WATCH: Gigantic lightning fireball strikes student as he tries to film it

The clip shows a majestic bolt that seemed like a huge streak of fire ball from the sky falling right beside a man on the street.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: May 30, 2017 8:15 pm
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Rain brings joy to everyone by filling the earth with luscious greenery. As much as we enjoy the pitter-patter drops, the thunder and lightning that follow, is something that scare the lives out of most of us. Imagine, what would happen if somebody stepped out to enjoy the rains, only to end up almost getting charred by the lightning?

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Well, a video, that shows a lightning bolt in all its might, is now going viral. Falling very near to a student in the UK, who was reportedly trying to capture the phenomena on camera, the short clip shows a faint lightning bolt. The bolt, that first looked like a normal lightning flash turned into a flare that blinded the camera, after which a majestic ball of fire fell from the sky extremely near to the person.

According to a report by Plymouth Herald, firemen were called to Houndiscombe Road, Mutley after the lightning damaged many properties across the city.

Watch the video here. 


Didn’t it send chills down your spine?

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