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Lawsuit filed in US court against Malaysia Airlines, Boeing

The Beijing-bound Boeing 777-200 Flight MH370 of Malaysia Airlines that went missing had 239 people aboard. (AP) The Beijing-bound Boeing 777-200 Flight MH370 of Malaysia Airlines that went missing had 239 people aboard. (AP)
By: Press Trust of India | Kuala Lumpur | Published on:March 26, 2014 6:15 pm

The Malaysia Airlines and Boeing are facing a “multi-million dollar” lawsuit in the US after a law firm sought documents related to possible design or mechanical defects that could have led to the crash of a flight carrying 239 people.

The lawsuit was filed by Chicago-based Ribbeck Law Chartered on Tuesday in a court in Illinois on behalf of Januari Siregar, father of a passenger onboard the Beijing-bound Flight MH370.

“We believe that both defendants named are responsible for the disaster of Flight MH370,” the firm said in a statement released here.

“It is extremely important for the victims we represent that all responsible parties are brought to justice without exceptions,” the statement said, quoting its head of aviation litigation Monica Kelly.

“We must find what caused the aircraft to crash and demand that the problems with the airline and the aircraft’s design and manufacturing are immediately resolved to avoid future tragedies,” Kelly said.

The law firm said it plans to build a multi-million dollar suit against the airline and Boeing, reported CNN.

Representatives of the firm have been here for the past few days and have met family members to discuss details of the lawsuit, Star newspaper quoted sources as saying.

The ill-fated Malaysian flight disappeared from radar screen nearly an hour after taking off from here on March 8.

On Monday, Malaysia said an analysis of satellite data indicates the plane crashed into the southern Indian Ocean.

Boeing, the manufacturers of the 777-200 aircraft, has faced a number of lawsuits in the past.

The most recent one was also filed in an Illinois court in January this year by a group of passengers who were aboard an Asiana Airlines flight that crash-landed in San Francisco on July 6 last year. Three persons were killed and more than 180 others were hurt in the mishap.

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