Nuclear-capable states have clear responsibility of practicing restraint: US tells Pakistan

He also said that US urges action to deescalate and deligitimise terror groups like LeT, Haqqani network and JeM.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: October 1, 2016 7:19 am
surgical strikes, LoC, nuclear war, pakistan nuclear weapons, india-pakistan war, indo-pak border, india-pakistan border, us on india-pak issue, uri attack Deputy Spokesperson of US State Department, Mark C Toner . (File)

Days after Pakistan Defence Minister Khawaja M Asif threatened India with a nuclear strike during a television interview, US state department deputy spokesperson Mark Toner on Saturday said that nuclear-capable states have clear responsibility to exercise restraint.

“This is my message directly to the Pakistani authorities,” ANI quoted Toner as saying.

He also said that US urges action to deescalate and deligitimise terror groups like LeT, Haqqani network and JeM.

Stating that US was following the situation on the ground closely after India carried out surgical strikes along the LoC on late Wednesday night, he said that US was in continuous communication with Pakistan and India’s authorities to reduce tensions.

“We certainly don’t want to see any kind of escalation and any kind of break in that communication,” Toner said.

In a reference to Uri attack, Toner said that US has consistently ‘expressed concerns on the danger of cross-border terrorism in the region’.

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  1. M
    Muhammad Akmal
    Oct 1, 2016 at 4:10 am
    y endia nazar ni ata tujy
  2. B
    Oct 1, 2016 at 3:35 am
    We people all over world, majority of us, are strong believer in God. We are not in old age now to create several God as per our thought( out of Ignorance). God is almighty and only responsible for this beautiful creation we witness. He is one and we all are his children and hence we are one family member. It is our ignorance we created different God and hence create the hatred among us. I pray to all to understand this and reduce the difference. I understand to some extent this God factor was created by our ancestor to reduce our Ego and create love ,affection , and cooperation among us. But unfortunately it is moving in wrong direction and unfortunately the noble Idea attached with it is disappearing.
  3. R
    Rishi Raj
    Oct 1, 2016 at 5:41 am
    The reaction of US is very weak. They should have warned stan of terrible retributions on the unwarranted first use of nukes. This covert support of stani hawks may cost the end of human civilization as even a limited nuclear exchange may accelerate cataclysmic climate changes.
  4. R
    Rishi Raj
    Oct 1, 2016 at 5:45 am
    You are totally wrong. God was created by men to perpetuate ignorance and exploit people. Nobody, including you, seriously believes in God.
  5. M
    Oct 1, 2016 at 4:16 am
    U.S. should understand Islamic agenda of stan, he turns it self in to mersenary agent to introduce this agenda in Russia, U.S. and China as these countries are hard to penetrate, and generally these strong countries exploite weak country and can give chance to implement this agenda as happened in case of U.S. No sense or question of responsibility, duty,and humidity arises.
  6. P
    Oct 1, 2016 at 6:52 am
    Who helped stan to have nuclear Bomb.? During the Russian invasion in Afganistant (. 1978-1979 ) this terrorist country gave a small territory near Afgan border to CIA to do espionage on Russian activities. Just for this small favour stan exploded the first nuclear bomb with the financial support from Saudi Arabia who was always dreaming a Muslim Nuclear Bomb against Israel but later against India.But United did not want to condemn s on the demand of Saudians. Let us not forget 11 out 15 terrorists who destro World Trade Center was all from Saudi Arabia .Now US politicians are deeply worrying for nothing.So we don't trust United States.They were against Indra hi and India becaus we had a good relationship with Russia and it should continue always.Russiav is our reliable friend but not western countries.
  7. S
    Oct 1, 2016 at 2:05 am
    HILLARY CLINTON is Right when she says Nukes could be be stolen by the Jihadi'slt;br/gt;This is the reason why US Govt. needs to support IN breaking pak. to the following....!!lt;br/gt;BALOCHISTAN / SINDHU DESH / WAZIRSTAN / PASHTUNISTAN
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