5 things that have made White House staff uneasy about Donald Trump

Trump’s new administration has apparently given birth to a third category: leaks from within the White House and his officials alarmed by his conduct, says an explosive report in the Huffington Post.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: February 10, 2017 4:05 pm
Donald Trump, WHite house leaks, Trump White House leaks, Donald Trump leaks, Trump administration leaks US President Donald Trump. (Reuters File Photo)

US President Donald Trump’s ‘volatile’ behaviour has created an environment suited for leaks from his executive agencies and even within the White House itself. Although leaks from White House are not uncommon, the sources who leak information suggest the President might be unfit to occupy such a powerful position. While leaks usually involve executives trying to sabotage each other’s plans or attempting to scuttle policy decisions they find problematic, Trump’s new administration has apparently given birth to a third category: leaks from within the White House and his officials alarmed by his conduct, says an explosive report in the Huffington Post.


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Here are five instances that made the White House staff and agency officials weary about the president:

1. Trump’s 3 am call to Flynn about the dollar’s strength

Trump reportedly dialled his national security adviser for information on the Dollar’s value in the international currency market, not realising he has a wealth of experience in counterintelligence, not macroeconomics. Sources familiar with the development told Huffington Post that Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn did not have an answer to that because it wasn’t his area of expertise, while suggesting Trump speak with an economist instead.

2. Trump doesn’t like to read long memos

Then there’s an issue with his briefing materials. The President doesn’t like to read long memos, a White House aide told the Huffington Post on condition of anonymity. So, ideally bullet points and information no more than a single page!

3. Hand towels aboard Air Force One

This one Trumps all. So, apparently Trump either gets ecstatic or extremely irritated over small things. Hand towels on board the Air Force One, for instance. While he’s extremely overjoyed by the telephone system inside the White House, as told to the New York Times, he reportedly complained about the hand towels on board aboard Air Force One because they aren’t soft enough, according to the White House aide.

4. Travel ban on seven predominantly Muslim nations

While some of the leaks clearly suggest an opposition to his policies – the travel ban on refugees and on visitors from seven predominantly Muslim nations – many believe that the president’s words and rants on Twitter tweets pose a genuine threat.

5. Trump on call with Mexico President Nieto

Similarly, in the same vein, news agency The Associated Press had published the details of a phone call between President Trump and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, reporting that Trump said Mexico had “bad hombres” and that he might need to dispatch US troops to take care of things. To control the damage, the White House later said he was joking around.

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      PUFFING POST Is india NDTV ..no one cares for this liberal pressitute
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        perhaps. but why don't you comment on the idiocy of indian politicians? scared they might trace your mail account?
        1. Jim Bush
          Feb 8, 2017 at 6:31 pm
          Realize that D.C. in general is 90% Democrat so if Trump has 10 staffers from D.C., 9 of them are over-emotional, teary-e Obama supporters who think leaking national security secrets is worth it to get one over on Trump.lt;br/gt;lt;br/gt;Don't be surprised if you see Trump work increasingly away from the White House and its corrupt staff. The only way to fire everyone and hire real supporters would be to move the White House out of D.C. If he just moved his operations 50 miles west or south he'd be in a far more friendly political climate.lt;br/gt;lt;br/gt;So anything you hear out of the White House staff should be listened to as if you were hearing it from Nancy Pelosi. They could not possibly be any more biased. They cannot be trusted at all. The President himself cannot and should not trust the D.C. staff.