Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton move closer to winning party nominations after big ‘Super Tuesday’ wins

Super Tuesday LIVE: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have stacked up victories in crucial states

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: March 2, 2016 11:23:54 am
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Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton moved closer to winning their parties’ nominations with a series of victories in the Super Tuesday elections, the biggest day of the primary campaign.

Clinton and Trump each won seven of 11 state races as they distanced themselves from party rivals and looked ahead to a November presidential election showdown.


11:15 am:  Donald Trump has won the Republican presidential primary in Vermont, claiming his latest victory. His win in Vermont places him well-ahead of his rivals who significantly trail him in delegates

11:00 am: Hillary Clinton has won a majority of Super Tuesday delegates. Her wins in seven states have now earned her 441 of the 865 delegates at stake for the evening. Sanders is on track to win at least 262.

10:05 am: Hillary Clinton has won Massachusetts for the Democrats.

10:00 am: To give our readers an update on Minnesota, Marco Rubio has emerged the winner in the Republican caucus while Sanders has won the state for the Democratic party.

9:30 am: Fox News says Bernie Sanders is projected to win the Colorado caucus.

9:25 am: Donald Trump still maintains lead in the Arkansas and Vermont Republican caucuses.

9:15 am: In the Colorado and Minnesota democratic caucuses, Bernie Sanders has a good lead over Hillary Clinton.

In Minnesota Republican caucus, Marco Rubio is likely to register his first win.

8:45 am: Ted Cruz speaks in Texas.

Ours is the only campaign that has beaten, can beat and will beat Donald Trump: Cruz

8:35 am: For Marco Rubio, the state of Minnesota could be the sole silver lining. He is leading there by 36% votes.

8:25 am: There it is again! Donald Trump reiterates his promise to making a wall at the US-Mexico border. ‘Mexico will pay for it. 100%’, he says.

8:20 am: In all, Clinton has won six states including Texas as well as the American Samoa, overtaking Sanders’ victories in smaller states such as Vermont and Oklahoma.

Clinton is now assured of winning at least 334 of the 865 delegates at stake on Super Tuesday. That’s compared to Sanders, who at least 145.

Including superdelegates, Clinton now has at least 882 delegates. Sanders has at least 232. It takes 2,383 delegates to win.

8:10 am: ‘It’s been an amazing evening’: Donald Trump in Florida

The middle class has been forgotten in this country: Trump

It takes a lot of courage to run for President: Trump

8:05 am: Just to give you info on the remaining GOP candidates John Kasich and Ben Carson, they are nowhere on the radar. They are still in the race, but they have absolutely zero chance of getting nominated by the Republican party.

7:55 am: Here’s the tally for the candidates so far:

Hillary Clinton – 6

Donald Trump – 5

Ted Cruz – 2

Bernie Sanders – 2

7:45 am: It’s a big win for Bernie Sanders in Oklahoma. Remember, he had also carried his home state of Vermont.

7:44 am: For Marco Rubio, this will be a disappointing night. He has NOT won a single state. If he has any chance of getting the nomination, he has to pick up delegates and win crucial states.

7:40 am: And that’s a confirmation from Oklahoma. Cruz has picked up a big victory there.

7:37 am: Oklahoma is another state where Cruz has a chance of prevailing over Trump. It’s a close race there.

7:35 am: Another BIG update. In what is essentially a huge night for Clinton, she has won the Texas Democratic primary. This will be a huge setback for her opponent Bernie Sanders.

7:32 am: BIG news from Texas. Ted Cruz has won the Republican presidential primary there denting the campaign of Donald Trump. Remember, Cruz is a senator from Texas.

7:27 am: This country belongs to all of us, not just for those at the top: Clinton

I believe what we need in America today is more love and kindness because you know what, it works: Clinton

7:23 am: ‘What a Super Tuesday’: Clinton tells a crowd in Miami, Florida.

America prospers when we all prospers. We know we have got work to do. That work is not making America great again. America never stopped being great. We have to make America whole: Clinton

7:20 am: We are now getting information that Clinton has won Arkansas, a crucial state for her campaign.

7:18 am: CNN is projecting a Donald Trump win in Virginia. This is now the fifth state he is winning. He is the only Republican candidate to win a state.

7:17 am: Just to give our readers the perspective, Super Tuesday is the day when at least 11 states go to the polls, all at the same time. And if Trump and Clinton win a majority of these states, they are sure to be nominated by their respective parties for the US presidency.

7:12 am: In Oklahoma, Trump is still leading where the polls have not closed. Cruz and Rubio are following closely.

7:10 am: The picture in Texas is favouring Ted Cruz, the senator from there. He is leading there by a lot to Trump with Rubio in the third position.

7:05 am: We also have results from the Democratic primary results in Vermont, where home senator Bernie Sanders has emerged victorious.

7:00 am : The first results are in. Projections of news outlets are coming true as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have stacked up victories in four states each.

While Trump won Alabama, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Georgia, Clinton won in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and Virginia.

(With updates from AP and Reuters)

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