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Pakistan-China begin fourth joint naval exercise aimed at CPEC security

Chinese naval ships Changxingdao and Handan reached Karachi earlier on Wednesday to participate in the exercise.

By: ANI | Karachi | Published: November 18, 2016 12:39 pm
pakistan china, cpec, pak china cpec, cpec exercise, pak china naval exercise, china pak naval exercise, world news “The navies of both China and Pakistan are to ‘enjoy an all-weather relationship with joint maritime collaboration.’ (Representational)

With focus on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the Navies of both sides are presently engaged in a joint exercise aimed at promoting maritime security and stability in the region. The fourth joint exercise, which began on Thursday, will continue till November 21, reports the Dawn. Commodore Mirza Foad Amin Baig, Commander 18th Destroyer Squadron, told the media that the fourth exercise carried far more importance in the context of the CPEC project. He said that the drill was aimed at enhancing security in the strategic region including port areas and the sea where ships would sail out.

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“The [fourth] exercise will help improve the naval capability of both countries to protect Gwadar port activities while providing a safe and conducive environment for the movement of merchant ships from there,” said Chi Qingtao, Senior Captain Flotilla Commander Chinese Naval Force. The Chinese Naval Commander said that in addition to enjoying “solid friendship”, both sides share waters and mountains, “which we will protect together”.

Chinese naval ships Changxingdao and Handan reached Karachi earlier on Wednesday to participate in the exercise. Providing details of the exercise, Commodore Baig said that it would have harbour and sea phases. He said that this exercise was aimed at exchanging and making use of combined maritime operations to ensure a stable maritime environment, which was vital for economic stability, growth, peace and security of the region. “The exercise is reflective of a strong mutual desire to improve the level of coordination and interoperability at operational and tactical levels,” he said.

“The navies of both China and Pakistan enjoy an all-weather relationship with joint maritime collaboration, including regular exchange visits of senior naval leadership and fleet units, joint construction of naval ships and submarines, PLA(N)’s regular participation in Aman series of exercises, and annual joint SOF exercises. The current visit of PLA (N) ships to Karachi and… this bilateral exercise is a testimony of the same,” he added. The Chinese Naval Commander said that this exercise would further refine the operational capabilities of both navies.

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  1. J
    Nov 18, 2016 at 7:17 am
    I am really surprised and amused that CPEC is being so much hyped up in stan. It is being considered as a game changer, something out of the world, something unique and what not. May be it is the proverbial opium referred by Confucius which stani establishment regularly feeds its potion tokeep them happily intoxicated.lt;br/gt;In any corner of the world, such kind of development is entirely routine and not even mentioned in national narrative. After all 48 billion dollars (or is it 51 billion – count goes up every day) is really peanuts when you consider a nation’s economy. Subsequently, count of its benefits goes up every day – it’s almost free for all. Even to think of it as an engine with which a potion of 16 crores (or is 20 crores – count goes up every moment).lt;br/gt;Fact of the matter is, it is CpEC and not CPEC, where P factor is insignificant, as in ‘also ran’. It is a development by the Chinese , of the Chinese and for the Chinese – best part being it is on stani soil, paid for by stani public. There are few clear winners – Chinese nation, Chinese business community and stani establishment. As far as stani public is concerned, it should be happy with their ounce of opium.lt;br/gt;Agenda of the Chinese is very clear – at present their only access to hot water ocean routes is thru strait of Malacca. As things are developing now - situation which is entirely of Chinese making – there is every possibility that forces hostile to it may choke this access easily thus entirely choking Chinese military and commercial movements. In such an emergency stan/Gwadar is going to serve as an alternate route. In normal situation, Chinese are not fools to transport their produce thousands of miles from their eastern manufacturing hubs to west just to please stan. If they do so they will loose their economic compeiveness enjo by them now the pretext of development they are being facilitated – that too paid for by stani public. Nothing can be sweeter than this! In the process stan will be left with inhaling the dust generated by the movement of convoys (mostly military) when such a situation arises. stan will become strategic depth of China, worst still a utilitarian province of China – if it has not become so still. So best luck to all day dreamers for their dreams enticed by the opium.