Severe flood warnings in parts of UK as Army helps

Some people were evacuated from their homes in the Lancashire area 220 miles northwest of London after water breached flood barriers following torrential rains.

By: AP | London | Published: December 26, 2015 7:12 pm


london, flood warning, red alert, london flood warning, london red alert, flood alerts in london, flood alerts on wales, cobra meet on Christmas, london cobra meet, evacuation in london, world news, latest news People are rescued from their homes in a kayak after floods on Warwick Street in Carlisle, England, Sunday Dec. 6, 2015. The Environment Agency declared 130 flood warnings, while residents in some areas were evacuated from their homes. Rain continued to fall overnight in Scotland, northern England and northern parts of Wales, and is likely to continue for a few hours yet, forecasters said. (Photo Source: AP)

Parts of northwest England already hit hard by flooding in recent weeks were under severe flood warnings Saturday because of forecasts for more heavy rain, with some areas being evacuated.

The Environmental Agency “red alert” warnings issued Saturday mean there is a danger of loss of life due to flooding in those areas.

Some people were evacuated from their homes in the Lancashire area 220 miles (355 kilometers) northwest of London after water breached flood barriers following torrential rains.

Water poured into the streets in some areas. People in some towns were told to abandon their homes for higher ground while others were told to move their valuables and listen to advice from emergency services about possible evacuation.

An Army company has helped build temporary flood defenses in Cumbria in the northwest of England as residents struggle following waves of winter storms accompanies by heavy rains.

Floods Minister Rory Stewart said rainfall in the flooded areas is unprecedented.

He said in some areas, a month’s worth of rain could fall in one day on ground already saturated from earlier rains.

There were more than 110 additional flood alerts for other parts of England and Wales.

The government’s emergency ministerial group, known as Cobra, met on Christmas Day to make contingency plans for more rainfall.

Officials said 85 percent of Britain’s flood defense barriers have already been deployed to the Cumbria area.

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  1. K
    kushal kumar
    Dec 27, 2015 at 9:51 am
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