Trump says would strike a different deal with Cubans

During the rally, Trump stopped his remarks to hold up a sign that read: "Cuban Women for Trump" and said, "I love these signs".

By: PTI | Washington | Published: November 6, 2016 8:21 am
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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has said that if elected, he would repeal the agreement made with Cuba by the outgoing US President Barack Obama and “will be making a much different deal than they made with Castro”. Trump was speaking at an election rally yesterday in Tampa Florida, a key battleground State that has a sizeable Cuban population.

“You know, as you know, the Cubans just endorsed me. They gave me the Bay of Pigs Association Award,” he said.

During the rally, Trump stopped his remarks to hold up a sign that read: “Cuban Women for Trump” and said, “I love these signs”.

Trump also reached out to the Hispanics and African American communities.

“The Hispanic vote is turning out to be much different than people thought.

“But the African-American community, the Hispanic community, folks living in the inner cities, crime-ridden –you can’t walk to the store and buy a loaf of bread, you get shot. The education is the worst. And there’s no job.

“We’re going to fix the education, we’re going to bring back jobs, and we’re going to bring back safety,” he said.

Alleging that Democrats have just been taking votes of Hispanic community members and have done nothing for them, he said, “And I say to the Hispanic community, living in the inner-city, to the African-American community, I say: What the hell do you have to lose? I’m going to fix it. I’m going to fix it. I am going to fix it.”

He said the African-American community has been treated terribly.

“That’s why I’m so honored to see those signs. And I’m telling you, that’s turning out to be the story of this election, the African-American vote,” he said while referring to a sign from an African American in his support.

“Watch. You watch. They’ve been treated very unfairly. African- American and Hispanic people living in the inner cities”, he said.

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