Watch: US President Barack Obama tries to list every Game of Thrones death

In a PSA on listing five things that are harder than registering to vote, US President and GoT viewer Barack Obama tries (and fails at) listing every death in the popular TV series.

New Delhi | Published: August 7, 2016 8:14 pm
barack obama, game of thrones, pbama got fan, obama got death videos, obama videos, obama funny videos, barack obama funny videos How many characters do you think Barack Obama could name? (Source: Youtube)

There have been thousands of deaths in the popular TV drama series Game of Thrones. And listing each of them down – and we mean just the important ones – would be quite a challenge for even the most die-hard Game of Thrones fan. The President of the United States, Barack Obama would testify to that!

In a June video, POTUS’ knowledge of every death on GoT was put the test in a Buzzfeed public service announcement. The video focuses on five things that are more difficult than registering to vote, and these include:

1. Untangling earphone wires
2. Literally anything involving the game Operation
3. Making a friendship bracelet (which need not be that hard, if only he’d seen this video we’d put out: Make these lovely friendship bands yourself and surprise your friends)
4. Stacking Cheerios
5. And, of course, naming every Game of Thrones character who has died.

Now, everyone knows Obama is a die-hard Got viewer. According to a Entertainment Weekly report, one of the GoT directors David Nutter talked about an encounter with Obama, wherein he said: “’Three weeks ago, I was the in the company of the president of the United States. He turned to me, put his hand on my shoulder, and said, “You didn’t kill Jon Snow did you?”’” Nutter apparently replied: “‘Jon Snow is deader than dead.’”

In the video, the 44th US President does make an honest try to list out as many GoT dead men as he could. “All right, you’ve got Ned, Robb, Khal Drogo, Jon — but maybe that doesn’t really count,” starts off Obama. He goes on to name Renly and a couple of dire wolves (as impressed as we are he remembered their names, but really?! You could do better!) “And then Hodor,” Obama adds before lamenting, “That was sad.”

“That stuff’s hard. But you know what isn’t? Registering to vote…” is how Pbama signs off in the video, talking about the importance and need to vote.

Watch the video here.

Think you can do better than POTUS? Start off your list in the comments below.

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