5, 2016 12:00 pm
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An Indian-origin man in the UK, believed to hold the record for the world’s longest marriage, has died. Karam Chand (110) died in Bradford a month before his 111th birthday.

Chand, along his wife Katari (103), were one of the oldest living couples in Britain and had celebrated their 90th marriage anniversary in December last year. They got married in December 1925 and moved to the UK after living in India for 40 years. The couple had eight children including four sons and four daughters, 27 grand children and 23 great grand children. The couple never argued with each other and were very supportive of each other, said family members.


Katari, who will turn 104 on November 1, said it was blessing to have been married and lived for long. She said now that he had gone, she will pray for his peaceful rest.

“My father often said ‘happiness and contentment is what keeps me going through such a long and beautiful life’,” said Harbhajan Das, Karam Chand’s son.

Asked about his father’s food habits, Harbhajan said he used to have his breakfast sharp at 6:30 in the morning and then two chapatis for lunch and the same for dinner. “He had an apple almost daily,” said Das, adding that even at this age his eye sight did not fail him and he used to read Punjabi books daily without the help of spectacles. “He was not educated but used to read Punjabi” said Das. “Being the oldest living couple, even the queen of Britain had invited them for dinner,” said Harbhajan. Because of his hard work, all my brothers and sisters are well educated and have done well for themselves.

Harbhajan Das, who retired as senior bank manager some time ago said he had returned after living with his father for three months recently and said he was hail and hearty then. He used to talk to me daily and was a very jolly person. He had come to Karari four years ago and wanted to return, added Harbhajan. “After his cremation there all other rituals will be performed at our native place,” he said.

Chand is originally from Karari village in Jalandhar.

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