VIDEO: This gorilla dancing in a tub of water is basically all of us in summer!

He had won hearts earlier with his dancing skills as a kid while dancing in a puddle that went viral while he lived at the Calgary Zoo.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Published: June 24, 2017 12:45 pm
Zola is a 14-year-old male Western lowland gorilla and the youngest member of the troop at Dallas Zoo. (Source: Dallas ZooTube/ Youtube)

We all love a little pool time in his hot and humid weather because it’s simply amazing and relaxing, isn’t it? And Zola is no exception. Flaunting her amazing ‘pique’ ballet moves, the gorilla from Dallas Zoo can be seen twirling and splashing water in a big blue tub. And it’s nothing but splendid.

Her Zookeeper Ashley Orr captured the beautiful moment of the hairy ape dancing and enjoying himself to the fullest. The video was shared by the zoo on their website and social media pages and it has been winning hearts on the Internet and is now going viral.

Zookeepers say the “dancing” is actually a play behaviour that signifies that the animal is comfortable or content. “It is easy for anyone to appreciate the good time that Zola is having in the pool because we recognise some of the same signs of play that we see in people,” the zoo wrote on its website.

Watch video here

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