Chinese Media criticizes Donald Trump over Peter Navvarro’s appointment

Chinese media has suspected prospects of Sino-US conflict after US President-elect Donald Trump appointed China’s vocal critic Peter Navarro as the new National Trade Council head.

By: ANI | Beijing | Published: December 23, 2016 1:11 pm
In this photo taken Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016, a front page of a Chinese newspaper with a photo of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump and the headline "Outsider counter attack" is displayed at a newsstand in Beijing, China. China's foreign minister on Thursday, Dec. 22, 2016 warned that ties with the U.S. will likely see new complications and that the only way to maintain a stable relationship is by respecting each other's "core interests." (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan) Chinese media has raised objections over appointment of Peter Navarro’s as the new National Trade Council head. (Source: AP Photo)

After US President-elect Donald Trump appointed China’s vocal critic Peter Navarro as head of the new National Trade Council, the Chinese media was quick to dub it as a move that could risk escalation of tensions in the Sino-US relationship. An article in the Global Times said that Trump’s Navarro pick is regarded as a signal that he will take more aggressive actions to promote his American interests first agenda.


It’s likely that the US will adopt reckless trade protectionist policies in future, causing changes to the pattern of the benefits distribution between the US and other countries, said the article.

It added that many in China regard Navarro as an anti-China scholar for advocated enhancing US protection of Taiwan and inviting a Chinese dissident exiled in the US to write a preface for his book and questioned if such a person leading the National Trade Council will reinforce Trump’s prejudice against China and trigger more frictions in bilateral trade and even the overall relationship.

Saying, “This is by no means a positive signal,” the article acknowledged that the Trump team maintains a hard-line attitude toward China and the Beijing must discard any illusions and make full preparations for any offensive move by the Trump government.

It added that Trump chose Navarro not necessarily because of his anti-China stance but also because his primary goal is to revive the US economy, saying, Trump mistakenly believes that China’s prosperity was stolen from the U.S.

The president-elect doesn’t want strategic confrontation, nor does he have a high interest in ideological struggle. He only cares about interests. These will affect how China and the US will deal with each other as well as the appearance of future frictions, it said.

It said that China is powerful enough to withstand pressures from the Trump government and that if Washington dares to provoke China over its core interests, Beijing won’t fear setting up a showdown with the US, pressuring the latter to pay respect to China.

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  1. H
    Dec 23, 2016 at 1:02 pm
    China don't have a vibrant democracy, it's a country that opposes diversity. China is a communist country dominated by Han Chinese. Republicans, nationalist, tecnocrates, intelegentia and other groups were largely defeated after Chinese civil war and most of them lost their life or got exiled to Taiwan, Singapore, Singapore, Malaysia etc. Chinese potion consist mostly of industrial workers, again dominated Han Chinese. Imagine India with one language, one ethnic group, one party, most people doing industrial work, well that what happened to China after communist won the war. Ofcourse not every one works in industries and m product, there are doctors, professors too,but you get the picture, thats the dominant theme of Chinese work force. Tibetans, Mongols and Uighur in China are facing imilation, threat to their culture and society. China is inflicting rape on thousands of teen Uighur women of , moving them to Han Chinese area forcing them into prosution. Mongol and Tibet are also facing oppression and distruction. China is using rape as a weapon of war against its own minority potion. Misconception of powerful and hard working China and Chinese model is farce.
    1. J
      Dec 23, 2016 at 11:19 am
      Chinese dogs have started barking