Could it be Kaiju? There are strange sounds coming from a remote Arctic site

People are coming up with a lot of conspiracy theories to explain the strange sounds.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: November 5, 2016 12:27 pm
In this photo provided by Dirk Notz, taken, April 25, 2009, ice floats in the Arctic near Svalbard, Norway. At current carbon emission levels, the Arctic will likely be free of sea ice in September around mid-century, which could make weather even more extreme and strand some polar animals, a study published Thursday in the journal Science finds. (Dirk Notz via AP) Representational image. (Dirk Notz via AP)

Mysterious ‘pinging’ sounds coming from a remote Arctic site has forced the Canadian military to send an investigation team to figure out the reason behind “acoustic anomalies”, according to a report by the BBC. The Canadian military sent an aircraft which did multi-sensor searches throughout the area, but the team was unable to explain the cause behind the noises.

The ‘strange’ sounds were earlier reported by the local people, residing in Fury and Helca Strait, about 120 km from the village of Igloolik, who complained that the sounds have frightened away local animals over the last few months. A local leader also told reporters that there were hardly any migratory animals during the summer season in the region, which he found ‘suspicious’.

“The cause of the ‘pings’ have still remained a mystery’, a Canadian defence ministry spokesperson was quoted saying by BBC. According to reports, the aircraft carrier investigating the site found no ‘surface or sub-surface contacts’ which could explain the matter. The only thing the team found in the interest area were whales and walruses.

The mystery behind the sounds have garnered a huge local interest and people are coming up with a lot of conspiracy theories to explain the sounds. While some blame corporate entities such as Baffinland Iron Mines Corporation, who previously conducted sonar surveys in the area, to be behind the noises, others believe construction, blasting or hydrography projects in the region are causing the sounds. Many are also coming up wither weirder explanations; Greenpeace environmental group deliberately generating sounds to scare wildlife away from the rich hunting ground and extraterrestial intervention are some of them.

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