Brussels attacks: Belgium Police makes 3 new arrests

Four people were held following 13 new raids in and around Brussels and Antwerp

By: Reuters | Brussels | Published: March 28, 2016 3:30 pm
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Brussels prosecutors on Monday said they had charged three more people with participating in a terrorist group after a series of raids following bomb attacks on Brussels airport and a metro train last week.

In a statement on Monday, the federal prosecutors named the three charged as Yassine A., Mohamed B. and Aboubaker O., adding they could not give further information about them at this stage.

They also said they had released without charge a fourth man they had been questioning.

On Sunday, they had announced they were holding four people following 13 new raids in and around Brussels and Antwerp

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  1. Santano Fernandes
    Mar 28, 2016 at 10:50 am
    How many people they will arrest, they have contaminated the place like mosquitoes breeding and every gutter you turn to see carefully you will find one or more mosquitoes, how many they will kill, because the ground was allowed to remain fertile for mosquitoes breeding for a very long time and ignored, when the mosquitoes came out and started biting people giving some instant death, putting many in the hospitals , then the authorities in Belgium has opened eyes and started looking at the gutters but then the remaining biting mosquitoes change and become normal flies to make them acceptable. So Belgium and Europe has to ask themselves how can constantly they need to use pesticides to kill the mosquitos in the gutters with a monthly or daily schedule. This will be only approach otherwise again mosquito left in the gutters will breed more mosquitoes and it will be a never ending story. Time to act and act fast and act consistently to clear the gutters of the mosquitoes and once again use oil paints on the gutters so that those areas does not become breeding ground for more mosquitoes