Trump has ‘dumbed-down’ this US presidential election: Biden

Biden campaigned in favour of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, 69.

By: PTI | Columbus | Updated: October 26, 2016 1:25 pm
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Republican candidate Donald Trump has “dumbed-down” this US presidential election with his rhetoric, statements about women and lack of knowledge on foreign policy, US Vice President Joe Biden has said. “What frustrates me about this election and I could not quite figure it out, I was on my way up to campaign in New Hampshire day before yesterday for Hillary (Clinton), and I realised it, Trump has so dumbed-down this election,” Biden said at an election rally in Toledo, Ohio on Tuesday.

“Think about it, that the press, they are decent people, all these folks out there, what are you going to cover? Do you cover Hillary’s explanation of how she pays for college, or are you going to cover Trump saying that because he is famous he can go out and grope women? No. It has been so outrageous. We have not covered any of the issues, basically,” he said.

Biden campaigned in favour of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, 69.

“Can you imagine any president that has ever lived, assuming they had the technology, getting up at 3:30 in the morning and tweeting nasty things about a beauty queen that gained wait?

“Can you imagine any president of the US ever saying that when a coalition has been planning for months to take out ISIL in the town of Mosul in Iraq, saying that they are now attacking Mosul because of Hillary to make her look strong? I am not going to say anymore,” he said.

In his speech, Biden said Clinton has forgotten more about foreign policy than Trump, 70, will ever, ever, ever learn.

“One thing he has demonstrated, he does not know anything,” he said.

Biden said China is nowhere to near the US.

“They do not only not have enough energy, they do not have enough water, god love them. They do not have water. They are talking about a USD two trillion project to literally turn their rivers and send them in a different direction so the populations have water. These folks are in real trouble. They are not our competition; we are our competition,” he said.

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