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Watch: Two pythons fight it out in a brawn-fest display and for the right to mate

The video posted on Facebook shows two carpet pythons locked in combat while hanging upside down from a roof of a house in Australia.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published:September 6, 2016 5:07 pm
snakes fighting on roof, python fighting for mate, snake fight in Queensland, Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers The video showing the epic battle between the snakes has gone viral and has close to a million views. (Source: Facebook – Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7)

It’s not every day that you would look out the window to find two pythons fighting it out. In fact, you’d probably be hoping that you are never treated to such a deadly combat, unless, of course, you were watching a video online!

That would probably explain why this video of two carpet pythons locked in combat while hanging upside down from a roof of a house in Queensland, Australia, has caught the fancy of many Facebook users, with close to a million views within hours of being posted by Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7. For those living on the Australian coast, though, such occurrences would be a much more common affair. One might even want to place bets!

But why would to hanging snakes fight, instead of, well, just hanging out?! Explaining the reason behind the battle, snake-catcher Max posted, “Breeding season has definitely begun now, so this male to male combat may be a common sight throughout the coast over the next couple of months”. Apparently, much like us humans and the rest of the animal kingdom, male snakes also engage in battle to woo their female counterparts.

In case you were worried about casualties in this epic fight, do not fret, as the snakes are not trying to kill each other. It’s a friendly fight. “They don’t bite or constrict each other, as this competition is about which one is physically stronger. What they are doing is attempting to repeatedly push the opponent down and stay ‘on top’. The victor, having proven himself the buffest snake on the block, wins the right to mate with any nearby females while the loser slinks away to try his luck elsewhere. Neither snake actually suffers any damage,” posted a member of the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers as a comment on the video.

Check out the video here.

Who do you think won this round?