Hillary Clinton takes near unbeatable lead over Donald Trump: Poll

The poll is seen by many as unbeatable, with just three weeks to go for the November 8 general election.

Updated: October 19, 2016 12:47:46 pm
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Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, has a nine-point lead over her Republican rival Donald Trump, according to a latest poll which comes just three weeks before the general election. Clinton’s (47 per cent) lead over Trump (38 per cent) has expanded to nine points, said CBS News in its poll conducted amidst allegations of sexual harassment against the controversial billionaire.

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The nine-point lead for Clinton is in a four-way match up, while in a two-way match up, she leads Trump by 11 points and her popularity among likely voters has crossed 51 per cent for the first time, it said. The poll is seen by many as unbeatable, with just three weeks to go for the November 8 general election.

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson gets eight per cent of likely voters, while Green Party candidate Jill Stein receives three per cent of the vote. Two weeks ago, Clinton’s lead was four points, the news channel said.

“In a two-way match-up where third party candidates are not named explicitly, Clinton leads Trump 51 per cent to 40 per cent among likely voters, including leaners,” it said yesterday.

While Trump leads among men voters by just two per cent, he trails by 19 per cent among women voters. Trump also leads Clinton by six percentage points among white voters, but trails by just two per cent among white women. As per RealClearPolitics, which keeps tracks of all major national polls, Clinton’s lead over Trump on an average has now increased to seven percentage points.

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