Nepal’s Prime Minister K P Oli slams India again, praises China

Oli praised China for helping Nepal with fuel and other essential commodities. Speaking about China, he added: “We will have our trade volume enhanced and diversified.”

Written by Yubaraj Ghimire | Kathmandu | Updated: November 16, 2015 1:26 pm
Nepal’s prime Minister K P Oli Nepal’s prime Minister K P Oli

Nepal’s prime Minister K P Oli Sunday said the undeclared blockade by India and the resultant humanitarian crisis in the country had undermined historic ties between the two nations as well as the rights of a landlocked country under international law.

In his first nationally televised address to the nation after becoming PM, Oli said the shortage because of the blockade had hit those needing immediate medical care, including pregnant women, and schoolgoing children the worst.

He added that the blockade had left deep negative impact on the minds of the people about an important neighbour. While recalling high-level visits by Indian leaders and resumption of major hydro-projects last year, he claimed that the current “war- like situation that Nepal has been facing” had relegated all that progress to the background.

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However, he praised China for helping Nepal with fuel and other essential commodities. Speaking about China, he added: “We will have our trade volume enhanced and diversified.”

Oli said that the current crisis was a big lesson, asserting that it was time for the country to move towards self-reliance and austerity. He promised that his government will make arrangements for generating 200 MW power from solar-energy within a year and connect it to the national transmission line to achieve drastic reduction in load-shedding.

Speaking about the current crisis involving Nepal’s agitating Madhesi leaders, he said “we are capable of sorting out (the problem) ourselves without external meddling’. Expressing concern over the impact of the blockade on the economy, which had taken a hit due to the earthquake, Oli asked Madhesi groups to withdraw their agitation and India to lift the obstruction immediately.

Nepal objects to India-UK statement

Kathmandu: Nepal has objected to remarks regarding “inadequacies” in its constitution made in the joint statement issued by UK and India. A statement issued by Foreign Ministry spokesperson said that while Nepal respected the international community’s support for peace, stability and prosperity, it strongly viewed that constitution making was an internal matter that Nepal was capable of handling on its own. ENS

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  1. B
    Nov 16, 2015 at 7:42 pm
    Susam, talking foul is never a solution. You should be responsible during hard times. I know you are suffering due to blockade and I am too. I think general Indian people should know that what their government is doing in Nepal is wrong and inhumane. We should voice against the Indian government policy, not the people of India. Explain the people of India of theirs government attack on Nepal's . When Nepal didn't imply to the Indian government's demand, the Indian government blocked all the supplies to Nepal - fuels, goods and essential medicines too. Tell people of India, due to this schools are closed for a month, no gas to cook food, vehicles are almost none in roads. Indian people should understand plight if Nepalese people after all India and Nepal share similar culture and history. People of India will definitely see the wrong doing of their government once we let them . So, please let them know the truth.
    1. I
      Nov 16, 2015 at 9:09 am
      Policy suggestions for India towards Nepal: 1) India should ensure that Nepal is not independent. 2) India should ensure that Nepal is not allowed to grow technologically, Industrially, commerce, sport, and all other fields. This is in total compliance with BRAHMINAZZOLES POLICY. Being azzoles brahmins cannot accept anybody else growing. It has been proved in India for 68 years. To destroy even the minimum linguistically native games like bull fight, indian So_BCHs have used another So_BCH, THE SUPREME CORRUPT to ban them. What a great So_BCH should Supreme Corrupt be. 3) India should declare Nepal as a terrorist state and immediately declare at G20 the S(h)AME. 4) India should accuse Nepal of harboring ISI agents and ISIS terrorists. Modi should make a strong pitch at G20 to declare as such. 5) Meanwhile inside India, it should make a detailed long term plan of disinformation to garner the support of Indian FOOLS so that Nepal does not become a reason for non-victory of Modi's second term(because brahminARYANs' 3000 year agenda of macring very Hindu and other religion by pitting Hindus against other religion will be implemented only in Modi's second term.) 6) Modi should use the good offices of Sri Lanka to beg her to influence China not to support Nepal in its development. If Sri Lanka does not help India, then India should threaten SL that it will blockade SL too. 7) India should also seek the help of Israel which is many 100s of times more developed than India with a fraction of its potion. Remember they are as intelligent as brahminARYANS. India should use Israel's Mossad to teach India tricks it used to kill 2000 Palestinians for a loss of 6 Israelis. INFACT India should use ARTHASHASTRA and kill 6 of its own citizens using hired goons and accuse that Nepal did. Using this India should claim right to macre at least 2000 Nepalis after occupying Nepal. This would give India an upper hand to attack China too. China will get totally scared and stop helping Nepal.
      1. H
        Nov 16, 2015 at 4:21 pm
        All doors in India were open for Nepal and Bangladeshis are unwelcome because they are Muslims... just look what these Nepalis are doing to India...serves the psuedo-fact twisting-hinduvadis Right !!!
        1. H
          Nov 16, 2015 at 4:21 pm
          as you are begging in England !!
          1. W
            Nov 16, 2015 at 7:55 am
            India should occupy Nepal and rewrite the consution of Nepal to reflect the policies and strategies of RSS TERRORISTS, RSS PRACHARAKS-DEAD, LIVING and NON-LIVING. HOW DOES THAT SOUND BRAHMIN AZZOLES?
          2. R
            Ramanathan Iyer
            Nov 16, 2015 at 8:21 am
            Bold and brave move by Nepal. True to their name. India had suppressed their bravery for 68 years.
            1. K
              Nov 16, 2015 at 11:00 am
              Uptil how long this Nepali PM will stay in office is question
              1. V
                Nov 16, 2015 at 3:44 pm
                First we have to understand that this is a communist regime so whatever happens in thr country every time they are going to blame India. & these anti-Indian sentiments are not for the first time time in Nepal, sentiments have been from the time of monarchy & leftist regime, they cropped these sentiments long time back. & single handedly made consution (*by Pahadis*) is the sole reason behind agitation. Nepal Government should start formal talk with Madhese & consider their demands that's the only solution for everything. & haan praising China will not solve problem, China can't be a subsute for Nepal even your communist regime knows it. Problem is not India, it's Nepal's own policies & political inability to address the problem. Thank you.
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