Hungary’s Viktor Orban relays the ‘fun’ he had at Donald Trump victory

Orban spoke of the high hopes he had at the upcoming changes in the US Trump's election

By: AP | Nis | Updated: November 21, 2016 9:06 pm
Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Hungary Prime Minister, US, Donald Trump, President elect, Donald Trump Hungary, latest news, latest world news Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban (Source: Zoltan Mathe/MTI via AP, file)

Hungary’s right-wing prime minister says watching Donald Trump win the US presidential election was the “most fun” he had had in a long time. Viktor Orban spoke Monday of the “high hopes” he had at the upcoming changes in the US ” Trump’s election, he says, could mark an “important crossroads.”

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While in Serbia, Orban said “we have had enough of lecturing” and “not being able to express our opinion because we are afraid that we will be morally judged.” He relayed his hope that “we will get rid of that now.”

Orban in the past had praised Trump’s tough position on migration. Orban’s own government has faced criticism for building a barbed-wire fence along its border with Serbia to stop migrant influx. Orban’s comments were translated into Serbian from Hungarian.

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