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4 killed, 17 injured in clashes in Egypt

Egyptian police fire water cannons to disperse a protest by secular anti-government activists in Cairo. (Source: AP) Egyptian police fire water cannons to disperse a protest by secular anti-government activists in Cairo. (Source: AP)
By: Press Trust of India | Cairo | Published on:August 15, 2014 6:22 am

At least four people were killed and 17 others injured in clashes between police and pro-Morsi protesters who staged several rallies and blocked roads across Egypt to commemorate the first anniversary of hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood protesters’ killings.

Four people were killed while 17 got injured in the clashes Thursday, the Ministry of Health affairs said.

Three deaths took place in Cairo, while a police sergeant was killed in Helwan when unknown attackers fired at their car on the outskirts here, a security official said.

The protests erupted in response to calls by the National Alliance for the Defense of Legitimacy, Morsi’s main support bloc, to commemorate the violent dispersal one year ago.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior Affairs in a statement said that 114 Muslim Brotherhood supporters were arrested for the demonstrations Thursday.

Bomb squads has defused 23 homemade explosives found in several places and accused Muslim Brotherhood members of placing them, the statement said.

The 114 were arrested across the governorates of Cairo, Giza, Qalyubia, Dakhlia, Sharqiya, Gharbia, Bani Sweif and Minya, and were reportedly possessed machine guns, Molotov cocktails and placards containing inciting phrases, it added.

On 14 August last year security forces dispersed by force pro-Morsi sit-ins at Rabaa and Nahda squares, killing nearly 600 protesters, according to the Egypt’s National Council for Human Rights.

The attacks targeting police and military have increased substantially since then, resulting in killing of more than 500 security personnel so far.

Muslim Brotherhood leader Morsi, who won Egypt’s first free presidential election in 2012, was ousted by the military in July last year following protests against his rule.

Former army chief Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, widely considered the chief orchestrator of Morsi’s ouster and subsequent imprisonment, was declared the winner of a presidential poll in May this year.

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