My administration will stop reckless interventions and focus on destroying ISIS: Donald Trump

He said the US under his leadership would be using cyber offense to disrupt the enemy where it needs to and keep them from recruiting online.

By: PTI | Washington | Updated: October 13, 2016 8:16 pm
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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has said that if elected to power, his administration “will stop the reckless interventions” and instead focus on “defeating and totally destroying ISIS”.

“Trump administration will stop the reckless interventions and instead focus on defeating and totally destroying ISIS.

“We’re also going to build up our cyber defenses,” Trump said at an election rally in Florida Wednesday.

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The US under his leadership, he said, would be using cyber offense to disrupt the enemy where it needs to and keep them from recruiting online.

“ISIS is taking our children, and taking our kids out of our country because they’re using the internet better than we know how to use it. And we’re the ones that came up with it,” he asserted.

“At the same time, we’re going to completely rebuild our very depleted military. We’re going to take care of our people.

“That includes building state-of-the-art systems of all kind. When it comes to keeping America safe, I believe in three very important words: peace through strength. We don’t want to use the military,” he said.

“A Trump administration will secure, control, defend and protect the borders of the United States, as sure as you are standing here today,” he said while reiterating that he would be aiming for construction of a wall along the Mexico border. The Government of Mexico would pay for it, he said.

“We’re going to have a great relationship with Mexico and China and all of these countries that are ripping us off and now have no respect.

“They’re going to make less and they’re going to like us more. Funny how that works, but it’s true. Mexico is making a fortune with trade. They’re taking our jobs. So many things. They are going to respect us finally,” he said.

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