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3-year-old US girl with Einstein’s IQ enters Mensa

By: Press Trust of India | Los Angeles | Published on:February 19, 2014 3:38 pm

A three-year-old US girl has entered the genius club Mensa after scoring an incredible 160 in the IQ test, making her as intelligent as Albert Einstein.

Alexis Martin from Arizona, who can label all the continents and countries on a map, is the youngest person from the state to enter Mensa.

The elite club only accepts people with Intelligence quotient (IQ) in the top two per cent of the world.

Martin’s parents first noticed her abilities when she was able to exactly recite the bedtime story from the night before, KABC-TV reported.

“So then dad would try to pitch in, ‘Oh, yeah, and then the elephant was the one that was sharing.’ And she would correct me and say, ‘No dad, it was the kangaroo that was sharing,'” said her father, Ian.

The average person has an IQ of about 100, the report said.

Alexis is also fluent in Spanish, which she learnt using an application on a tablet.

Although, Einstein never took an IQ test as none of the modern intelligence tests existed during the course of his life, but experts believe he had an IQ of around 160.

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