WATCH: Kerala woman gets 70mm-long worm removed her eyes, and it’s really creepy!

The Dirofilaria genus worm is known to cause Elephantiasis or the swelling of the lymph nodes and vessels.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Published: June 12, 2017 7:55 pm
70 mm long worm removed from woman's eyes, scary videos, scary trending videos in india, gory animal videos india, removing worm from malayali woman's eyes video viral, indian express, indian express news, viral indian videos A video showing the procedure of taking out a 70 mm long worm from a woman’s eye was uploaded on the Internet, instantly generating a buzz.(Source: Thinkstock Images)

In what can easily be called a very tricky surgery, doctors in Kerala’s Ernakulam General Hospital operated on a woman’s eye to take out a 70mm-long worm. You heard us! The woman had come to the hospital complaining of itching in and around her eye, when the doctors decided to investigate.

The doctors saved 56-year-old Lalitha from further pain by operating on her eyes and taking out a worm of the Dirofilaria genus. The worm is known to cause Elephantiasis, or the swelling of the lymph nodes and vessels. She was given a local anesthesia by the physicians before they conducted the simple surgery, which lasted for just about 10 minutes. A video showing the procedure was uploaded on the Internet, instantly generating a buzz.

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Watch the video here.

Lalitha’s eye got better the next day itself, but she was given medications to prevent the spread of the worms to other parts of her body.

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