ISIS more dangerous than Al-Qaeda: Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani

"Compared to 15 years ago, we're safer in certain ways, but not as safe in other ways," Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said.

By: PTI | Washington | Published:September 11, 2016 9:55 pm

On the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, former New York Mayor Rudy on Sunday said that Islamic State terror group which “has spread its tentacles all over the world” poses a serious threat to the US than Al-Qaeda. “We are dealing with a different paradigm, meaning there we were dealing with one major group, Al-Qaeda. Having gone after the mafia and the Colombian drug cartels, I can tell you it’s easier to go after a single organisation than it is what we’re facing today, which is this Islamic nation which we think of just as ISIS in Syria and Iraq, but it has spread its tentacles all over the world,” Giuliani told ABC News in an interview.

“They’re in 28 different countries. Al-Qaeda never had the capacity to do that. I’m not going to say they’re smarter people; they’re better educated people. And they’re people who know us better. They come from France and Germany and England and the US,” he said. “The Al-Qaeda people were Afghan warriors. Great warriors – horrible people but great warriors. They didn’t have the ability to use the Internet; they didn’t have the ability to infiltrate. So in some ways we’re safer; and in some ways we’re in a much more dangerous situation,” said Giuliani.

“Compared to 15 years ago, we’re safer in certain ways, but not as safe in other ways.

“We’re always fighting the last war. We’re always fighting the last battle, the attack in the airplane. So, yes, is our airplane safety much greater today? Absolutely. Is our cargo safety much safer today? Can’t tell you that,” he said. Giuliani said he knows well both about Donald Trump and his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.

“I believe there’d be a major difference between the two of them in terms of our economy and most importantly, how we deal with terrorism. I don’t like the way this administration has dealt with terrorism. I think they’ve put us too much on defense and there have been too many terrorist attacks in the last year,” he said.

“San Bernardino happened less than a year ago. You just start counting them from San Bernardino on in December of last year and we’re talking about a major escalation in terrorist attacks and a major proliferation in terrorist attacks, that this administration I believe has encouraged by going on defense. We’re sitting back waiting for the next attack. We should be on offense,” Giuliani said.

“When Hillary said I’m not going to put any troops in, you might as well — you might as well stop trying to deal with them. I mean, now they know — now they know you’re a patsy,” he said.