Nepal: Protests over new constitution continue, essential supplies from India halted

Officials say nearly 400 Nepalese protesters clashed with police in Birganj, a town on the border with India, on Thursday.

By: AP | Kathmandu | Updated: September 25, 2015 9:19 am
Nepal, nepal protest, Nepal constitution, Nepal news, Nepal protests, Nepal constitution protest, Nepal new constitution, Nepal latest news, world news, international news, india nepal, nepal india news Nepalese protesters try to clash with policemen after burning a copy of the new constitution during the protest organized by splinter of the Maoist party, alliance of ethnic group and Madhesi party, in Kathmandu, Nepal, Monday, Sept. 21,2015. Nepal on Sunday, Sept. 20, 2015, formally adopted a much anticipated and long-delayed constitution that took more than seven years to complete following a decade of political infighting. (AP Photo/Niranjan Shrestha)

Nepal’s top political parties are reaching out to protesters angry about the country’s new constitution, after violence in the region bordering India has halted more than 1,000 oil tankers and trucks with essential supplies from entering Nepal.

Officials say nearly 400 Nepalese protesters clashed with police in Birganj, a town on the border with India, on Thursday. They belong to ethnic and religious groups dissatisfied with Nepal’s new constitution adopted on Sunday.

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Sri Prakash, an Indian official, says 1,500 oil tankers from India used to enter southern Nepal every day from the Jogbani, but there has been no movement for the past three days, raising fear of shortages in the Himalayan nation.

The violence in recent weeks has killed at least 45 people in Nepal.

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  1. A
    abhishek tamrakar
    Sep 25, 2015 at 5:14 pm
    as you say that the blockage is due to the unrest going in the terai region of nepal, but the actual situation is that the indian counterpart has imposed a undeclared economic blockade to nepal. this is why india is not so por with its neighbours....always bossing its power..... be a good neighbor and try to mediate in the problem,instead of fueling the situation and making the condition worse....
  2. A
    Sep 25, 2015 at 4:13 pm
    Its very unfortunate to see the blocking of loads of supply of essential products for Neplese people by indian govt. And its not the first time they have done this to our small himalayan countrydia have been doing this since from long time,when Nepals falls in to difficult situation,this use to be their sword to intimidate Neplese people.The history have proven that.What india really want from Nepal is very much clear to all neplese people. Mr. Modi if you are dreaming to occupy all of our country by blocking this essential goods for innocent Nepale people,the history will not excuse you.If you wanted to be the super hero of the world you better fence all Nepal india boarder and close the boarder for ever we are ready to face that.
  3. A
    Sep 25, 2015 at 1:09 pm
    Four liked and four disliked lol
  4. g
    Sep 25, 2015 at 5:34 pm
    Why did india fence the boarder with Bangaladesh,Burma and stan and keep open the 1000 k.m. boarder with Nepal ? This question is haunting to all Neplese people today,because now when we open our eyes we came to know that most of our plain fertile land of terai region is occupied by stranger(the bihari and up people of india),and today they are waging the guns against the state of Nepal and Indian openly supporting them, means indian .govt have already occupied our land and now govt. of india also wanted to confiscate our major river systems.The world should knows that.
  5. k
    Sep 25, 2015 at 4:31 pm
    Thats true Mr.arun,we must be ready to survive with out any indian products .Its high time that Nepal govt.go ahead to open several boarder connections with our northern neighbour with out any delay.
  6. P
    Prabin Joshi
    Sep 25, 2015 at 5:33 pm
    It is very interesting to note that the demands of protesters were presented to government of Nepal through Indian emby in Nepal verbally and South block in Delhi has heavily supported these demands as well. Government of Nepal has repeatedly requested protesters for talks and ask the list of demands which were not never presented to Government of Nepal by the protesters. Blockage of supplies at Indian side of the boarder citing violence in Nepal clearly indicated that it is the Government of India especially the south block which is instigating these protesters and encouraging and recommending for the protest in the boarder sides of India creating a situation of violence in the one hand, at the same time, it is blocking the supplies citing reasons for violence. So it is clear that this is child play of south block and above article is in support of such effort which is totally a kind of propaa against Nepal. If this news paper is the independent and fair, they should analyse fairly and report clearly the present situation in Nepal. This is causing the very bad image about India in Nepal. We hope this does not reach the level where people to people relationship between two countries started disbelieving each other and destroying centuries old relation between people of Nepal and India. We request all independent people of India to visit and analyse the situation. We request to stop one sided story and it is free for any Indian brother or sister to visit Nepal to make proper analysis without prejudice. I do not think people of India want people of Nepal to suffer with deliberate act of Government of India. Brotherly and sisterly regards to all brothers and sisters of Nepal
  7. S
    Sep 25, 2015 at 4:29 pm
    India should completely stop interfering in Nepal's internal affairs on pretext of border trouble. Just deport all Nepali, seal border and mind your own business.
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